Separate amp and pre-amp vs. an A/V receiver?

tobr24uNovember 8, 2006

Will the sound be better using these separate components with good speakers than using a fairly expensive A/V receiver? I am still debating a total upgrade of my stereo system and wondered if I should go all the way. I currently have a good Onkyo A/V and CD changer but, as mentioned, have been thinking of giving up my old B&Ws for new and more expensive speakers. But if my Onkyo can't provide the best amplification then would I be wasting my time with new speakers?

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It depends on the efficiency (sensitivity in db's) of the speakers and the resistance (ohms) of the speakers. If you get speakers that are 89 dbs in sensitivity and 6-8 ohms in resistance your Onkyo-if it is a reasonably powered one, should do fine. There are inexpensive multichannel professional amplifiers made by Behringer, Peavy, Crown, etc. that one could connect to the Onkyo, using the Onkyo as the Preamp surround controller.

Certainly if you are getting lower sensitivity speakers at 4 ohms, it is likely that either a more powerful receiver or a powerful amp is in your future.

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Thanks for the input. The speakers should be fine and the Onkyo should be OK, too, as it is not entry level but a few notches up.

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