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nhsuzanneAugust 22, 2005

Good Morning All,

Tikanas, happy belated birthday!! It sounds like a great one and I wish you a year of happiness and contentment.

Maddie, I love your diet plans!! Sounds great.

Raeanne and DeeMarie, I am very flexible right now so if you want to put a plan together I will be there. Are we thinking Saratoga? I don't know where the place Dee mentioned. Let's put our heads together via email. September is right around the corner now.

Nantucket was great. The boat and staff were wonderful. Friday night I got a call from my sister older Skye that lives in NH, telling me that my mother had another heart attack and that she had been diagnosed with the onset of Alzheimers. This is the first time we have had any communication with her for four years. It's too bizarre to go into here but suffice it to say that nothing has changed. My mother is living with my little sister and made it clear to us that we were not welcome to visit her there! It's a mess and there isn't a whole lot I can do about any of it. It's making me feel sad and it just churns up old wounds. In the end, this is my mothers choice and unless she wants to change it, it won't! It's sad but I truly believe that my little sister is mentally ill. I know she is addicted.

My trip to northern VT was spectacular. The area is very remote and it's terrain is hilly and rolling green pastures and forest. The pastures roll up and up to the skys and everywhere is a magnificent vista of green grass as far as you can see dotted with dark green forest of spruce. This is an area where your horses must be in primo condition to do the hills. Some of the hills we drove in carriage were over two miles long! Long and steep, up and down. Our camp was in a gravel pit that the owner reclaimed and made a beautiful grassy park with two ponds. It is just beautiful and is teaming with wildlife. Each night we were seranded by the coyotes who were very near. The moon was full and it would rise large and orange over one of the ponds. It was really pretty and I would move there in a heartbeat if there were a way to make a living!! We went for a moonlight ride on Friday night which was really fun. It was just incredible.

Okay, back to reality!! I am going to get my trailer clean and get things back in order. I will be back.

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Good MONDAY morning!

[[[[[[[[NH Suzanne]]]]]]]]]] and all those who can use a great big (((hug))) today.

Will return later.

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NH Suzanne, Sorry about your family issues going on right now. I will keep you in my thoughts.
What a wonderful trip you had. Sounds just beautiful. What precautions do you take regarding the wildlife (wolves, coyotes, bears...etc.) Does someone keep a fire going all night or are you in cabins????

Anyone else see the last episode of six feet under. If not, it will air again sometime this week. It is a must see. It was AWESOME!!!!!! Complete closure. I cried and cried. I will sure miss that show.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!


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Here's my comments from KT:

"75 minutes of beautiful stories, acting, scenery, and music. What insight (clearing up the future of these characters); what a joy to watch; what class. I've taped it and will watch it again and again.

Bravo again to HBO."

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((((Suzanne)))) I'm so sorry about your family troubles. It is so difficult sometimes to deal with family issues. We go through alot with DH's side, I find myself just tuning it all out. I'm glad that both of your adventures were great. We have coyotes out behind our house and they scare me. They howl for a good part of the night and sometimes it just sounds so violent to me. The other night was especially bad and we found out the next day that they had killed a neighbors dog. So tragic.

Magickitty, I have never watched that show, but I subscribe to Netflix so I may start watching the series over the winter. Sounds like a must see.

DH and I and several others run a Jimmy Buffett Dock Party at the Yacht Club we belong to. It was this past weekend and was a grand success. We try and make it a family event as well and the kids love it. Games, prizes, cheeseburgers and Margaritas (for the BIG kids). It was a great day, but glad it is done!

Have a wonderful day. I am still cleaning my house and doing some serious Feng Shui (Raeanne!). I have to tell you, it really works. DH and I won $150. in the Flip Flop Toss (kind of like the cow flap lottery if anyone is familiar with that) at the JB party. A lot of subtle things have been happening, and all for the good!

Love, Besh

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Hi goils!

Well, it's late monday night, and I am still standing (I think--I've lost all feeling below the waist; I may be horizontal for all I know!! LOL) Yep, we sold out this morning ,but we placed orders with several suppliers that will be overnighted, and we'll have them tomorrow. unreal! :)

We're having a good time, though--the folks across form us are from Down Under, and they are a riot--the guy next to us is cooking all of the time, and he keeps feeding us, so that's good. Free, hot food--life is *good*! Although, I've managed to follow my new and improved "Cr@ppy Food Diet" with MUCH sucess; I've ate at least one corn dog a day since last Thursday, and I see no reason to break my streak. I've also gotten into pizza, taters, corn, ice cream and...oh, yeah... beer. (Makes the day go faster! LOL)

NHSuzanne--The Saddlebreds are in for the World Championship Horse Show--O.M.G. they are sooooo beautiful! Tack and horse stuff vendors are everywhere, and I wish so bad you were here-- they do a public workout at 9am in Freedom hall, and what a treat! I can watch them for hours---makes me smile just thinking of them! :)

Gotta go--these poor, comotse dawgs are going to bed!



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Good Morning All for cool and gorgeous New Hampshire! It's lovely and clear her this morning, no humidity!

Maddie, yes, the Saddlebreds are really lovely with thier long and swan-like necks. I am glad that you are getting to enjoy watching them. The workouts in the morning are the best as far as I am concerned. You really get to watch the true essence of the horse then.

Lynn, we don't take any precautions with the wildlife. They aren't trying to hurt us and we don't fear them. We are out in thier home and respect that always. These animals fear humans, rightfully so.

Besh, it's tragic about your neighbors dog. It makes me so sad that there is this constant struggle between wildlife trying to survive in constant urban expansion over their habitat. Coyotes in particular have adapted so well to urban sprawl and have become despised and misunderstood. It makes me sad. They can't help it they have babies to feed too. Around here, barn cats are a rare because the coyotes keep the population down along with mice, rats and other small rodents. You shouldn't fear them, they fear you!

Raeanne and DeeMarie tell me your thoughts on a meeting soon please.

Have to run and get something useful done around here this morning!

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Happy Birthday Jen!

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Jen - Happy Birthday, as always I will leave the singing to Maddie and Dee - I wouldn't do that to you on your birthday. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a year filled of wishes that all come true. Thanks for being such a great sister and for giving us 2 beautiful nieces.

Maddie - sounds like you fit right in at that show LOL. I'm sure the hard work will be worth it.

DeeMarie/Suzanne - I will e-mail you!

Tikanis - we need a BJ siting update.

Marci - you keep outdoing yourself with the gifs. When do you go in for your surgery? I know you this time of year you start to count the days - make the most of each of them.

Besh - it amazes me that decluttering always works - it makes way for new and better things. I need to feng shui my room and our den (which becomes a catchall for anything we don't know what to do with). The JB party sounded like a lot of fun.

It's my day off and I need to get a lot of errands done (not to speak of chores YUCK) - a very pretty day, so I think I will opt for outdoor things first.

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Happy Birthday to you...................
Happy Birthday to you..................
Happy Biiirrrrttthhhhday, dear adorable, one-of-the-best-mommies-and-wives-in-the-whole-world, Jennnnnnnnnnn
Happy Birthday to you

Many, many more. Hope your day is special.

(Maddie, someday we will have a live sing-off and let the fans decide! Better bring lots of booze for THAT one!) lol

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DeeMarie - I forgot to mention that I totally agree with what you posted about six feet under - I watched the last 10 minutes 2 more times - I have to say that is the best ending I have ever seen to a TV series. Do you know what CD was playing during Claire's car ride? I loved it. By the way you sound lovely this morning and I haven't had a drink (yet) LOL.

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Love, Besh

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Happy Birthday to you Jen!! Wishing you a wonderful day and year full of love!! Don't eat all of that cake at once!!! It looks good enough to eat for me!!

I guess I will have to get caught up on the Six Feet Under show. I have never watched it but you all are making sound good!!

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Oh, Suzanne, you must rent the DVD and start watching this wonderful show about fantasies, life, and death. Spellbinding for me. HBO is truly ground-breaking with a huge set of b@lls when it comes to innovation and programming.

Raeanne, thank you for the compliment on my singing. I guess this is a shout out to Maddie to loosen up those vocal chords and jump in here, lest I take away the title uncontested. lmao!!

Marci, I too enjoyed that cake. Yummmmmmmy. Why isn't junk food low calorie? Why won't someone tell us that the best diet is one that includes loads of pizza, bread dipped in olive oil, and birthday cake? Perhaps on Mars or the Moon???????

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP! (even when faced with pretty birthday cake)

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Dee - Is the booze for you and Maddie or for those of us judging the singing! LOL I figured at least that slice of cake didn't have any calories. We went to Bravo! for my birthday lunch. I absolutely love their bread and dipping oil. I could eat that and a salad and leave happy. (Of course I did "force" myself to eat a piece of Tiramisu. lol)

Maddie - Glad to hear that you are selling out of everything. Is this your jewelry line or do you sell other things too?

NHSuzanne - It is a beautiful day here in PA too. Nice breeze, no humidity and highs in the 70s. Can it possibly last? I hope you are able to resolve your differences with your sister so that you can visit your Mom.

Raeanne - I am counting down the days. We take DD back to school on Saturday. Then I have to get my presurgical (is that a word?) testing done and my surgery is on 8/31. I start back to school on 9/2. The kids will come back on the 8th and 9th, so we have lots of time to get the room put back together. We got new floors, a new ceiling and light fixtures and they painted the walls during the summer. The room is still torn up and we will need extra time to get it "kid friendly" again.

Besh - When do you start back? I went to the library last week and knew that I wouldn't have time to read very much once I am done with the books I got. My TBR list is still large, but I put a nice dent in it this summer. My favorite book I read recently has to be A Prayer for OWEN MEANY.

Jen - I hope you are having a wonderful day and that you get to do something special just for you!

I'll check in again later,

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Happy Birthday Jen! Hope you like your gifts. Hope you are having fun while out of town for your b-day!


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Dee--I think earplugs would be more appreciated by the audience; although if we ply them w/ enough booze, they might not notice! LMAO! :):)

OK, Jen, I hate to do this to you--i've been yapping for days, and boy! is my voice rough!

Snort, hack, hack... gasp, crack, cough, hack again....

Bada bing, bada boom...


Jen, I've enjoyed you though all of these years, and I've loved watching you with your beautiful daughters. I wish you a year filled with love and joy--you deserve nothing less than the best! :):)

Marci--well, we don't have our normal jewelry line at the show this time. we applied with the jewelry, but the fair board said there were too many jewelry booths already (???? Yeah--booth selling dogtags with 'Possession of Bobby' on them--ugh!), so we brought in tons of LED belt buckles and LED accessories, and that's what sold out. We also have the sunglasses and reading glasses with us, and the horse folks are going nuts over them. A stable owner came to us today and wanted to buy a huge quanity of an item we just sold out on. :( I wish I'd have known; we could have overnighted them. I am going to try tomorrow morning, but I don't think this is going to work b/c the delivery chage would be astronomical. So....

Lemme tell ya, we've seen some interesting sights. I honestly didn't think that a size 1-3 (or so) chick would actually get a double D boob job, but apparently one did. And then tatted over one pup. Gad. They looked angry, all poofed up and staring straight ahead, and not moving a lick. And what's up with tube tops?? As Dilbert would say, "AAIIEEEEEE!" And you know? The young women with the horses are (for the most part) lovely, classy and beautiful. I enjoy them. Well, all the horse people are impressive, so far. All manners, and a joy to help. It's odd, the folks that I would have preguessed as being snobby are the nicest to work for. I have egg on my face and am ashamed for thinking what I did. I know better, and did it anyway.

I've just skimmed the posts, so I'm sure i've missed stuff, and I apologize for that. I hope everyone is well--



PS--yooooohoooooo! Patti, KYSusie, Amy, John---where are you????? Come out and post!

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Maddie - maybe I have had too much to drink, but you are sounding mighty good LOL. That is amazing how much stuff you are selling - WTG! Could you sneak in a little jewelry?

DeeMarie - I just sent you a huge e-mail - hopefully I won't bore you to tears. I'm not saying that Maddie sounds better than you, but she is definitely LOUDER LOL.

Marci - I also have a long TBR list. That was the only good thing about hurting my ribs, I started to read more. Maybe I will have a relapse LOL.

NH Suzanne - I can't believe we are going to see each other soon - I can hardly wait.

Okay, we need to hear from either Tikanis or BJ - or do we have to come out there looking for you two???

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Hello Ladies,

Happy B-day Jen, I hope you had a lovely day and got some time to relax and enjoy it.

Maddie- sounds like you are busy but having a great time, I have a friend that goes nuts over led trinkets based around St Patricks day, he looks like a goofball to start out but after a few beers he appears almost normal ;) I used to enjoy corn dogs when I was able to eat them, little mustard and ketchup mixed togeter to dip them in and I was in heaven, yummay!

NHSuz- Sounds like you are enjoying whats left of summer, my GF's family has a cabin we use in VT near Barton, it is nice up there. The interesting thing about VT though is you will see a wide variety of wealth in the same towns. We would drive past run down mobile homes right next to 1/2 million dollar homes/camps. They say land is selling for 3 or 4 times its worth to people moving up from Mass and NY. Im with you on not fearing wild life, there was a black bear warning where we went camping, animals used to people make me nervous but out in the wild they will leave you alone unless they are cornered.

Im back to work after our camping trip, it was fun but wore us out. We did 43 miles in the kayaks and camped along the sandy beaches. The first day of the trip was filled with drunk college students in canoes, they kept on asking us where we fit the beer cooler in our kayaks :) The second day was a lot quieter and we logged a lot of miles so that we only had about 3 left for the last day. On the third day as soon as we got off the river for our pickup it started to pour, we jury rigged up the tent fly and called the pick up service to come get us early. They showed up, but about 5 mins down the road the guys truck died, so we had to wait on the side of the road for help.. after that we decided to take a break and get a hotel for a good nights rest and hot showers :) We stayed in North Conway and had a fantastic meal at a place called Coyote Rose. We had all kinds of interesting and delish items, ostrich, boar sausage, and New Zeland lamb chops were divine. They also served a prickly pear sorbet that was very spicy and yummy! I ate the whole thing though I probably shouldnt have. I also had a peach margarita that tasted like fresh peaches, it was a nice change from all the camp food we had for 3 days.

We then spent 2 days camping and hiking in Franconia Notch. We did a 6 mile hike up one side of the mountain and back down the other. There is a lake at the top of the mountain and a couple water falls along the way down, it was a tough hike but lovely. Of course on the way back to camp I was worn out and winded and my GF got mad at me because I wasnt chatting with her. Bah women :P it wasnt because I just hiked 6 miles and over 1500 feet of elevation that I wasnt talking, it was because I didnt care about what she had to say, you know! ;)

All and all we had a nice trip and learned a lot. We know what gear we can do without and what we need to get for next time, and have a better idea of how much food and water to bring. My compact air mat has certainly got to go and I will make the room next time for my real air mattress, my back paid for it and sleeping on the hard ground doesnt cut it anymore, im no longer a boy scout.

Other than that not a whole lot is new, this weekend its the boys time to play. We are golfing on Sat and Sunday going to a Red Soxs game. Its rare the 4 of us can all get time to spend together. With wives, kids and work keeping everyone busy this will be a treat.

I hope everyone is having a good week, come out and say hello if you are lurking!


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Good Morning All,

John, sounds like you had a great time camping! I love the lakes region of NH. I was camping very near Conway in July in Chocoura, just beautiful. Don't you just LOVE a great meal after camping a few days! I drove through the Franconia Notch this weekend on my way back from Danville, VT and thought of you out there somewhere! You are right about northern VT. The land is so rich and beautiful and there is alot of abject poverty parked right next door to a 5,000 sq ft trophy house. It's strange and sad to me. I hate to see that beautiful land get chopped up.

It's another beautiful, cool, dry day here and I am going to get out early to enjoy it.

I will check in later and hope that the MIA's check in.

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Good Morning!

THANK YOU!!! Ladies & John. I had a wonderful day! Got back from Springfield on Tuesday nite and had a terrific package waiting for me. MagicKitty, Thank you so much. First off, was some palm tree pasta. I can't wait to try it. Next was 3 candles, which smell terrific. There was a box of powerful women note cards (which is great because I am always needing to send someone a note and never have the cards to do so) a dragon fly coaster and coffee cup, some soft key lime mints (totally out of this world, they are delicious) and last is something that MagicKitty will have to explain. They are a set of wooden ???? I can't wait to hear what they are. We have all been making guesses at what they could be. Thank you so much. I love everything.

Well, I need to get some work caught up. Have a great day and thanks again.


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Good FRIDAY morning!!

QOD: What's everyone up to this weekend? I'm going to a physic party tonight with my GF. Never been to one, so this should be interesting! Our DH's are going to a ball game. The rest of the weekend will be spent in the yard and house with this and that.

Raeanne, I made a hotel reservation for Tuesday night just in case DH decides to come with me. I requested early check-in on Tuesday so we can get settled before DH drops me off to meet you and Suzanne. This is exciting! He will be fine on his own while he explores!

Do you think BJ and Tikanas got into so much trouble that they only had 1 phone call? hmmmm, I didn't see them on any network news, so they should be OK. Check in, ladies!

Hoping you all have a wonderful, healthy, safe weekend!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!
DeeMarie (who passed up 2 birthday cakes this week)

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Hi all!

QOD--I'll be at the Fair, which is over Sunday night at 10. :) Having fun, y'all! :)

Things are great--we're exhausted, but we figured that. I got to see a couple of classes at the horse show, and one lady was thrown. She got up and seemed OK and continued on, but that was scary. We did have an interesting thing happen, though. A really nice guy that we see at one of our shows (for the past couple of Christmas seasons) came by our booth today. I know he hunted fox, but I didn't know he's one of the big stable owners in TN. Nicest guy, and he said that several of his horses have placed in different classes. How cool--:) NHSuzanne, how I wish you were here!

Well, mom seems to be the same. I am worried, and I feel like I am letting her down by not seeing her as much as I should, but at the same time, I can not cram any more into a day. I know, I'm just feeling guilty.

Gotta go--finally going home! YAH!



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DeeMarie - I love your answer to the QOD and hope you have a great time - did you see my e-mail? sort of ironic LOL.

QOD - Work, Work, Work. I am going to try to get a long walk in tomorrow morning. I don't know if my ribs will allow me, but I am attempting it. I need to do something and soon. I really miss my kayaking.

Maddie - are you still partners in that horse? The Travers (our Kentucky Derby) is today, but I can't go - it is way too crowded for me anyway. I saw Julie Krone get thrown and trampled at the track - she looked like a rag doll laying on the ground - it was gruesome, but she had the entire place praying for her. She was out of commission for some time.

John - I don't think that I could've done your trip. I am exhausted after 3 hours on the lake, especially when the water is choppy. Sounds like you had a great time. Enjoy your golfing - the weather around here is perfect for it.

NH Suzanne - I will send you my phone numbers in an e-mail. I can't believe that the 3 of us will be together soon. I hope you love Saratoga as much as I do.

Well, I have to get ready for work. Have a great day and weekend.

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Good Morning.

Jen... they are salad tongs. I have been giving them as gifts recently. I bought a pair and they are quite the conversation piece when having guests over for dinner. So I have been sending them to relatives and friends. Just something different I guess. Glad you liked everything.

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