I am looking for some help! New here!

Taffeta2WearJanuary 13, 2003


I am new here and hope you'll be able to help me out! (It was soooo confusing for me to get registered, I must need more help than I thought!)

Both my friend and I are mothers of a child getting married!

My daughter is planning her wedding and she has everything down to small, simple, and easy. I have it made in the shade with this one. The biggest problem for me is to loose enough weight before the Mid-October wedding that I will love looking at the pictures too.. lol

My friend's son is marrying a wonderful girl who is having a large wedding with 8 attendents and all the frills and fun of a big huge wedding. The bride has planned the wedding at her home town, which is at Lorain, Ohio. Neither myself or my friend know anything about the area at all. She's never been there and will have to go to Mapquest to even find out how to get there. We are about 6 hours away.

Well, she is trying to plan a Rehearsal Dinner from here for there! And, without a clue to the area, it is very difficult to say the least.

The Bride and her family have given my friend the name of a few places, only one is closed until spring, it is a Marina sort of place, and the others are all totally booked for the date needed.

Do you know anyone who lives in the Lorain, Ohio area and would be willing to give us some names of places?

She would like the food to be good, the place to be clean and kept up well, maybe at least a nicer casual place, annd where they can get a private area or room for the bridal party and special guests. And, have some of the frills and fussy things that the bride is inclined to appreciate for her wedding celebration.

I was told that That Home Site as well as a few others, have a million women who will be able to network and help out.. so I hope you can! I saw where I have to pay to ask this question on some of the other sites here. So, I hope you will be able to help me out!

You can email me at Taffeta2Wear@yahoo.com and I will bookmark this site so I can return and see if anyone can give some advice on places for her to check out when she goes up there!


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I can't help you with the Ohio part, but maybe if restaurants are booked, she could look for a hall to rent and hire and a caterer?

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I can't help with the Ohio part either, but here are some other suggestions:

1. Ask the bride for alternative recommendations! After all, it's her wedding!

2. Call the church secretary where the wedding is being held. She'll know the area and probably know where most rehearsal dinners are held.

3. Find a chain of restaurants you like in YOUR area and find out if they have one in Lorain.

4. Start phoning hotels in the areas and ask if they have a small banquet room as part of their restaurant facility.

Hope this helps!

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