A new way of generating electricity without polluting

klaudioNovember 29, 2007


My name is Claudio Bianco. I am an inventor, and have just completed my last work called "Continual Wind-Up", with which I take advantage of water oscillations to wind up a cord, and thus generate electricity.

I believe to have opened a new research field for renewable energy, but since I am the father of this invention, my opinion does not matter.

I chose to use internet to make the invention known and I would appreciate your opinion.I would therefore like to invite you to discover a

new way of generating electricity without polluting on www.cuerdacontinua.com

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does it work?

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Think I saw one over a dark highway one night. Right next to some ball lightning traveling down a high power line.

We have self charging sea buoys powered by their own rises and falls. Reliable, officiant things.

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