Cost of bushel of corn?

stalks_05November 29, 2005

How much does a bushel of shelled corn cost? Where do you find that out?

Would you buy your corn from the farmer? Let me know.

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$3.00, farmer yes.

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Get it from a farmer if possible. Ask him what the moisture and test weight are. Moisture should be between 13 and 16%. Test weight should be 58 or higher. $3.00 is high from a farm...a elevator maybe would be that high. The current price for corn should be around $2.00 per bushel.

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If you look in the farm business pages of a newspaper printed in agricultural areas (possibly in larger cities - I don't know about U.S. system) it'll tell you about corn prices (also wheat and rye, as some heaters are licensed to burn them, as well).

Their quotes may be the price per ton (or tonne).

Sorry, I don't know how many bushels in a ton/tonne, but ag-related systems could tell you, including a local grain buying agency.

If you talk to some local farmers growing the stuff, they'll more than likely have some useful suggestions about handling the corn/grain from their location to your stove, including the style and location of your storage system. May want something mouse/coon proof.

Here around the Great Lakes area, a number of users figure that they use 150 - 200 bus. per heating season.

If you need any more hot air - just come here: we're full of it.

ole joyful.

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