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adelapNovember 22, 2006


Hello, wonder if anyone came across a similar experience?

I bought a Panasonic TV with an RCA RCR450 Universal Remote from a neighbor who moved out. The TV works perfectly. The remote worked fine for a few months, but now it just stopped. The only thing that works is the indicator light when pressing any key...but the remote is not responding at all. I went to RCA website and copied down the TV codes...but I don't know how to insert those codes. I pointed at the TV and tried to follow their instructions, I pressed the TV button, and entered those codes one by one...but nothing happened!

Would anyone know what is the procedure for those blessed codes? :o) I'd like to try it before I have to buy another one which I'm not sure if it's worth it... BTW, I tried that interesting test one of the experts recommended: click it in front of a radio that's on to find out if the remote works, and it does, since I did hear a tiny buzz-like sound or something. Problem is to find out what makes this remote tick... LOL!

Thanks so much for any help. Adela

P.S. In case I'm not describing this well, here's the RCA website link:

And this is what I don't understand:

[QUOTE]Code Entry method was used to enter the codes for your brand and the unit is still not functioning properly, try one of the Code Search methods instead.[/QUOTE]

Thanks again! :-)

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adelap: Welcome to the club!

I have an RCA RCU404 that went bye-bye a few weeks ago. They must have timers in these things, huh? Anyway, I do have my manual. And the code serach methods are as follows
(yours might be similar):

Manual Code Search: (for TV)

1) Press and hold "Code Search" button
2) Press and release the "TV" button
3) Aim at TV, then press and release the on-off key continuously until the TV shuts off (you may have to do this 200 times!, according to the manual)
5) When the TV turns off, press "Enter" key to store the code
6) Use Code Retrieval method to identify code for future use

Code retrieval:

1) Press code search until indicator light illuminates
2) Press the TV key
3) Press and release the code search key The indicator light turns off.
4)Starting with "0" press the keys in order until the indicator light blinks.
5) The number that causes the light to blink is the first digit of the code.
6) Repeat step 4 until you have all three digits of the code.

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