Is my plasma dying

carnatNovember 3, 2009

I have a Hitachi 42EDT41 plasma. When I turn on the tv, I have colored speckles on the screen that fade a little after warm up, but never completele go away. The tv is only 5 years old and I have been told that this should not be hapening. I do not want to sink alot of money into the tv if it is dying.

Please can anyone help?

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Well, of course it shouldn't be happening. Something is wrong for sure. Sounds like some pixels getting stuck turned on at particular colors. If you can live with it, ignore the problem until it gets worse or you decide to replace the panel. Mine had one dead (black) pixel when new out of the box, but it hasn't gotten any worse in 7 years and I can't even see it during normal use. Have to get right up at the panel and search for it on a white screen.

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These problems also arise due to voltage, pls check the voltage or add a stabilizer to your plasma TV, If you can live with it, ignore the problem and continue the normal life.
This may also be due to pixel crunching.

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