Can anyone recommend a TV tutorial?

donnar57November 12, 2007

Within a year, we're going to bite the bullet and buy a new TV. The last time we bought one, we bought a rear-projection 41" screen (Sony) and the accompanying home theatre speakers.

Now we're confused - so much has come out since then....HD, plasma, flat-screen ...

The system is going into a 14'x20' family room for which we have left one wall that is completely window-free.

Help! We need a tutorial online before we face a salesman who is only interested in selling us his highest commission system! Anyone know one?



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Go to Costco, which is mercifully free of those salesmen. Start with the Consumer Reports info.

We just bought a new TV so I feel your pain!

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Here is a link to a post you may find helpful. Scroll down and read my posts. If you have further questions, please pose them in the electronics forum and I'll try to help you out.


Here is a link that might be useful: Read for more info

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KLAA2 - that's exactly what we need! I'll have my husband read it, too!



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Screen will not come on and no sound, indicator light comes on. How do I repair this.

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