Speaker wires and placement -help!!

sweetwillieNovember 15, 2008

I am building new,framing completed,walls still open. Will be running wires myself.

Wanted whole house audio but the fact that the price was almost as much as my cabinets and the fact that I am well over budget on everything else has me changing my plans.

Would have been nice but I dont need audio to the whole house. The main areas are the great room,kitchen,and rear deck. Mainly to rock out while cleaning,cooking and surround sound for family movie night.

I would like to install in wall speakers for all of the above with all wires running back to my entertainment center area.

Now for a few questions...

With using in wall speakers, should I just install some nice heavy duty wall speakers for all applications (front,center,rear) or use different types to accomodate for rear speakers ?

With using wall speakers will not having a sub woofer effect my overall sound for surround sound ? Or could I add one

Im visualizing possibly using a speaker selection box to move sound from room to room . Im just having a hard time picturing how the wiring would go.

Ive never used wall speakers before. Just familiar with basic surround sound through floor speakers in one room.

The stress from the house build is clouding my mind. This should be easy.

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Install plastic Conduit. It is easily done using a heat gun from the hardware store,intended for paint stripping.It costs less than copper wire and wire can then be installed as you can afford it.If you haven't bought any wire , shop carefully.Some will be stocking wire they paid four times the current price for.Copper,which peaked around four dollars a pound ,is now less than a dollar. Del

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Try browsing on this site. They have everything you need at very reasonable prices. You could go with banana jack wall plates for surface mounted speakers, or in-wall speakers. I would definitely add a subwoofer for home theater use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monoprice

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