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beshAugust 27, 2007

Good Morning, it is a beautiful day!

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What a gorgeous day in New England. I am going downtown today with a friend to walk around and play tourist. I have not been down there for a while and there are lots of new shops and things that have opened. Lunch will also be involved. :-)

DS got a minor concussion at football camp this weekend. I brought him to the Dr. yesterday and he checked out fine. He wasn't even sure it was really a concussion, more like a bad bang on the head. So I brought him back to camp and he seems fine. Tonight is parents night, so I will check him out good (mother knows best!).

The Buffett party at the club went great, it was just very hot. There was a nice breeze off the water which made it bearable, but most people stayed inside in the air conditioning which was a bummer, because all of the activities were outside.

How was everybodys weekend??? Donna are you back together yet? BJ how are you feeling? I hope everyone gets a chance to check in. It was nice to have so much activity here last week!

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Good Morning!

Beautiful day yesterday in Chicago. Gorgeous and cool! I sat on my porch between eating..ugh and needlepointed. Could I be any more detrimental to myself. Eat and sit!
I started the day by having breakfast with my son who was home this weekend...eggs and sausage, lunch was one and 1/2 slices of deep dish pizza and dinner with my DH's parents at Lone there anything that is healthy on that menu? We came home and took are dogs for a walk to try and get dinner to settle.

I said last week that I was going to put up pictures for you guys to look at from my Barilla Pasta Shoot. I have uploaded them to my Web Gallery. But since the site is public and I also have a slideshow that I created for my son and daughter in law, I won't post the link here. Please email me if you would like the link. My email is and I am spelling it out so the spammers cannot farm if off the site...g r e t c h e n m i n x AT s b c g l o b a l DOT c o m. There are no spaces in the email address-I just needed to make sure it doesn't get spammed.

Feel free to take a look at the wedding slide show and a project that my daughter is working on from her trip to Ecudaor.

I am going to try to eat as healthy as possible this week!! I promise my SS that I will post my meals and what went into my ever expanding mouth and waistline.

I am also promising to drink lots of water today. I need to take care of myself.

Breakfast: a fresh mango, coffee with FF cream and one packet of Sweet and Low.

Lunch: Will be two pieces of Wasa Crisp Bread with 95% FF turkey and a slice of Pepper Jack Cheese. ( Bob Greene and Oprah Fav )

Have a great day- Feeling better BJ?

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Good MONDAY morning!

I'm back and well rested from a fabulous trip. Won a 50% off treatment at the spa---a massage with hot rocks....holy moly. That was 1 1/2 hours of r-e-l-a-x-a-t-i-o-n. If you can ever get the opportunity.......words escape me!

Only gained 1 lb on this 10-day cruise. I watched almost everything but enjoyed myself. In the morning, I filled my plate with fresh fruit first...then added grain bread and maybe some salmon, tomato, low-fat cream cheese or some eggs and potatoes. For lunch, always started with huge salad; then added a bit of fish or chicken and a taste of pasta or rice. Worked well. In the evenings, I ordered the lowest fat soup (sometimes they were fruit soups which were awesome!). If I ate dessert, it was from the low-fat or sugar-free column. Took the stairs everywhere (one day it was 11 decks up!) Whew! My knees spoke to me that day! Lovely weather---we totally missed the bad stuff, and our group had a ball!!!

Jen, so glad you liked your package. I was hoping that the girls would get some quality time with you. Also wanted to make sure you could get the scrapbook supplies you like with the gift certificate. Enjoy! Good to see you back. :0)

BJ, I was thinking about you on the 21st and sending out prayers and good thoughts for you. (I see they worked, huh?!!!) So glad to see you up and about so soon.

Maddie, I know you are out there, stop by and say hello to us.

Gretchen, thanks for coming back! We've missed you, and I sent out mucho calls for you. Feel free to jump back in and vent with us. We need to encourage each other again and again and again if necessary.

Looking for Joanne now!

Marci, glad you had some real quality time down in LA. You certainly deserve it. Have fun during your last week of holiday.

Raeanne, you sound like you went to the Dee-school-of-betting-on-ponies! I'm awful at it, but it is fun!!!

Suzanne, that was a wonderful picture! DH and I saw it when I tried to download the site on the high seas. (wanted to 'sing' to Jen and Tikanas, but could not do it) We were paying $0.50 a minute so I didn't have time to check in properly!

Amy, glad to see you are still watching us.

Gotta go and get through the next dozen e:mails I got here at the office.

Hi to everyone I've missted this time around!


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Good morning all,

Welcome home Dee! Sounds like a lovely time. Relax?? What's that?

I got a call yesterday morning from DH who is in a hospital in Nacadoches, TX with A Fibrillation! They have him on blood thinners and this morning they are going in to have a look and depending on what they see, do a cardio version procedure. I am having a hard time waiting to here - I want to get on a plane and fly out there but really, that doesn't make much sense just yet. This is all on top of having to attend the wake and reception (hosted by DFIL) of one of his herdsmen that died of a heart attack in his sleep at 56 years old! It was a distraction but I can't think about anything but Mark. Send positive thoughts and prayers out to Texas!! I will keep you posted.

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((NHSuzanne)) Will you keep you and DH in my thoughts and prayers. Is he by himself in TX? I know it must be hard not to be there with him, but it does make sense to wait until you know more. Stay strong!

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Oh Suzanne-What a horrible phone call to receive. It has to be hard to be so far away right now. Please keep us all posted. Hugs and Prayers for the both of you.

I am busy today working with my new client-GOOGLE!!!! They need training for their Chicago office-so I am rather busy making sure they are happy!

Dee-It sounds like you had a wonderful cruise and what a great job you did of staying on track.

I made it through yesterday with staying on track. I didn't come back in and post but for dinner I had: A salad that had Strawberry, Orange, Blueberry and Chicken from Panera. The dressing was poppyseed and fat free. If you have a Panera around you, the salad is very refreshing on these hot summer days. I also had a cup of their french onion soup and a whole wheat bagette. Yummmm. I am also trying to not come home and eat after work. I tend to sit down in my kitchen and nibble. So yesterday, I had a Weight Watchers smoothie. It filled me up and gave me the calcium I needed.

Hello to all!


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[[[[[[[[[Suzanne & Mark]]]]]]]]] I'm praying for both of you. Hopefully you will hear from them soon.

Gretchen, I have a Panera about a mile from my home. My nieces love it there, but DH and I rarely go. Will check it out tho!

Well, DH left this morning with his DB for Lake Ontario fishing. I have the house to myself for 3 days but I miss him already. Sure he will have fun, as it is one of his favorite things to do.

Check in this week gang!

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(((((Suzanne)))))- I hope you hear good news very soon. The waiting must be awful. I am keeping Mark in my thoughts and prayers (you too sister).

Gretchen - I have had that salad and it is great. I also like their Fiji Chicken Salad (or something like that). I emailed you at the above address but it bounced back. Do you still have my email? I will try again I may have made a mistake.

I hope everyone is having a great day. ((((HUGS TO SUZANNE AGAIN))))

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I am real is dot net NOT dot com. Just emailed you the link!

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Suzanne - (((HUGS)))to Mark and you. I will be sending positive thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep us posted.

Dee- Welcome back and sure sounds like you had a nice trip. Hot Rocks are AWESOME!!!!!! Enjoy your alone time.

Gretchen - WTG on eating well. Keep up the good work!!!! I too am a fan of Panera. Unfortunately we do not have one near here. The closest is 2 1/2 hours away in Tampa. ya doin?

Take care everyone!!!!


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Let's all check in!

QOD: What's up for the Labor Day weekend?

I have absolutely no plans and I'm loving it. May do a pulled pork in the crock pot tomorrow or Friday to have on hand for the weekend. Easy peasy (BJ's expression!) DH promised to finish up some to-do things on his long list when he returns from vacation, so I may help him there. It'll be our chance to catch up on yard work before the JETS' games start this Fall.


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Dee - pulled pork sounds like a great idea. I may join you in that plan. I also make coleslaw when I serve that and that is easy peasy too. How are you keeping yourself busy with DH away. Do I see a manicure/pedicure, spa treatment, eating chinese out of the container, a glass of wine or 2? LOL

QOD - DD#2 is coming home for the weekend, so no big plans, but if the weather is what they are predicting you can find me floating around the lake as often as possible.

BJ - Please let us know you are doing well. Thinking of you all the time.

Gretchen - thanks for the link, it did work, but I can't get the other gallery albums to open at work. I will try at home on the mac.

Suzanne - I have been thinking of you and Mark all morning - I hope you have gotten some good news by now.

I have also had the pleasure of a hot stone massage and am thinking that may be my next self-indulgent splurge.

We are going to CA in November. It will be a whirlwind trip as we are starting out and ending in SanDiego with a visit or 2 on our way up to Napa. Has anyone been to Napa, if so do you have a "must see or must do" that you can share. I want to get my itinerary in place as I know some of the wineries you need reservations for.


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Raeanne, I hope that floating will be in a boat! LOL!!! Would love to eat Chinese out of a container tonight, but I try to keep that to a minimum because of the associated edema the next day. It IS good around here, though. We have an authentic noodle place not far from here that is absolutely awesome!

[[[[[[[[[[[Suzanne]]]]]]]]]]]]] hoping that you get some news soon. Please update us.

Hope everyone is having a good day.
Make it count!

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Evening ladies...

I had written a nice long post and it vanished! Ugh...

Raeanne-the others are movies and they might take a while to load. I am dying for feedback on my DS and DDIL's slide show.

I am trying...I am trying..that is what I say to myself each day about my eating. I wonder why we just get lazy and not care about our eating. I sometimes just don't care and want to enjoy myself. Then I think-why can't I enjoy myself with healthy eating?

Today I had lunch downtown at the top of the John Hancock building. It was one of our employee's birthday. I had a salad with steak, blue cheese and tomatoes. I did have dessert also. I didn't get anything chocolate. I had a fresh blueberry cobbler with blueberry gelato. It was very good.

How did everyone else do today?

QOD: I don't know what we are doing at house this weekend yet. Although my SO invited herself to our house for a BBQ. She has a habit of doing that and canceling at the last minute because she doesn't feel well. Ugh..

Off to bed...Gretchen

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Hi All,
Gretchen I will give you some feedback.....It was wonderful, I watched it twice! Your DS is lucky that you can do that. DIL is beautiful. It looks like it was a great wedding. Thanks so much for sharing! (What a cool job you have!)

Raeanne, it did take a while for the movie to download and it ultimately opened up in my iTunes account. I don't know if that helps. I have not been to Napa, but some friends went last year. I will see if I can get some "must sees" from them.

Suzanne (((HUGS))). I have been thinking about you and Mark. I hope he is doing ok. Please post when you can.

BJ, how are you doing dear? I have been thinking about you too!

Lynn, I'm glad to see you posting. :-)

Dee, my DH was gone for 3 days too, and DS was at football camp. They both came home last night. I turn into such a slug when nobody is here. I always think I will get so much done, and it usually turns out to be the opposite. I did meet a friend downtown and we played tourist and on Tuesday I visited with an old colleague of mine who is almost house-bound now. It was nice to see her.

Marci, are you ready? I start on Tuesday and I am trying to cram everything I didn't get done this summer into the next few days!

Enjoy the day.
Love, Besh

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Good morning all,

Thanks for all the hugs. DH was released from the hospital last night. He has a stress test to do this morning which will determine whether or not he can drive his truck home. DFIL flew out to be with him yesterday so I know he won't get away with any funny stuff! Now we just have to get him home one way or the other.

Dee or Raeanne, will you post your pulled pork recipe? That sounds good and I like easy!

I had the most wonderful ride this morning. The moon is full and it's dark at 5:15 am but we went out through the woods and had a nice moonlight ride! I am so grateful to have my horses - especially in times of great stress.

QOD: The whole family is coming up and we will have a clambake. Plus, I will get alot of chores done! Hopefully, DH will be home.

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Besh - I am right there with you, trying to cram everything into these last few days. I spent 6 hours up at school yesterday, getting a head start on paper work. We will finish setting up on Tuesday and I should be off Wednesday, then the kids come Thurs. & Fri. I am SO NOT ready for summer to end this year, but I am sure I will adjust.

Gretchen - I had to download QuickTime to see the video, and I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but I will make time this afternoon.

NHSuzanne - That is good news about DH. Thank goodness your DFIL went down there, now you know DH will get home safely.

QOD - I am going camping at the Hampton Inn! LOL My whole family is going camping, but I get to stay at the Hampton Inn with my parents, and enjoy the campground during the day and leave after the campfire at night. Now that is my idea of camping! LOL Then I start school on Tuesday.

Raeanne - I am making sauce and meatballs for my freezer today. I have been making quick batches during the summer, but I decided to make a big batch and freeze. My house smells so good!

DeeMarie - I went to Panera for breakfast with the gang from work, and we got caught up with all our summer travels, trials and tribulations. Our speech therapist retired and we won't get to see her as much, so it was nice to spend some time with her. We spent two hours, just chatting and almost forgot to eat! I did splurge and get a cinnamon crunch bagel, but I got fruit and decaf coffee, so I am calling it brunch and will stick to some raw veggies and string cheese for an afternoon snack. At least that is my plan.

Hi to everyone I missed! Patti, Hope you are having a great time in TX!

I have to go stir the sauce and do some laundry before I leave for the weekend.


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Hey there everyone!

Marci, you are so good with the eating. I was laughing about 'stirring the sauce'. BTW, did you see the new ads for dark M&Ms (Addams' Family)? Are you tempted? I am because dark choc is my fave, if I had to pick. Don't want any of them in the house.

BJ, hope you are OK this week. Please check in with us.

DH phoned last night and said he caught lots of salmon on his trip, and was going to drop off a bit of it to get smoked before he comes home late tonight. Looks like one morning this weekend breakfast will be (NY) bagels, smoked salmon, tomatoes, capers, and cream cheese! ta die for....LOL!!!!

Suzanne, I've not gotten a recipe for the pork (did not buy the roast yet); however, I've been looking on foodtv for an easy one. I think both Raeanne and Marci have made it before. If I find a roast tonight or tomorrow, gonna definitely do it in the crockpot tho. Think after you slow cook for like 3 days (haha), you shred with a fork, add bbq sauce and put it back into crockpot for another week or so. LMAO!! can't forget to get some rolls at the grocery too.

Need to finish a project before I leave here today.


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Gretchen - I finally got a chance to see the video. The bride and groom are stunning! Is your DD one of the bridesmaids? The setting is beautiful. Did the ceremony take place near Chicago?

DeeMarie - Stirring the sauce as opposed to knocking back the sauce? LOL Like the true Italian that I am not, (I am only honorary, having married an Italian), I simmer my sauce for hours. Yes, I have seen the ads and believe it or not, I haven't been tempted for longer than a few seconds. I am proud to say that I haven't had an M&M in over a year! Never thought I would utter those words.
And I only cook my shredded pork for two days! LOL

Actually, I cut up the pork into large cubes, season it with a pork rub, and cook overnight in the crockpot. Then in the morning, I let it cool, shred and defat it, and add the BBQ sauce and let simmer. You really don't need to simmer it very long, just enough to incorporate the BBQ sauce throughout and heat evenly. Then pile on the slaw (Raeanne is right, they go hand in hand) and enjoy!

If you want the recipe for the pork rub I use, let me know and I will post it tomorrow.


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Good Friday all!

Mark is on the road again.....catchy tune too! He's happy as a clam and I am feeling worn out and exhausted!

I am looking forward to the long weekend.

Gretchen, I send an email to get the links from you. Can't wait to see what everyone is talking about!

Marci, yes please post the pork rub. Sounds delicious and easy! What cut of pork do you use? The butt? shoulder? What kind of BBQ sauce do you use? I like to mix Stubbs and KC Masterpiece together. The pullled pork and cole slaw is a very North Carolina thing. They use a vinegar based sauce too........yummmmmmmmmm Enjoy your "campout"!

Lynn how are things with your family going?

Besh, enjoy what's left of your time off.Everything will get done somehow!

Raeanne, I never went to Napa but I did go to Sonoma. I did several tours and loved every minute of it. There is so much to do and I found the tours to be stress less and fun.
I bet your are doing lots of internet research!

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1 Pork Butt Roast (I cut into large cubes and defat as much as I can before cooking.)

Rub down with your favorite spices. I use:
½ T salt, 1 T paprika, 1 t. dry mustard, ¼ t. ginger, 1/2 tsp. garlic powder and pepper to taste. (I put the cubes in a zip-loc bag, add the spices and shake.)

Cook overnight in crock-pot. In the morning when it is still warm, you can shred with a knife and fork. The meat is so tender, the fat and bones just fall away.
Mix with BBQ sauce of your choice.

Here is an alternate rub, that can be made in quantity and used several times.

Barbecue Rub:

1 cup chili powder
3 tablespoons paprika
3 tablespoons finely chopped fresh thyme (or 1 teaspoon dried)
2 tablespoons sea salt
2 tablespoons garlic powder
1 tablespoon freshly ground black pepper
2 tablespoons ground cumin
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

Place all ingredients in a large bowl, whisk to combine. Store in an airtight container at room temperature. Makes 2 cups.

NHSuzanne - I make my own BBQ sauce, but when in a pinch, I will use store bought. Can't remember what kind I buy, since I usually just make it. I do usually use the Pork Butt, but last time I went to Costco and bought a rolled roast and used that. I didn't have time to fool with defatting the pork butt and I was making large quantities for company. Some fat is good for flavor, but the health conscious part of me, just can't leave all that fat on the meat.

I am making zucchini brownies to take camping (they put me in charge of dessert) and a banana cake. The brownies are in the oven and I am off to mix up the cake. I figured I got a vegetable and a fruit covered in the desserts! LOL

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


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Yum.........thanks Marci.

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Marci - I made sauce last time both DD's were home and I froze some - I love how the house smells when its cooking. Thank you for posting the recipe for Suzanne. I made mine yesterday and I am having it tonight. Have a good time!

Gretchen - The movie did load on my computer at home and it loaded rather quickly - it was beautiful and I love the Vanessa Carlton tune you chose. I was going to ask if your DD was in the wedding party as well. They are one good looking couple. Thank you for sharing.

Suzanne - I am so glad that Mark is on his way home and you can relax a bit. I see a couple glasses of wine in your future this weekend LOL. I use a smaller version of the 2nd recipe Marci posted - but I don't cut up my roast and I add a large onion sliced up and a few cloves of minced garlic. I used to make a BBQ sauce but have gotten lazy and use bottled, not a lot though. We can work out a trade here, some pulled pork for a clam bake YUMMERS. We sat down for about 2 hours yesterday and only booked one room LOL - this is going to be a long process. We each picked a few wineries we want to visit and a couple restaurants we need to try and am working the trip around them. Good friends gave my DH a gift certificate to a restaurant called Auburge du Soleil, so we know we will be there for one meal. It is fun doing the research but it can be overwhelming.

Dee - like Marci I also simmer my sauce for hours, but I have been know to knock back some sauce too. I start my sauce early in the morning and let it simmer all day - I am getting hungry reading this board today. AND yes, I was floating in a boat!

BJ - we need to hear from you!

Enjoy your day/weekend

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Hi Guys,

Checkin' in. I printed off the thread since I've been gone and will read it whilst I wait for my patholgy results in the doc's office today.

I'll pop back in later and catch up with everyone.

Getting my energy back slowly...

Raeanne~ I'm having a ball here at home! I received it in the mail yesterday! (Raeanne sent me a large, bright yellow ball in the mail that said "Bounce Back Soon!" (signed with her name!) The kids have been bouncing it all over the house!

And I have been watching too much Food Network while I recover. Although the recipes and hosts are a great inspiration, it's not exactly diet food. Every recipe starts out with, "First, you melt a stick of butter..."


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Happy Rabbit, Rabbit Day!

BJ - I'm glad the kids are having a ball! Yes, watching those cooking shows can be dangerous. Don't push yourself and listen to the Dr.

Gotta run, but was excited to see I got to post rabbit, rabbit first LOL

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Raeanne~You beat me! LOL

NH Suzanne~Glad that Mark is on his way home.

Marci~I'm thoroughly enjoying my time here. I leave for home on Wednesday.

BJ~Glad to see that you are up & around.

I read all of this week's postings but I still have to catch up & it is almost time for DGD to go down for her nap. Dave got a call from Washington, DC on Monday or Tuesday checking out to make sure they had the right address & case number b/c they are sending the answer to his case. Please keep prayers, or positive thoughts for us so that we can move back here. I got a call from my dr. according to Dave & I failed all of my blood tests so when I get home they want me to do them all again. Be good to yourselves, b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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Happy SATURDAY, and rabbit, rabbit too!

Marci, I got a huge amount of pork butt today at BJs (about 17 pounds!) DH de-fatted it and cut it up for me. I quadrupled your rub recipe; mixed it all with the meat in the bags, and we got half in the crockpot. The remainder is in the freezer, so it appears will only need to defrost it and make another easy peasy batch in a month or so. Looking forward to pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow evening (Sunday). Also bought farm corn, a head of cabbage for slaw, and wheat buns at Trader Joe's. Yummmm-O

DH went for a long walk with me this morning since my walking partner went 'down the shore' to her condo on the beach. We walked to his brother's home (about 1 mile away along the lake) and took a steak out of his freezer! lol!! He's a bachelor, and was out fishing (again!) His freezer is filled with beautifully packaged beef that he will never finish in a year. DH is always snatching a steak or two and DBIL never realizes it! One Saturday while DBIL was working, DH and I took filet mignons out of his freezer. We then came home and left him a message asking him to dinner. We let him know he was eating his own steaks when he arrived! LOL!!! Hey, he had a woman's touch grilling it and making all the sides, including homemade garlic bread!

Other than errands, it's 4pm and DH and I got little completed from our 'to-do' list. We slept until 9:15am, which is really late for us, but it's been a great day together.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Make today count!

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