Prepaid Cell Phones

turnageNovember 14, 2007

Several years ago I was looking into getting a prepaid cell phone for emergencies, but was told they only worked wireless to wireless, i.e. calling another cell phone. Is that still true? A cell phone that couldn't call a land line wouldn't do me any good for what I want.

Thanks for input.

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Depending on where you live cell phone provider coverage varies. Check with the provider that you are thinking of signing with to get the details of their "Pay-As-You-Go" programs. Another good question to ask is whether or not you can roam with a prepaid cell and exactly what area their network covers so you know where your phone will work.

Hope this helps!!

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IÂm on my second prepaid cell from different providers. Both allow me to make calls to both wireless and non-wireless phones even halfway across the country. Most allow you to return the phone if you're not happy.

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Thanks to both of you for the info.

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Depending on coverage area, you may find this one fits your needs:

"STI Mobile"

PLAN 1: .10/min + (.10/day = about $3.00 /month)

I use about 20 mins/ month = $2.00 + $3.00 = $5 TOTAL, no other fees!

It's a third party company that uses Sprint's BASIC (only) network.

$4.95 one-time setup fee

NO roaming available
NO text messaging (extra service avail.)

CAN port your current phone number.

Includes FREE* voice mail.

*Voice mail is free if retrieved from another phone (home phone, ect)

*Voice mail is DOUBLE (=.20/min) if retrieved from the cell phone.

(I believe) the coverage map: ONLY THE DARK GREEN (and orange), but you must live in the ORANGE AREAS

purchase phone and refill cards from:
click ENTER HERE, then "phones" on light green band (not red) under picture. (slow !!!)

"STI Mobile" refill cards also avail at some Family Dollar Stores.

I've had their service for a few years after switching from Sprint.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I've been using a Page Plus phone for about 2 years. It uses the Verizon Network.

It was $20 initially to buy the phone and it came with 100 or so minutes.

Minutes must be added every 4 months for $10 for 70 minutes or $25 for 200 minutes. I can call both cell and land line phones and text message too.

For $40 a year (minimum) it is quite a bargain for the convenience of placing an occasional call.


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I have been using prepaid cell phones in canada since I moved there. I never had problem calling cell or land line. I think prepaid cell phone works just like regular cell phone but the rate would be different.

Mike @

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Thanks for all the responses. From talking to several neighbors, looks like Verizon is about the only network that really works good in my rural area.

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There still might be a prepaid that operates in your area. Sometimes smaller companies use the larger networks. We have a phone and it uses the Sprint network. Maybe there is some other company that uses Verizon.

Our Virginmobile is cheap and since it is prepaid there are no taxes or hidden fees. A great option for those who only use their cell phones occasionally (or if you want your child to have only a restricted amount of minutes). It can call any number- cell or land, domestic or international.

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We live in a very remote area in Nevada, 53 miles to WalMart, that sort of place and have in-laws in Utah and Wyoming. Wife's TracPhone seems to work in almost all the places we go.

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