Birthday Party Ideas for 13yr. old Girl

KatyJanuary 8, 2003

Can anyone suggest ideas for a 13yr. old girls birthday party? Any kind of games? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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How many kids? All girls or boys and girls? What type of budget?

Maybe they (all girls) would like a home spa sleepover. The girls could really do up their finger and toenails. Not just one coat of whatever color, but take care of cuticles, put on a top coat, maybe do decorative designs. They could do up each other's hair in all kinds of wild ways. Fun scented lotions would be good. Oh, some kind of green goo facial mask would be fun. Cucumber for the eyes. And of course, loads of pictures of the whole process. They could take plain pillow cases and decorate them using fabric markers.

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Maybe you favorite Mary Kay lady would give a demo....they are marketing more and more skin care products to young teens.
Linda C

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great idea with the Mary Kary stuff.. I am a big fan and they have all different kinds of goo for your face!! What city are you in? I have a pal that does it and would probably love to help you out

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