Suggestions for a 32 inch HDTV.

tobr24uNovember 1, 2011

I am getting ready to replace a den CRT 25. I must say that the set I am replacing is a Samsung and runs perfectly but I had to replace an older DVD player and the new one distorts the picture on standard. So, your recs would be appreciated...

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U will get an HD tuner from cable co? So many folks stay with standard signal when they move up to flat panel tv's. Than they complain about poor picture. But many folks want thin tv and do not care about image quality. Thin is nice, light, easy to move. Any flat panel is ok. The store brands like dynes and insignia are a bit cheaper and work fine.

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I have a 32 Samsung LCD 720p/60hz and I am very happy with it. I also have the standard analog signal only, but my locals come in HD via the clear QAM tuner (I have Time Warner cable). Go with the 32 in if you're certain that's what you want, but check the larger sizes just to be sure. If you like to watch sports or movies, you might appreciate a larger size. Do you have a $ figure in mind?

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Any 32 would be probably within the budget. Is a 720 ok?

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720p in a 32 in is just fine. However, with a little careful shopping you might find a larger screen for less than you expected to pay. Before you buy the 32, make sure that is the size you want. A lot of folks make the mistake of buying small, only to get it home and decide it's not big enough.

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Getting back to the OP for a minute -

I'm not sure what type of output you are using on your new DVD player, as well as the settings, and what type of input you are using on you current television, but there is absolutely no reason in the world that it would not be compatible and distort the picture.

Take the composite video output (the yellow one) and run it into the television's composite video input, along with the stereo audio it should work just like the other player did - unless there is some sort of coincidentally failure in the television.

Now, if you might just have been already thinking about a new television - that's different.

While I agree with the advice that resolution of 720p on a 32" display is adequate, I really do recommend 1080p, and they are available. The reason is that artifacts can be created in the picture as a result of multiple scalings of the video.

The really is no such thing as a 720p television, (with a few exceptions) they are actually 768p, even though the signal is 720p.

This means a standard definition 480i DVDs may be up-converted (scaled) by the DVD player to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p and then converted (scaled) to 768p by the television - it's native scan resolution.

A Blu-Ray disc now is usually authored in 1080p, output by the player in 1080p and then would be down-converted (scaled) to 768p again by the display.

While you usually may not notice any artifacts, because you are watching the program, they can and do exist. Depending on the scene and quality of the processing in the scaling, they can become quite apparent at times.

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Picked up a 32 Dynex at Best Buy for $229. Great priced and great picture!

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Walmart had a 32" Westinghouse LCD for $197. Model xyz. Best buy had a 32" Westinghouse but it was model xyzz and they would not match price. They did have a no na,e brand 32" in the system for $197 but they were out of stock. They like to play games.

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Check, Sony's factory website, and you can frequently pick up refurbished Sonys for a song. I have two, a 22 and a 32, and have been delighted with them.

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