DIY Spray Foam

mav3481December 9, 2010

I did a search and didn't come up with here it goes.

Location: St. Louis, MO - Worst of Warm and Cold weather.

I've got a 1 story ranch with a full basement that so far gets awfully chilly in the kitchen (furthest from furnace). I was looking at ways to try to better insulate everything, especially the overhang over the edge of the foundation.

I would *love* to have someone come in and spray foam it all to provide a vapor barrier along this entire edge of the house. I figure that I'd want to start in the kitchen first since it is furthest away and could use all the help I can get. I was looking into DIY Spray Foam and I was wondering if anyone had done it themselves.

It doesn't seem terribly difficult, you just have to be careful to be safe. Does anyone have any comments?

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I'd suggest getting a quote. The DIY kits that I looked at cost the same as having someone come out and do it. It'll be messy, and I was happy to have someone else doing it.

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Mav...let me know what you decide. I've also looked at DIY spray foam kits but wonder if they work as well as the videos on the seller's web site portrays.

I can see spending $600 for the kit and having the spray gun always clogging up.

I'm having a local company here in Cleveland, OH come out and give me an estimate on spray foaming my rim joist cavities.

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I used 2" XPS and cut the pieces a little smaller and then foamed them in place with cans of foam. It was time consuming but it did work out really well and made a huge difference.

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