Portable AM/FM radio for the home

bus_driverNovember 17, 2013

It has been several years since a new radio has been purchased for my house. All the old ones have significant hum. Not sure if it is due to failing capacitors or to the large number of devices in the house that might emit RF.
Anyone know of a simple radio that offers good filtering of static and hum?

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We always have a radio on in the house and car. Mainly NPR, or local KGO AM from San Francisco. Years ago I bought a C. Crane radio and altho it's pricey, we have been really impressed. Best sound we've ever heard. I have a small Sangean in my office with an atomic clock, and a Sony waterproof radio in the bathroom.

Here is a link that might be useful: C. Crane radio

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I am grateful for the recommendation. Looked at the reviews for that radio and it has it's detractors- as does almost every product. Some recommended a GE radio. The old GE may have been good-- but I do not buy any more Thomson SA/ Technicolor SA electronics. Today's stuff with their brand may be good-- but my previous experience was so bad that I am unwilling to try again.
Any other recommendations?

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I don't personally listen to the radio much, but aren't you able to find dozens of radio choices at a place like Best Buy or from any random electronics website? This shouldn't be a difficult shopping desire to fulfill.

If you've got some kind of power system or other interference happening, you can listen to most radio stations on your PC over the internet. Or on a smartphone in a docking station, wifi or cell signal. Or over an internet enabled TV/dvd player setup.

By the way, having interference in your home that hinders radio reception isn't normal. If that's your problem, I'd try to resolve that.

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RECEPTION and AUDIO HUM/STATIC are two different things in my thought processes.
My age is great enough that my study of electronics was during the days of vacuum tubes. I was competent to do some repairs on the equipment of that era. Auto radios had wonderful noise filtering capabilities and an old TV transformer with 6 volt output could be used to eliminate the vibrator in the car radio and power it from AC at the house. My lighting is now mostly fluorescent --of several types-- and LEDS of at least 3 types. I think those generate RF noise. Perhaps my radios have failing capacitors in the audio circuitry- non replaceable, no doubt. The old tube type would have 60Hz hum when the audio circuit capacitors were failing.
All the reviews of portable radios on the web have a sizeable number of unfavorable reviews. 90% or more positive would be good for me.

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I have to say that all three of my radios have excellent sound, even with our house full of odd light bulbs. I've had the C Crane radio about a dozen years ago, and about two years ago, the on/off switch went bad. I shipped it off for them to repair and got it back almost by return mail. Excellent service.

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Cool story bro, but who cares and so what?

You're over-engineering the issue's solution. If you have interference problems (that are not normal to have), why bother worrying about the quality of the radio? The world's best radio won't work in your house.

If you have interference, fix it. Buy a radio, listen, if it's ok, keep it, if not repeat and try again until you're find something you like. Done.

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sushipup, which model of the C Crane radio do you have? And is it assumed that every model they offer is better than average quality?

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I have the large original model, the CC Radio, I think it is. I think the company has very high standards. Check the return policy, try it and see if you can return it if you don't like it.

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One of my long-standing habits is to stretch my money as far as it will go. I need no comments or advice about that. Amazon will often offer an item at a price below the typical selling price- but not the Model CC2BE radio. CCrane has it for $139.95 and Amazon has it for $159.95 plus shipping.
I found a couple of lesser-known sellers who offer it for a bit less.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

You might consider the Tivoli Model One. I haven't owned one but people seem to like it. You might find a slightly used radio on ebay cheaper than new...

Modern clock radios and radio sections of boomboxes *suck* in general. I feel your pain.

Another alternative is a full sized stereo receiver or a tuner and integrated amp combo. If you have the space. People are literally throwing out well made gear in favor of home theater in a box, internet streaming, etc.

Even a transistor radio can hum if it's old enough that power supply capacitors are failing.

To find out if it's interference, take the radio somewhere else, and also try turning off everything in the the house that you possibly can, including unplugging phone and computer chargers, etc. The switching power supplies in those create a lot of RF hash.

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I have loved my Sony Shower radio. I use it everywhere around the house. It takes three C batteries and has a fabric cord to carry it by or to loop it around things, so it truly goes anywhere with me. It has the best reception of all the radios in the house, too. It has a little FM antenna trailing along behind it. For $50, you can't go wrong. I actually have two of them. I leave one in my far infrared sauna, where it still gets good reception. We had that one for my DF-in-L, who went suddenly blind at 91 years old. The raised buttons on top worked well for him to be able to find without his sight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sony shower radio

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