Surprise 30th Birthday Party

alanJanuary 5, 2002

Looking for ideas for my wife's 30th birthday party.

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You have to help us a bit more with this! Do you want an informal get together with a gag gifts and a few nibblies, or are you more inclined to have a cocktail party, lots of moving around with food handy at every spot, upscale and sophisticated or perhaps a small intimate dinner party for 2,4 or 6? Or are you inclined to really informal....BBQ or my favourite , a scavenger hunt!

Give us a few more hints.

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IMO, I wouldn't do a surprise party. Get the guest of honor involved. It's difficult to get folks to all arrive somewhere on time, and the guest of honor may have liked to have worn a special outfit or invited a special person or had something special to eat or drink, etc.

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My DH just had a surprise party for me - the big 4-0 and it was a blast! Had friends there that I hadn't seen in several years. What a weepy event that was! He got me out of the house on a ruse, and when I returned about three hours later, everyone was here. They parked around the corner so I didn't see their cars. Some of the friends contributed snack type foods (dips, salads, etc.) and DH grilled burgers and hot dogs for everyone. There were probably about 30 people here. We shot pool, listened to music, sang karaoke, etc. My best friend video taped and DH took lots of pictures. Everyone had fun. Made turning 40 a lot easier :) This was payback for the surprise party I threw him when HE turned 40.

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Rent a wheelchair as a joke.

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I am in the same boat as you are.
I want to plan a surprise 30th birthday party for my boyfriend of 8 years.
I can't have it at my house because I don't know how the weather is going to be,so I plan on renting out a hall for the party.I just learned yesterday that It is $600.00 cheaper if I rent the hall on Sunday instead of Saturday.
I wanted to know if anyone thinks it would be lame to have the party on Sunday instead of Saturday?
I was also wondering if I should still hire a D.J.?

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Desiree -
you said "$600 cheaper" geez, what kind of a place are you having it at? Our local VFW rents their hall for $200.

Sundays aren't bad, unless you are inviting football fans (or it's after the superbowl).

Day or at night? That'll make a difference, people are more in a "partying mood" at night, but may not be if they are headed for work the following day.

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I am renting the local moose lodge.Saturday is $850.00 and Sunday is $225.00 to rent.

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I can't say I like the wheelchair idea....

gag gifts make me ....well 'GAG!'

Just my $.02

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