Need HELP quickly re: big camera and uploading

catherinetNovember 29, 2008

Hi all,

My son is a college student in telecommunications. He's home for Thanksgiving, and has a big film project due in a couple days. He unfortunately waited until now to do the filming, because he wanted to use my husband's office for the film location.

He has borrowed a really nice camera (Canon XL2) from his old high school T-COM department. The problem is: he can't seem to get ANY computer (he's tried about 4-5) to accept input from it. This means he can't upload the film or edit it. He's tried taking the actual film cassette and putting it into someone else's camera and trying to upload it onto their computer, and that doesn't work either.

They've supposedly got all the possible info on the Canon website, but nothing was helpful. I'm trying to convince them to call them directly.....but DH doesn't seem to want to "ask for directions"! Unfortunately, it being a holiday weekend makes it even harder to get help anywhere.

They spent about 13 hours yesterday trying to upload this film without success. He and my husband have tried everything to get it to upload to a computer, and it just won't work. They're very frustrated and say they've tried everything. They're both fairly computer savvy.

Any wild ideas that might help??


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The solution is in the details that you didn't include. By film cassette, do you mean a tape? In digital format? The camera has a FireWire connection? What operating system is on the computer involved?

You probably will have to find software to install on the computer to read the FireWire input from the camera.

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Thanks dadoes,
My husband just called from where my son is filming and said that they finally got it uploaded. They had to borrow someone else's camera, and then they were able to upload the film to the computer for editing.
Yes, I meant a cassette, and yes, the camera and computers have a firewire connection.
We still don't know why the big camera wouldn't let the upload happen......but I think you might be right about needing some software.
Unfortunately, his T-Com instructor had never used this model, and probably didn't even know you needed the software.
As a last resort, they borrowed someone else's little home camera, and it allowed them to upload it to the all is well. Crisis averted! Although my son will be up all night editing.........but that's better than not being able to do it.
Now on to the next crisis. ;)
Thanks for your help.

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