Asus laptops

debrak_2008November 8, 2009

Anyone has a Asus? Looking for a laptop or desktop that is good value. Never heard of this company before. Read some bad reviews about customer/tech support but called tech support # can go right to an agent. Though that doesn't tell me how good they are.

I'm usually in the kitchen board. Hope someone here can help.

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if you are looking for a GOOD laptop heres one:

I bought my daughter and my wife each one. It is a Gateway Core 2 duo, 3G ram, and a 250G HD, with Vista. They are $418.99 new!

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Customer service is important, but your first priority is to buy a quality product so it doesn't need much tech support. I've bought several Dell computers in the past, and been well-satisfied, but the company doesn't always get terrific customer service marks. Asus is a brand I'd consider the next time I need to buy a computer. If you take a look at online reviews, like Amazon, you may find that Asus buyers are pretty satisfied.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asus / Amazon

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Asus has been coming out on top (with Toshiba) for laptop reliability lately.


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they are pretty good , not in the top league, but prrety useful and handy

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ASUS products good well known laptops. Also I would advice Sony vaio laptops.

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