Building small wind turbine for fun.

kbhaleDecember 3, 2009

I'm going to build a few small wind generators for fun and learning. I've never done this before. So if you want to share any opinions I would appreciated it.

What I'm starting with is two ceiling fans. 110 volt 0.8 amp 88 watts. I'm not sure if this is for one coil or both. Anyway the armature, its on the outside rim of the fan. I'm pulling it out and gluing a strip of metal to the outer rim. This is for gluing the magnets in place. The strip of metal I over lap a couple inches. I applied epoxy to the over lap and to the rim of the fan housing. I used green sponges to keep the strip of metal in place. also I put the top housing over the strip while the epoxy is wet so it well fit later.

I'm using the cheap Ceramic magnets, one for each outer coil 16 total. Bought them at Lowe's for $2.15 a pair 7/8"x1 7/8"x 3/8". I also bought four Rectifier Diodes at Radio Shak for a couple bucks.

I took a red felt marker and marked every other coil red. The magnets I stacked together as they attracted and marked each magnet on top of the stack with an X so I would know it was the opposite the side not marked. One side would be North pole and the over side South pole. I epoxied the x side in front of each red marked coil. Epoxied each magnet with the X facing away from the coil not marked. So North South North South. I have four bolt holes for the casing so I positioned the coil before epoxying so I would have clearance for the bolt holes. Place the bolt holes between a North and South coils so the bolt holes is not covered by a magnet. using Cardboard shims to hold the epoxied magnets in place.

On a slow hand spin I got 12 volts on the inner coil and 18 volts on the outer coil.

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You might also want to post your note on this forum:
Its very good for DIY wind projects.


Here is a link that might be useful: DIY wind project help

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Built a couple generators out of ceiling fans. need help making the power usable.

The motor has two coils. In the pix on the green / yellow leads are one coil and the other coil is red / black. I put the two blue jumper wires on I guess as parallel on the DC outputs. I plan to run the output on to a blocking diode to fuse to charge controller than batteries. Is this right?

The motors are 110 volt 0.8 amp
When I spin the gen by hand I can get 60 volts with the way it's wired in the pix. Separately I can spin up each coil to 40 volts each with the diodes.

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