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maddie_in_kyAugust 24, 2009

Good Monday morning!

It's gonna be a good week! :)

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Happy Birthday Milkdud!

Wishing you bunches of fun today!

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Thanks for starting us off today, Maddie!

Happy B-day Milkdud!!!!!! Hope you are getting out and having fun today!

Well, it is FOGGY and the ferries are blowing their fog horns to beat the band. Of course, there's the chill in the air to go along with the fog---BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

I had a great time in Alaska. It was a very short trip but I got to spend 2 days with all three groups of my family. AND I got to drive thousands of mile! And got to visit with some old friends.

Upon my return, my in-laws arrived and are here for who knows how long? They drive up and stay until they go. Last night, MIL fell down the stairs at the B&B and this morning, she's at the medical center with hip pain. I hope she's okay. She and FIL have taken several spills this year. FIL has fallen in their pool TWICE and he says he doesn't know why he fell; he just found himself in teh pool all of a sudden. It worries me to no end.

The flu's been going around here and I caught it yesterday. Bad, bad, bad. Man-o-man, you definately don't want this variety. Killer.

But...I am at work today and looking forward to a GREAT week! School starts soon, so that mean a trip off island for school shopping--always FUN!

Check in and let us know what's up!

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Dearest Milkdud! Happy, Happy Birthday - I hope you are having a great time today. I am thinking of you and will look forward to what you did today on your special day! XXX...OOO

BJ, I hope it's not the swine flu! We have had a death here in NH already. It scares me some. This is when I thank God that I don't have to travel alot and I don't live in a big city! These here woods are a good thing!

Just checking in while waiting to have his first colonoscopy done! He is stoic and I know he will be fine.

Check in everyone.

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Happy Birthday Milkdud! I know I don't have to tell you to have fun and celebrate as you are always doing something fun. But I am sending you the best wishes for an extra special day.

I thought my eyes were deceiving me when I saw Maddie started this thread. Get back here girl and fill us in.

BJ - I hope you are feeling better. I also hope that your MIL is not seriously hurt and that FIL finds out why he is falling. It makes you feel very helpless when they don't live nearby.

Suzanne - I am a bit concerned about the swine flu too, more so for my kids, both live in large city's and use public transportation, gyms, etc.

The auction was a HUGE success. We had a big turnout and people spent a lot of money. It was fun, but I was working too hard to watch the auction - that will not happen again.
Thanks everyone for their best wishes, they worked.

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Happy birthday to you, milkdud!!!

raeanne, glad the auction went well!

maddie, the week is off to a good start - cool morning here, which made my walk so nice!

BJ, hope you are feeling better, and that your in-laws stay upright. (My mom fell last week, blamed it on her slippers, but I think she sits in the recliner too long, doing her crosswords and suduko, and her feet fall asleep.)

I'm playing games with my weight loss - today at WW scales showed that stupid 2/10 pound gain. I'm 1.6 pounds away from 50 pounds lost, but it might as well be 10, the way I'm going! The duck breast with cane sugar glaze, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables and two glasses of wine I had for my anniversary dinner out probably didn't help (but it sure was tasty!)

Have a great week!

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Good evening, everyone!

I've had a lovely birthday celebration which has spanned several days so far, with more to come!

Marci, the birthday gif is terrific! Thanks for doing it. Wishing you a great first day of school if today was that day!

BJ, sorry about your MIL's fall. Hope she's better soon. At least they're not staying in your home - that has to help somewhat. Hope you're recovered from your flu quickly, too. (((BJ)))

Raeanne, congrats on a successful sale! I'm sure that my fave chair went for a small fortune, too.

Suzanne, good for hubby for gittin' it done! Did you take him out for a good lunch afterwards?

Jan, your anniversary dinner sounded wonderful and had to be worth the small temporary gain.

I actually ate out twice yesterday with friends, and it was wonderful. A group of church friends met us at Cedar Landing where I dined on a very lovely and healthy salad, then blackened tilapia, garlic mashies, and yummy steamed veggies. Dinner with another group of friends at Eric's, a really unique restaurant. I forget the name of the pasta and shrimp dish, but it was light and healthy and oh so tasty! Afterwards the five of us shared a slice of dark chocolate cake for my birthday. I was also serenaded with the birthday song at both restaurants! LOL

Today was a fairly quiet day, lunch with a nice workout friend, then a relaxing afternoon of listening to the thunder followed by a great rain! Quite a few special phone calls, too.

Sometime this week, I'll drive over to Beaumont and go out for dinner with my son and his family. My DGDs did call tonight to sing "happy birthday" to me, and that was very special! Aubrie even remembered to add "and many more!!!" Not bad for an almost 3-yr. old.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes. I'm really glad to be in such a nice group of people!

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MIlkdud, happy birthday!! Hope it was wonderful and your birthday week continues to be so!

Raeanne, glad the auction went well. I was thinking of you.

Jan, you are doing SO well! Congratulations and I am serious, you remain my inspiration. Almost 50 lbs!! Don't let that silly 2/10 of a pound gain interfere at all.

Suzanne, your DH is better than me....I need to schedule that first one and have been procrastinating. Hope all went as expected.

BJ - hope all is well with inlaws...that's scary falling for no reason. I hope you get rid of that flu and feel better very, very soon. ((hugs))

Love and hugs to all.



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Good Tuesday all,

Happy belated birthday Jen. Where in the world are you? Check in soon.

DH is fine and all went well. I can breathe a sigh of relief that he finally did it. He was pretty out of it when he got home so he had a bowl of cereal and went for a nap. I cooked him a lovely grilled steak and baked potato with green beans out of the garden for dinner. He was as happy as a clam - Mr. Meat and Potatoes!!

Donna, don't listen to what everyone says about their experience with having this procedure done. It's really not nearly as bad as everyone seems to tell you! Honest. Don't put it off any longer - it's important to do. You will be amazed at how easy the fasting is. I fasted all day with DH (how could I eat around him?) It wasn't bad at all and probably good for me somehow.

Jan, congrats to you sister! Wow, you are inspiring and I can hardly believe you are at that milestone already! You must be so proud of yourself! I am glad you enjoyed your anniversary dinner!

Milkdud, you party girl you!

Maddie, thanks for getting us going this week. I was pleasantly surprised.

Raeanne, how much money did you raise? Did all the chairs go? Which ones went for big bucks? Tell all!

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Milkdud - Glad you had a nice extended birthday!

NHSuzanne - I agree about the colonoscopy. I have had two so far. I found the prep to be worst part. I don't think anyone is awake enough to remember the actual procedure.

Raeanne - Glad your auction was a success!

My DD called and they were in Tallahassee, FL, halfway to Tampa. They will finish their journey today and will no longer be residents of LA. If it weren't for preschool starting soon, I would hop on a plane and go see them all.

Speaking of preschool, I am heading up there AGAIN today. Spent yesterday shopping for back to school bargains. Office Max and Staples had folders on sale for a penny. Quantities were limited, so I just kept going back into the stores and going to different registers, 6 times! LOL But I got what I needed for under $1.


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Okay, the Cliff from Cheers is coming out in me again - ha. Re: colonoscopies, approx. 10 years ago they discovered I had a huge polyp on my very first colonoscopy. I had mentioned to my doctor at my annual physical the year before that I was concerned, but I have never been one to go to the bathroom on a regular basis. His only advice was eat more fiber, which I did, but things didn't change. So I had the colonoscopy and they had barely started when they found the polyp. In meeting with the oncologist, it was recommended that they go in and take out a piece at a time, biopsy it, let me heal for a few weeks, and go in again. This went on for a year and 1/2 - I had a combined total of 12 procedures (colonoscopies and sigmoidoscopies.) After they finally got all of it, the oncologist told me it was the largest polyp she had ever seen in her years as a surgeon, and it was a miracle it was not cancer. I have had several more procedures since then, and the last one was, thank God, perfectly clear - no polyps at all.

I agree wholeheartedly that the prep is the worst part. She always had me do the Fleet soda, which I gag at the very thought of. Foulest taste I've have ever experienced. Since moving here, I have had the pills and Go-Lytely combination and it wasn't nearly as bad. Plus, they give great anesthesia here - last year when I had my last one, I did not want to wake up!

Sorry to be so long winded, but definitely agree that everyone should have one. In fact, when they found my polyp, they strongly urged my siblings to have one (they still resent me for that!)


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