help needed in selecting 19-20' lcd tv

lwarren2November 22, 2006

Hi,With all the changes coming down the pike in years to come, choosing a TV can be daunting. We are looking for three 19-20" LCD TVs to be used as secondary TVs for bathroom/bedroom/kitchen nook - just straight TV watching, no DVDs. We're on cable -- only the main TV having an actual set-top cable box; auxilliary TVs just use cable input. Apparently TVs under 26" are not required to have ATSC digital tuners, and I haven't found any small TVs that have them (although I'm seriously confused on this point). OK, so what to do here -- I don't want a set-top cable box for every little TV in the house when everyone goes digital. These auxillary TVs would presumably have NTSC tuners - how's that going to play out? What's the most economical strategy in the long run? Buy LCDs w/o the ATSC digital tuners and replace them all later? Will there be converters available to access digital signals w/o forking out extra bucks to the cable company for each TV? What screen ratio would be best to buy, 4:3 or 16:9? What makes the most sense for secondary straight TV watching (via cable connection)? Also would appreciate recommendations as far as brands -- LG? Samsung? Sharp? Sony?, etc.? It's all too confusing - can't even write a proper question! Thanks for any input.

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