Replacing 1980's Denon Receiver

happsNovember 16, 2007

I recently bought a high end home theater system (separate components) and put my old stereo system in my bedroom. I've had good luck with my old system and over the course of 21 years it has had very light use--no more than 10 hours a month. Job, Life events, house configuration etc kind of put listening to music on the back burner. My old system consisted of a Denon DRA-35V receiver, a Denon DCD-600 CD player and B&W DM100 bookshelf speakers. The sound is very clear, the components have a quality feel to them and I like that fact that the Denon components are made in Japan by Nippon Columbia. My only complaint is that the receiver doesn't have a remote control. Anyways, I was at a small second hand store a couple weeks ago and behind the counter they had a brand new in the box Yamaha RX-396 Receiver for $75 What do you all think of the quality of the Yamaha RX-396 receiver and would it be better than the 21 year old Denon I have now?

Well the inevitable happened today. I think my Denon DRA-35V receiver bit the dust. It starts up fine (makes it's normal initial click after waiting 5 seconds after pressing the power button) on the default tuner selection, and then plays the radio for 5 seconds and then makes a click sound and no more radio. The information display still works, but I get no more sound. I then try a cd and cassette---nothing. So now I'm in need of a receiver and not sure whether I should have bought that Yamaha a couple weeks ago LOL. Maybe Made in Japan for Denon isn't good after all. This receiver has had very light use too. Any suggestions on a brand of basic used receiver with remote that matches well with B&W bookshelf DM100 speakers? Thanks.

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Don't know about used but I would think any name reciever would do the trick. I have an old JVC receiver with my secondary stereo and use Polk bookshelf speakers. My main stereo employs an Onkyo with twenty-year-old B&wW speakers that I was thinking of replacing but not sure I can can do much better in the right price range. I was going to blow 10K and go all the way for a whole new system, but other expenses have curtailed that plan.

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That Yamaha was/is a nice basic receiver. In 1996 its MSRP was $250. Today's used market values it at around $100.

21 years out of any mid priced consumer grade electronics piece is good, really good.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yanaha :

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