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deemarie5500August 13, 2007

Time to start the week. Rise and Shine!!!!!!!!

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Good Monday morning all!

Marci, dear,dear Marci. Happy Birthday sister. I am sorry I missed the party yesterday. I too feel you are so special and do so much for this group and I really appreciate it. I have no idea how to post a neat graphic at this site but I am going to figure it out. I felt sad that you didn't have one but you certainly got lots of compliments!! I hope your day was special and I hope the year ahead is a joyous one. You are a very special sister!

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OK, I'm going to get a complex if no one besides Suzanne checks in today.

QOD: What's up for the week? Tuesday night DH and I are taking MIL out for birthday. Wednesday night I have my manicure, pedicure, and 1-hour facial (gift from DSD). Friday morning, we head off for Cape Liberty and sail away for 10 days. In between I work home and at the office. What say you?

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Wow, what a rough week Dee!! LOL Where is Cape Liberty? Is that your destination or where you are departing from?

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hey guys, yer killin' me here!!!!

At least answer the QOD (which is now the QOW)!!!!!!!!!!

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QOW - Last minute errands, pack my bags and head out on Thursday at the crack of dawn for the swamps of Louisiana!

DeeMarie - Have a wonderful time on your trip! And enjoy that pedicure, manicure and facial. I am jealous! LOL I am giving myself a pedicure today and may splurge on a manicure tomorrow if I can find the time.

NHSuzanne - Thanks for the nice birthday greetings. You guys make me blush!

Raeanne - I sent you an email. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Patti - I hope your trip to Texas goes smoothly and that you are feeling better! I just found out that my MIL didn't take her blood pressure medicine while we were in SC and she was experiencing headaches the whole time. I would have been worried sick had I known that. She said her pressure is back in the normal range now and she feels better. I made her promise that she wouldn't stop taking her medicine again.

Hi to Donna, Jen BJ, Maddie, Lynn, Besh and anyone who I missed.

Now I am off to pay my school taxes!! UGH!


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Dee, you didn't answer my questions about your trip!

QOW: Ride, ride, ride early and work, work, work!! Also meeting tonight with a financial planner.

Marci, what are you going to Louisiana for? Watch out a for alligators and cotton mouths! There are other critters to be on the watch for too!! Have fun. School taxes? All of our school funding in the St of NH comes from property owners via property taxes! We have high taxes here but no sales tax. I would love to compare notes some time.

Where is everyone? Is it me or does it feel like summer is nearly over? Could be the 42 degree weather this morning!!

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Suzanne - I am going to Lafayette, LA to visit DD while her DBF is away for 7 weeks in training. I figured I had better go now before the summer is over. (I agree that it seems to be flying by now that August is here.) It was 70 degrees here this morning and it felt wonderful! I turned off the air and am enjoying the wonderful breezes.

Funny that you mentioned gators, as DD is fascinated with them and plans on taking me to a Cyprus garden in Lafayette to spot some. We might head down to the gulf, take in some great seafood restaurants, head to New Iberia to visit some interesting places, shop (we are girls you know - lol) and just spend some mother/daughter time cooking, watching movies and sipping wine. I can't wait!

Taxes - Don't get me started! LOL Our property taxes pay for the schools and we just built 2 brand new elementary schools and are in the process of building a new high school, so school taxes have gone up considerably in the last few years. We pay a county tax, a borough tax, a per capita tax, a 1% wage tax, 6% sales tax on everything but necessities, 3.07% state tax and of course, good old Uncle Sam's Fed tax and everything that goes along with working.

Aren't you sorry you asked? LOL


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I forgot to ask. I am taking a cab from the Lafayette airport to DD's apartment and I have never ridden in a cab. What is expected as a tip? What % of the fare is reasonable?


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I just read this the other day on the CNN home page:

Varies depending on locality. Assume 15% will be enough; an extra $1 to $2 for help with bags.

Here is a link that might be useful: How much to tip

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Thanks Suzanne - that is what I expected, but I wanted to be sure.

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Ooops! Sorry Suzanne!

Have a great time, Marci. I keep wanting to cancel my appointment at the spa because I'm very uncomfortable about the way I look....think that everyone else there is a model compared with me. DH told me today "You go tomorrow and enjoy yourself!" ahhhh, OK dear! LOL!

Let's hear from the rest of you!

MIAs: Joanne, Gretchen, Tikanas, Jen, Amy, John....this list is too long!

Here is a link that might be useful: I'm sailing from here.....

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Thanks Dee. I empathize on how you feel but I can tell you what I can never convince myself are beautiful and DH is right - you go enjoy yourself like you are the queen of EVERYTHING!! That's an order! ((((HUGS))))

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Dee Marie and Marci - enjoy your trips!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well.

All is quiet here in SW FL for now. Bad weather expected tropical depression/storm. I just hope it is just a lot of hype like it usually is. but just to be safe, DH and I went out to our supply of bottled water and some food supplies just in case. If you wait too long, the people tend to panic and it gets really ugly out in the public stores. I know this from experience. I will also be making ice in most of all my tupperware/rubbermaid. Oh well, comes with the territory.

Take care and best wishes to those on the "Big" Island. Hang Tough!!!!!!!!! Amy.......???????


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Hey Guys!

Sorry for being MIA. I was going to try this new exercise/incentive plan and not log in until I exercised each day---that worked nicely, didn't it? LOL.

Dee: Here are my answers:
--Monday: Back to the mainland! I made calls, went to the orthodontist to get my braces off b4 surgery- YAY! - and had a meeting with the agent that has some land listed for me. Then I caught up with an old friend over coffee. She's decided to get (face) cheek implants next month. Then I took a ferry to an island to visit my 1st ex; he's in the hospital and will die soon. He is very upbeat and we laughed and told old stories to each oher for hours. Got home at 10:30pm.
--Tuesday: More ortho x-rays and a new retainer for my choppers--ouch--very tight! Kids to the dentist and ortho for them, school shopping, and a quick visit with another old friend. Had a great dinner with the kids...then talked to DH on the phone forever and did some late night chores. Checkin' in here, of course.
--Wednesday:Heading to court all day to support a GF in her divorce settlement trial. Her DH waited until their DD's 18th bday to announce he wanted a divorce. Arg.
--Thursday: More foster classes. And then my MIL arrives from CA to take my little DDs to her place for 5 days whilst I get ready, have, and begin to recover from my surgery. She'll send them back next week.
--Friday: Haircut. And then pre-op tests. Weirdness sets in. Mind starts racing. And illogical thoughts creep in. (just kidding!)
--Saturday: Driving to Eastern WA for a charity deal. 6 hours there, Kobe steak dinner (!) and a night in a hotel, and 6 hours back. Should be a blast.
--Sunday: Drive back home. Freak out because I haven't accomplished my "TO DO" list for before my surgery. Did I say FREAK OUT???? Yeah.


Donna-I have the same functioning alcoholic (older) sister as you do. She's on the outs with me, I guess. I never know if I'm in her good book or bad book. She is very successful and drinks every night, heavily. :-(

Lynn: My younger sister does the verbal abuse thing--in person---when she drinks. Real fun. She is very caustic and I never know when she'll start in.
--I guess that's why I live in another state! It's safer for my ego.

Patti: FEEL BETTER! I'm thinking of U!
PS: My surgery is on the 21st--Tuesday. DH will call Raeanne when the docs are done with me, so she will know what's up.

Raeanne: Well, well! I'm sorry the reunion didn't go as envisioned. But at least it went! I bet you guys are having a great time.

NHSuzanne! Good exercise with the bales. But boob bruising is not cool. Ouch!

Dee: Have a GREAT TIME! You Beautiful Creature, YOU!

Marci: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!! I LOVE YOU and YOUR GIFS! I mean that! You are the glue and the creative one here---you keep us functioning and entertained. I love your little wool pig---too cute! (Smoochies and huggles to you.)

Well, it's after midnight and I have to leave for court at 6:30am, so, as Jersey Karen would say, "Nighty-night!"


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Marci - I didn't receive your email and I just sent you one to make sure you have the right address - I haven't changed it so it should be ok. Do you have the same, because I delete bulk mail automatically and if it didn't recognize your email it may have been deleted too. I hope you have a wonderful visit with DD. That little pig is adorable.

BJ - I just emailed you, so that you and Steve have all my numbers - I think you do already, but wanted to make sure. No freaking out allowed. Knowing you you're "TO DO" list will be done one way or another. If I lived closer I would help out with that list. What a week you have lined up.

Suzanne - I think you were away when I posted a thank you to you about the Zen Garden - that is so cute and so portable. I said I was going to take it with me on our next picnic LOL. You have been a wonderful "unbirthday" partner. I still would like to know if your FIL is looking to adopt someone, say my age?

Dee - Here you go again, I can't keep up with you and your travels. I think that that Cape Liberty port has to be the best thing around your parts -no more going into Manhattan for cruises (at least not all of them). Suzanne is right about empathizing with you and not being able to take our own advice, so on behalf of all us - you march in there and hold your head tall and be proud that you are the woman you are and let that beautiful inner and outer princess shine.

Patti - I hope you are doing better by now, let us know.

QOW - Tuesday, 6:30 with the trainer, 9AM to Noon art classs, ran a bunch of errands, home at 3PM, out on the boat until 5:30, 7PM members dinner at the resort we belong to. We don't have much else planned this week, except 2 dinner's out with friends, and my sister may come this weekend. But everyday this summer brings something unexpected, so who knows.

Lynn - I hope it's just a lot of hype and you don't need the water and ice. Keep us posted.

We had a wonderful time with the girls. My San Diego girl looks great and has a beautiful tan. She lives 1 1/2 blocks from the beach so you know where to find her most of the time. She made it home safely last night. We did a lot of fun things together and even got some great shopping in. She was smart and came with a half full suitcase LOL.

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Good WEDNESDAY Morning!

Raeanne, this was the week you were supposed to cruise, right? We were going to meet at the terminal before I left. :-( Oh well, you're having lots of fun with family and friends this week anyway!

BJ, try to concentrate on getting yourself in tiptop health for an operation. You don't need to get everything completed; your girls can help you now. If I was around, you could count on me too! I'll be thinking about you on the 21st, as that is also DH's birthday. Will be checking out this site while I'm sailing but I know you'll be in good hands.

Donna, when I return from vacation, I want to set up a time for us to get together. I have plenty of vacation days left, but not sure what your working schedule is. Looking forward to it!

Lynn, I heard that the storm has been downgraded a bit, so that's good news for you and Patti. It's always wise to plan ahead, though. I don't like crowds in shopping centers, even in ideal circumstances. But when it's going to snow up here, there's always panic. haha!

Patti, I guess you and Dave are still under the weather (pun intended!). Hope you are both up and about soon.

Hello to everyone. Make today count!

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Good morning all,

BJ, your "to do" list is WAY to big for one week! It appears the only way you are going to rest is to have surgery! Raeanne is right, everything will get done one way or another. Concentrate on what really needs to be done.
Jai guru deva om ("I give thanks (victory) (salutation) to Guru Dev (or heavenly teacher), om". Take time to feel the vibration of the universe sister!

Raeanne, I love that little Zen garden. I can always tell when it's a good gift because I want it myself! (I don't have one yet). So glad you had a nice visit with the girls.

Lynn, I too hope you don't have any horrible weather. It's good to take precautions though. Here in NH when they predict a storm you can't get near the grocery stores! It's so funny people go in a stock up on groceries and everything! With a few exceptions we are always plowed out the next day but one never knows! LOL

Marci, have great trip to the swamps! Louisiana has some fantastic seafood. Be prepared for HOT, HUMID weather!

Dee, how was your spa time? or is that today? Let us know. Have a great trip!

Patti and Dave hope you are feeling better.

Donna, where are you girl?

There are still too many mia's!

It's beautiful in NH today. Dry, crisp and clear and the horses can be out in the pasture without being chewed on by biting flies! Wish I were out riding right now.

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My bags are packed and I am ready to go.

BJ - I will be back on the 23rd, but I will be thinking of you on the 21st. Good luck, and slow down so you can heal properly!


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Marci~Have a great trip. You will be greatly missed. Have a good time with DD. And, the rest of the family. Love the pig--We have 2 DNs who collect them.

I am leaving on the 22nd so I don't know if I will leave about the time the storm hits either here or TX. Depending on what it does, it could hit here or where Milkdud just moved.

Lynn~I thought about you last night. It looks like you have been getting a lot more rain that we have. We are dry, dry, dry.

DeeMarie~Have fun on your trip. We have a couple who want us to go on a cruise with them & Dave says that he thinks he is going to take me for my birthday next spring. I'm thinking that sounds good! LOL

NH Suzanne~I loved what you told BJ. How many languages do you speak? Is that a dumb question?

Raeanne~I'm so happy that Steve is going to contact you when BJ is out of surgery. We couldn't wait very long to find out that she was all right. I was going crazy just b/c she hadn't checked in. LMAO Glad that you had a great time with your CA girl.

BJ~I agree that you are trying to put way too much into a week but I know you & you will get it all done. It will help you keep your mind busy. If anyone can multitask, it is you. You know that your Sisters here would be great to recommend you for "foster parenting". Thanks for taking the time to fix it so that Steve calls Raeanne so that we will know that you are all right. I know, I worry.

Lynn~I think that I heard that the hurricane was supposed to miss land (in Hawaii) so it will probably just be a rain maker & I don't know if it will affect Amy or not.

Well, I hadn't told anyone here yet b/c I didn't want anyone to worry but DS & DDIL have split up. They are still talking every day. She has moved back to Midland & is living with her parents. She will move into her own apartment during Labor Day weekend. I'm going to Dallas on the 22nd, a Wednesday, & DDIL is bringing DGD on Friday & her b'day party is on Saturday. I don't know if DDIL will leave on Sunday or Monday. But, she has decided to leave DGD with me for the 2 weeks that I will be there. DS is going to move her into her apartment in Midland during Labor Day weekend so we will drive to Midland then & back & I fly out on the 5th, which I think is also a Wednesday. This has broken my heart & has been very hard for me to accept.

QOW--I need to get semi-packed & I'm getting my hair done on Friday (oops, I guess that is tomorrow now!) I need to go have my blood drawn too.

On the weight loss front: I've lost 2.5 pounds while Dave has lost 5. Urgh!! Why is it that men lose it faster? I know that part of it is that I haven't been able to get out of bed & he has been out of bed & been busy part of the time. And, as Lynn can attest, it has been awful hot & humid. Anyway, I have a start.

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Good morning all,

Marci, I got back late from my morning ride and you are probably gone but Bon Voyage! Have a great time.

Patti, sorry about your DS/DDIL news. Maybe things will work out - they do you know. Sometimes there are happy endings. Be positive. I only speak English well Patti! What I said to BJ was a Sanskrit saying. Sanskrit is an ancient language spoken by Hindus. However, the language is not taught widely in India but there is a resurgence to teach this language to the population of India. Interesting.

Okay, Dee. How was your spa day????

Lynn sounds like things are heating up with the hurricane season. Ugh. I hope they are all misses.

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Hello everyone!

This will be my last post for awhile. My evening at the spa went well, but the gal who worked on me spent most of the time telling me about all her property and all the 5-star hotels she stayed on. I later found out she was the owner; 40 years old; not married; not many men high on her list because of her wealth! Can you imagine? DH was amazed she said so much to me! It was a lovely place, decorated in antiques with eclectic displays of jewelry, scarves, purses, and other accessories for sale. I kicked back and enjoyed myself. There was another room which I think where the hairdressers worked, and there was a client or two there. So I was virtually alone and loving it! I'm gorgeous now ladies!!!! lol

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[Patti]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] Things will work out as they should, I think you know that. Look at how life turned out for you....gotta a great hubby there!

OK, there are lots of folks here who want to squeeze out the last ounce before I leave.

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NH Suzanne~You always have interesting things to say. I'm impressed that you know Sanskrit.

Dee~Your spa day sounds like it went well. We will miss you while you are gone. Having you & Marci gone at the same time will be tough.

Kate~Where are you?

I do know that things will work out for the best. I know that DS#1 is very much like his DM & will comprimise himself to try to make her happy. That worries me a little bit. I, too, was separated many times & talked to my ex every single day! LOL It took a lot for me to get away. Yes, I have the best thing (man, Dave!) that ever happened to me!! But, it took half of my life. We are being very good to DDIL b/c we know that she holds the key to DGD. We never want to jeopardize our being able to have a relationship with her wherever she is. She means too much to us. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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Quick check in!

Had my WW weigh in tonight, down 3 lbs for a total of 10 lbs!!! yea!!!

Off tomorrow, gyn and cardiologist, what a fun, fun day.

My kitchen floor gets installed Saturday AM, carpets next Friday.

Will check in tomorrow in more detail....good night... Donna

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Good FRIDAY morning all!

Bon voyage Dee! Have fun.

Donna, congrats on the lost pounds! You must by psyched!!
Do check in an let us know more about Dr. appointments and house renovations!

Patti, it's so hard to see your kids struggle. It's also hard to watch them make their own mistakes without rushing in to fix it. Sigh......they have to figure it our eventually! At least they are still talking which is more that alot do. Om.............. I learned alot about Hinduism, Sanskrit, etc when the Beatles went to India for "enlightenment" with the Maharishi in the late 60's! It was an age of enlightenment for me as well!

Okay all you MIA's. Come out and say hello.

Raeanne? Where are you sister?

QOD: What are your plans for this weekend.

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Dee - Hey Gorgeous - I wish I was meeting you this weekend as originally planned, but it all worked out for the best, since my nephew has indefinitely postponed the wedding LOL. Have fun.

BJ - you better not be stressing over any unfinished business.

Donna - WTG with your loss. You are doing awesome.

Marci - I hope you get in a lot of quality time with DD.

Suzanne - I am sorry to say that my years of enlightment didn't take place until the 2000's. It's a long journey and I wished I had started much earlier LOL. I put my zen garden on a tray on my ottoman yesterday - this way I will play with it more often.

QOD - my weekend starts on Thursday because we have a standing date with good friends that come up every Thursday for the weekend and we always meet them for dinner. Tonight I have nothing planned, but my girlfriend is home alone this weekend and I may invite her over for dinner (if I can get my act together). Saturday we are going to a birthday party for another friend and Sunday nothing planned yet. My sister cancelled and will probably come next weekend. Just as well, it may take me that long to catch up with laundry, etc.

Tikanis, if you can read this, get your butt back here!

That goes for you too Gretchen, Jen, John, Amy - you all know who you are.

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Happy Birthday

Hope you have a great birthday, where ever you are. We miss you!

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What a lot of pressure. Marci entrusted me with posting this birthday gif for her and THS wouldn't let me log on - I was becoming very frustrated LOL.

Happy Birthday Tikanis - I hope you read this message. We miss you and want to know what is happening in your life. I hope your day is filled with peace and happiness. Love you!

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Good Morning!!!

Donna - WTG on the 10 pounds!!!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Hurricane Dean looks like he will miss Florida so far. Hope it doesn't even go near TX. They certainly do not need any more rain!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIKANIS!!!!!! Check in soon!

We are having crown molding installed in the main portion of the house tomorrow. (LR, DR, Foyer, Kitchen. I am excited. I've always wanted it. Just puts that finishing touch on. I bought new curtains for the sliders and my cat Penny just loves them. They are silky and she just loves to paw at them. She is declawed so I do not have to worry about any snags. I hope her obsession with them is just a phase. to be domestic. Laundry, cleaning,etc. and then rest and relax in the pool this afternoon if it doesn't rain.

Take Care!!!!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIKANIS!! Hope it's the best one yet!

Still have to catch up on my reading...Dee, enjoy the vacation and yes, let's make a definite plan to get together soon.

Lynn, glad to see you and glad Dean will miss you. I hope he misses TX also. A friend of mine was scheduled to leave for one week in Jamaica yesterday, he is very disappointed today.

Today is laundry and more laundry.

Suzanne - my doc appoints were the yearly gyn and my follow up with the cardiologist. He was thrilled with my weight loss and the lowering of my cholesterol minus meds. I go back to him the end of January. My home improvements are new floors - desperately needed and long, long overdue! The kitchen floor went in yesterday, a laminate that looks like maple and and I LOVE it. New carpets throughout the rest of the house go in on Friday. Lots of work ahead this week getting things ready for Friday's installation.

Marci - enjoy the vacation!

I know I missed lots but promise to catch up. Gotta run, my dryer's buzzer is calling my name.


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