insulating faux french doors

raskalNovember 30, 2005

I have at least 10 faux french doors and 3 french doors. Unfortunately the original owners didn't order them double paned and I am looking for an aesthetic solution to insulate these windows for the winter w/o having to replace all w/double paned. I am thinking plexiglass inserts. Anyone know of any suppliers of such a product or have another recommendation for this problem?

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Thank you so much Gary. I'm probably looking at about 450 8x11 inch windows ! Yikes !

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Thank you so much Gary! You are so kind. My husband came up with the same idea (you guys are sure handy!) but now we have to figure how we will pull it off. Fortunately the panes are inset so we won't have to remove any frames but the acrylic will have to sit almost 3/4 inches away from the window panes. I wonder how much that will negatively effect the energy savings?

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That's a $20. French word for "fake" ...

... ain't it?

Both 4-letter words, in any case.

ole joyful

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