lcd vs dlp or plasma

lumanNovember 13, 2006

we have a LG lcd hd , We love it we chose the lcd after talking with a friend who works at a university and he checked with the tech people there. we also have two Sharp AQUOS hd'sin the bedrooms the LG is way more user friendly the sharps are like trying to operate the shuttle or some thing we have the xbox 360 and the hd video games are really something to see. lcd's are the best if you plan on setting up a game system (according to the guys at the university CU)thought I would put that out there.Also we found out that LG manufactures thier own screens as well as many of the leadind brand names sony, magnavox, ect

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LG and Phillips usually share LCD glass manufacturing. Sony and Samsung have their own glass, as they have their own factories that they share LCD glass production. Phillips has been considering selling their share to of their LG allaince--who knows--maybe to Sharp, although Sharp uses a different LCD technology. But you can always have two-tiered marketting of different LCD's. so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Plus the Chinese--have one or two big plants -Chunwha-and lets not forget Corning. Making your own LCD glass has less effect on picture quality than the quality of the electronics inside the set--like the scaler, gamma adjustments, being able to get close to real black (like a CRT)etc.

Downside of LCD's is if you aren't centered on almost all of them, the image quickly becomes much less desirable. You won't have a happy super bowl party with almost all LCD's.

Plasma's, particularly the Panasonic, Pioneer and Pioneer Elite, and Fujitsu for better blacks, wide-viewing angles, and the larger sizes--particularly 50"-65" still hold a big edge.

DLP's can be very good and cost effective in larger sizes, unless you are one of the people that gets annoyed by the "rainbow" effect. This occurs because most of the DLP's only have one color wheel. Not all people sense it, but it drives some people crazy. Sony's LCOS sets called SXRD are better to my tastes, as are the JVC LCOS sets called D'ILA.

Probably the best 50" set out know is the 50" Pioneer Elite 1080p --but it is expensive.

See if you can find a retailer that will let you play a couple of difficult dvd's, like the dark beginning scenes from "Master and Commander"--don't bring animated cartoons--everything looks good with those. The contrast and the ability to discern between shades of gray and can you enjoy the set without being directly in front of it are things one must decide on.

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If you can live w/o flat panel. Choose DLP. rainbow days are over w/ the new DLPs that have over 6x color wheel. Plasma get burn in's. Trust me; "I no see rainbow effect!!" DLP all the way!! :)

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