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maddie_in_kyAugust 15, 2005

Good morning, Sunshines!! Up and at 'em!!!

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I'm up and on my second cup of coffee.........look out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Afternoon everyone.

Tikanas, I sent you an email about your address. I have your package ready to mail, but have a question on the address.

Where does the weekends go???

Have a great day everyone.


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Good Morning.....

Happy Be-lated B-day Marci. Loved the pic of quilted heart and bear. Great idea Maddie.

Jen..thanks for the on the look-out for a package....."Surprise". HAHA.

Things are back to normal at the home. Guests are gone and our vacation is done. Now we will focus on the house. Doing some painting and organizing. More guest start arriving in the fall. Right around the corner.

DH is doing fine with the diabetes. We were doing great with the low carb eating. Fell off track and are trying now to get back on track. It does work.

I hope to start hitting this site more often to get everyones words of wisdom and support.

Take care and everyone have a great day!


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Got a wonderful 'surprise' anniversary luncheon yesterday for service completed here with this corporation. They had former colleagues, friends, current coworkers, and even DH was invited (though he could not make it). Testimonials galore and a wonderful meal....Chinese banquet style (absolutely loved it!). Almost 30 in attendance, and I even got to cut a cake. If the pictures turn out OK, I will ship one or two to Marci.

QOD: What made you smile today? I just got out of a 30-minute chair yoga class, and I look like a swallowed a canary. What bliss. I've asked the instructor (our fitness center manager) to please tape it for us to take home for weekend pick-me-ups!

Gotta run and put some training materials together.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Afternoon,

Thanks MagicKitty!! I can't wait!

QOD, The smiles on my kids faces when I went to pick them up!

Marci, Happy Belated Birthday! Would you care to e-mail me the link to the photo album again. I once again misplaced it.

My eating is going ok. I have been having daily headaches, so last week I decided to cut out all diet cokes, artificial sugars, and sugar. So far, so good. The headaches are starting to diminish. I am pretty sure they were sinus, but I thought what the heck, I need to start eating healthy.

DeeMarie, congrats on the luncheon. Sounds like fun!

I plan to start posting here more again too. I hopefully am out of my fog. Postive thoughts ahead.

Better run.


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Still waiting to hear from the rest of you:

QOD: What made you smile today? DH gave me a huge hug and kiss (as usual) before he left, but today it just felt a little more "special"...can't explain it, but it made me smile.


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DeeMarie -I can't think of a more deserving person to be honored - Congrats and glad that you are appreciated. Great QOD.

QOD - Yesterday I got to smile all day long. A friend picked me up to go to lunch and do some shopping. The first store we stopped at, the owner said, "look at the two of you, are you twins?" We looked at each other and bursted out laughing. We were both wearing pale green 3/4 sleeve shirts, kahki capris and the same exact sandal!!! All day long, people commented on us. I nearly went and bought new shoes and a top to put an end to it, but it was too comical, so we just had fun with it. I guess we will have to call each other in the future to find out what we are wearing LOL.

Jen - glad the headaches are leaving - it is so hard to function with them.

Magic Kitty - we want you to post more often too. Keep up the good work!

Have a great day.

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QOD - A little boy in the grocery store, "driving" one of those "car" grocery carts. He told his little sister he was going to run "that lady" over. I was the only "lady" near them, so I looked around at him and just smiled and said, "That would hurt!" He got the biggest grin on his face and his mom just rolled her eyes and gave me one of those "what are you going to do" shrugs. I just smiled and kept on shopping. Kids, you gotta love them.

Jen - I emailed you the link for the photo album. Let me know if you didn't get it.

Not much new here. I am trying to finish all the things left on my to do list before the end of the month. DD will be home this Saturday for a week and I want to be able to spend some time with her doing some mother/daughter things. We have 2 more interviews this week and then I hope we can decide on someone to hire. This is dragging out way too long and I am getting nervous.
But I have a good feeling about the one girl we are interviewing. We know her because her older kids went to our preschool. The only drawback is that her youngest son is enrolled in our 3-year old program this year, and I can say from experience, it is not good to be in the same classroom as your own child. But we may have to give her a chance if she is the best candidate.

My niece called this morning and she got a job as a dental assistant! I don't know how much of her story I have posted here. But her husband hit her during a fight this spring and she left him. It has been anything but a smooth separation, and she has 3 kids, ages 6, 4 and 1. The soon to be ex has been in jail twice and has stopped paying the mortgage. She lives in South Carolina and I can only help her from afar. She signed up to take 2 classes this fall towards her dental hygienist degree and wanted to find a job as a dental assistant (which is her degree now) in the meantime. I am so happy for her! I hope that this finally means she has turned a corner. I guess that made me smile too!

Oh well, gotta finish putting groceries away.


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MIA here-things have been in turmoil. My father passed away this past Sunday -not unexpected but still upsetting. I am off to Atlanta to spend time with my mom next week. I have been reading just not feeling up to posting. Happy birthday to all that I have missed.


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(((Gretchen))) - I am so sorry to hear about your father. There is a picture of him in the album that you posted once and he looks like such a kind man with a good sense of humor. You two were laughing about something in the picture. I hope those memories will comfort you. I am sure your mother will be glad to have you there to help her through this. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.


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(((Gretchen and family)))) I am so sorry to hear about your dad--you all are in my thoughts and pr@yers--

Dee--Congrats! It's nice to be recognized, isn't it??

QOD--being pampered in a spa while having my brows waxed. I love this place, and it's an induldgence, but they do such a good job that I actually look forwartd to having hot wax on my face, and then having it ripped off! LOL! (I would rather that than a Brazilian wax!!) While i was waiting, I got a hand massage--ahhhhh....... :):)

Jen--good to see you post--how are the girls? :)

Well, the fair starts tomorrow, so I'll be MIA b/c it runs 10 days from 8am until 11pm. I'm tired just thinking about it, but corn dogs, here I come!!! LOL!

Where's Patti, KYSusieQ, Amy and John??? Yoooowhooooo!!! Come out and play! :)



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Good Morning All,

(((((((Gretchen))))))) hugs to you and your family. I am so sorry about your loss. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

I was back from Nantucket on Monday and now I am getting ready to head out to the NE Kingdom in northern VT for the weekend with the horses.

Lots going on with me that I will share when I get back. It's nothing fun; dysfunctional family stuff from my mother and little sister in Florida. More later but I am deeply concerned about my mother.

Raeanne, your shopping day sounds like fun. We will have to plan a day like that SOON.

DeeMarie, have you decided if you can join us or not??? I hope so.

Good news, I did the Fat Flush Detox Diet for the last two weeks. I did my one day fast yesterday and this morning I am down a whopping 10 pounds!!!! I am so excited. I was able to do this even aboard the boat this past weekend and I am all set up for good eating on my campout. The fast was not hard at all. I had more energy yesterday and mowed the lawn and weed whacked with energy to spare!

QOD: I smiled from ear to ear when I got on that scale this morning and was down 10lbs!!! The things that are making me smile the most are all the baby birds that I am getting the time to watch. I watched six baby Chicadees all sitting on the edge of my bird bath and take turns bathing for the first time! All the babies are out and about now and it's fun to watch them!

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Good Morning,

((((( Gretchen & family))))) Hugs and prayers go out to you.

Girls report: Took Erica to see the Ear, nose, & throat doctor yesterday. She is going to have to have tubes put in her ears on September 9th. I dread it. I know from Tara having the surgery, that she will be in and out in about 15 minutes but it's still scary! She is upset about it. I told her that after the surgery, we would go to Target and get her the "Dora" cowboy boots she wants. Bribery huh? Tara is doing great. She is the "little stinker". Of course, it doesn't help big sister taunting her. Never a dull moment.

NH Suzanne, Congrats on the 10 pounds. I tried that diet but it didn't agree with me.

Marci, I got the link. Thank you.

Better run.


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[[[[[[Gretchen]]]]]]]]]]] I'm so sorry about your loss. I remember your mentioning that he was not well, but it is still such an emptiness felt. DH and I have been discussing the recent loss of his dad, and how much we miss him at certain events...just expecting him to 'be there'. You will be a great comfort to your mom. Wish I could give you a big hug in person. Please come here to vent and share when you need to.

Suzanne & Raeanne, where did you decide to go and on what day? I'll try to work it out. Additionally, DH and I will be at The Turning Stone on October 8. He said we could leave on Friday afternoon, October 7 if you guys will be around. Not sure if that is way out there or on the way...whatever. Let's see if we can work it out.

Marci, I am so glad that your niece is in a better place. I'll keep her in my pr@yers. I just saw a candidate walk in for an interview and thought of you. Best wishes for some help this year. Glad that little guy missed slamming into you...think they watch a bit too much violence on TV? lol

CONGRATS on the 10lbs NH Suzanne!

Jen, hope your headaches are better today. The humidity has gone way down, so maybe you are getting some relief if it was weather related.

Maddie, sorry I have not had a chance to give you a call. Will try to do that this weekend to catch up, etc.!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good Morning,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIKANAS!!!! Hope you have a great day and I hope your package gets there in time.

DeeMarie, Our weather humidity is worse than ever right now. Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. I think this good old Southern Illinois weather is the main cause of the headaches.

Better run.


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Just quickly.....again. I'm on my way out the door....again.

(((((Gretchen))))) I am so very sorry for your loss. Stay strong, but don't be afraid to let those emotions out.

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Tikanis, happy birthday to you! Marci, once again you outdid yourself!

Suzanne, congratulations on the 10#. I also did that program but could not stay on it. Keep up the great work.

I just came from WW. I switched to the CORE program, which is a list of foods that you eat from. No points, no weighing and no writing. I lost 2.5# this week, making a grand total of 23#!

(((HUGS))) to all of you.

Have a great day!

Love, Besh

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Tikanis - I wish you a lifetime filled with only the BEST. You have added so much to our family and you fit in so well!!! We are lucky to have you as our sister - even after you won the tackiest Christmas Ornament contest LOL.

Gotta run, just had to wish our sis HB. I will check in later, if I have time.

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All the guys at the Bada Bing say "Happy Birthday, Tikanas." About your age? "figggget abou dit"!!!!!!

Hope you are having fun this week; looking forward to pictures of you and BJ.

Make today count!

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Hi everybody!!

First off, Gretchen ((((( )))))!! I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Sending good thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

NHSuzanne, CONGRATS on your 10 lb loss! That is wonderful!

Jen, I hope those headaches are history!

Well, Ahem..... Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! I woke up this morning early and right after my 2nd cup of coffee there was a knock at the door. A big box was on my doorstep!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Jen!! The first thing i opened was the lovely card with pictures of Jen's BEAUTIFUL girls Tara and Erica. These two are real Cutie Pies!
Everything came so beautifully wrapped. There is a real garden theme here...Everything in pastels: a multi colored pastel picture frame with a butterfly and flower pot. Next was a package of tea candles to go with the darling potpourri burner that is also pastel and bedecked with butterflies. Then 5 different scented wax potpourri discs for the burner, all shaped like little pies, all smelling good enough to eat; honeydew/melon,french vanilla,golden spiced pear,fruitberry/spiced pear and spiced pumpkin. last but not least is a little ceramic crock which matches everything else! Jen said that her girls helped pick out the gifts and I must say, Tara and Erica have excellent taste!

Jen, I love everything! The frame awaits the "perfect picture" and sits on my desk. The potpourri burner is in use as I write this, I chose honeydew/melon for today. The little crock sits on my bedside table.I have yet to master my digital camera. I will TRY to post pics. Thank you soooo much. I am enjoying our emails, too.

I went out for breakfast with friends, lunch with DD, got my nails done and am getting ready for a dinner out with a some friends. Another friend has invited me out for breakfast tomorrow and there will be a small party at Sunday school. DS has been away at camp for the week (HIS birthday was Wednesday)and we have a family party planned for NEXT! So, you see, I plan to celebrate ALL WEEK LONG!!

Marci, you have outdone yourself with that marquee. I printed it out. Who knows when I might see my name in lights again?

DeeMarie, Age? I'm old enough to know better but too young to resist!! Ha Ha!!

Raeanne, That ornament WAS tacky, but lets not overlook it's practical aspect. You never know when you might need "one of those"!

Still no word from BJ. I hope she is having a good trip and that we can hook up here.

Thank you all so much,



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Hi goils!

Typing from Rog's work, as we hafta go there after the fair. Loooong days, but very profitable; we've already sold out of several items already, and the biggest 2 days are tomorrow and Sunday. Man, standing on concrete for 13 hours a day will really make you realize how old you are! LOL!!! Seens some interesting sights; and I think that no one has ever told these chicks that spandex is a privelege, not a right and that bras are still en vogue. (Tired and punchy here!)

Tikanas--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry I'm late, but I'm so glad that you had a good day! :):) My DH's (Roger) is tomorrow, and I got him a bonsai tree.

Well, goils, I'm dragging this beat-up body outta here and hitting White Castle on the way home. I have started the "Cr@ppy Food Diet" and am doing quite well on it so far; my goal is to eat one corn dog a day until Sun, Aug 28th.

This, I can achieve!!! LOL!



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Good Morning,

Tikanas, Your welcome. I am glad you liked everything and nothing got broke! I was worried about that.

Well, I am off to Sprinfield until Wednesday. A combined mini vacation and work (convention).

Have a great weekend.


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Happy weekend everyone!

Tikanas, sounds like a wonderful week planned for you.

Jen, what a lovely package of gifts; I remember some great ornaments from you a few Christmases back. It's so much fun to plan, give, and receive!

Maddie, you are making me ROTFLMAO about standing on your feet for 13 hours...and those sights...WOW!!!! No need for the real pictures, thanks. Good luck on that crappy food diet. I've tried it many times and have had great success. LOL!

OK, I'm off to argue (hmmmm have a discussion) with DH over the filing in this place....nah, I'd better not, he's finishing a fence in the backyard. He's staying out of trouble for now. Tomorrow is his b'day, so I'm having his DDs over for brunch; then we're off to a flea market (he loves them; I don't but will tag along). Tomorrow evening, we're meeting friends for dinner.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Gretchen - sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you.

Happy Belated birthdays to Tikanas, sounds like your week is fun filled.

Maddie- Thats a great way to people watch. I worked for a italian sausage stand at various fairs and festivals when I was younger and man oh man the crowds were great. Sorry that your feet get tired..... "the dogs are a barking but the cash flow is a rockin" Great that you are selling out.

Jen - Hope you have a good b-day on your mini vacation.

Raeanne - I loved your story about you and your friend. Thats a great time to me. Lunching and shopping with a friend. Double the delight by dressing alike. You two obviously thing alike.

Everyone have a nice Sunday.

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Gretchen - (((((HUGS))))) I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I remember seeing a picture of him - a very handsome and happy man. I am glad you live where there are so many grand reminders of him and his family everyday.

DeeMarie - I would let DH slide too, especially since he is doing manual labor LOL. Wish him a happy birthday from me, sounds like you have a nice day planned for him. Can you think of a good meeting place? Is that Columbus Day weekend that you are going to Turning Stone? If so, I can't get off from work that weekend, it is usually our last big weekend of tourists. But that would work pretty good for me, because my mom is about an hour from there and I would go visit her too.

Tikanis - If BJ said she will call, she will. I can't wait for you two to meet up. I can only think of the ornament as tacky, as I no longer have use for the them LOL. Maybe I will hang it in my guest room LOL.

Jen - you did a great job on the gifts as always. I will keep Erica in my thoughts and prayers. It's not called bribery, it's motivation LOL.

Maddie - Sounds like you might run out of inventory before the show is over LOL. Keep up the good work.

Lynn - my friend is going through a rough time, so it was actually a lot of fun to be able to laugh all day.

Besh - congrats on the continued loss - you are doing great.

Suzanne - tell us about Nantucket and lets try to firm up some plans to meet. We will see if DeeMarie has any suggestions, what do you feel like doing? I'm pretty open to anything.

I forgot to mention that I went to see John Edward Friday night - it was totally unbelievable. Surprisingly my DH came with me and he enjoyed it too. It lasted 2 1/2 hours and it went way too quick. He absolutely nailed each person that he read. It was very emotional but at the same time very funny. The woman sitting next to me thought we would get read because everyone in our section was.

Have a great Sunday, I'm on laundry duty this morning.

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