farewell party

jamsaskJanuary 12, 2003

I need some entertaining ideas, readings or whatever?? for a farewell party for a couple moving from the farm to the city. They've lived in the same community all their lives and now have retired and moved.

anyone have a poem or joke or game or anything we can use at an informal house party with about 20 people.

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A neighborhood farewell party several years ago included a photo album of each of the families on our block, photos of their favorite restaurants, the schools the children had attended, church, even a picture of our mail carrier, with whom the woman had chatted everyday. It was quite a tear-jerker for the family moving.

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Thanks Julie
what I was really hoping for was some sort of "performance" idea - poem,reading etc
I'll try and throw together a scrapbook too!

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Maybe you could work up a skit using the "Green Acres" scheme of things. Half of your cast would be dressed in coveralls with straw hats & act out things you do in the country way of life. The other half in city clothes doing things the 'city way'. You could use ideas such as comparing breakfast food choices (a hearty country menu vs bagel w/coffee & the paper), getting produce (garden vs produce section of a store); stormy weather (raincoat, boots, shovel vs someone running across the room screaming "TAXI!"), etc, etc At the end of the skit-stress that "You can take the couple out of the country-but you can't take the country out of the couple"!!!

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comparing for farewell party.

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