HD DVD Worth It?

chisueNovember 25, 2006

Before the DirecTV installer comes to upgrade our five-year-old system for HDTV, should I buy a HD DVD player? What is recommended? What is a good price?

The DirecTV package includes new dish, box and "TiVo-like" DVD recorder/player, but that will only play what it has recorded. DH and I frequently rent DVDs from Blockbuster or our library.

Also, would we need to replace our five-year-old Yamaha receiver? (AV receiver HTR 5460 CinemaDSP digital) It's part of our surround sound system.

Our monitor is Sony XBR WEGA. It's "HD Ready". (KV-36XBR450)

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Neighbor has an LCD projector, several years old, in a home theater room. I don't know what size is his screen, but it's larger than any big-screen TV. He got an HD player couple months ago, I think Toshiba? I'm not intimately familiar with the two formats at war, but I don't think it's a Blue-Ray. Anyway, I *CAN* see an appreciable difference on his screen with his projector. However, we brought the player to try on my 42" Panasonic HD plasma that's about 4 years old, and I *don't* see a difference there. We watched Van Helsing, which admittedly has a lot of dark scenes, but if there is any difference it's not enough in *my* case to justify the expense of a format change, not based on *that* particular title.

Which bears out what what the neighbor said and what I've observed ... that the improvement isn't much seen except on a 50" screen or larger.

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Thanks, dadoes! I'd forgotten about the DVD "wars" over Blu-Ray and the other mode of DVD player. I think we'll stick with our plain vanilla player until the dust settles. Maybe it will never be worth replacing the current player if our 36" tube monitor won't reflect any difference. Thanks for that information; I'll look into it further.

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