Where to put new pellet stove in 2 story house?

ktlcornNovember 24, 2007

We are considering purchasing a used pellet stove today (a Whitfield Optima 3). I'm fairly certain we will buy it. However, DH and I are not sure where the best location would be for the stove.

We have a traditional two story house with a full basement. Each of the three levels is approximately 800 sq. feet. We don't have a lot of room on the main level where we have our living room/dining room and kitchen. I think it should be in the basement and let the heat filter upstairs. Our basement is, for the most part, unfinished...still has concrete walls on the outside walls, though our sons, age 15 and 10, live down there (it's "boyland"). The rest of the bedrooms are on the 2nd floor. We don't plan on finishing the basement until they are grown up and GONE! lol

DH thinks it should be in our dining room, but some furniture would have to go and I suspect we'd have to spend some money to make it attractive and safe (such as brick on the wall and floor). I also worry that having it in the dining room, where it would be near the thermostat, would make the basement freezing cold during the winter.

We do have an unused fireplace in our living room, and the ideal would be to have an insert in there, but at this time we can't afford a new one and this used one has come up which we feel is a good deal.

We live in southeast Nebraska to give you an idea about our climate.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.


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I have a similar type house and put pellet stove in the basement. Heat rises so this is best place to put stove. Try and put the stove in the center of basement and facing the stairs so heat flows upstairs.

If you were to put stove upstairs, you would get no heat to the lower level

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I put my Harmon stove in the basement. It is slightly unfinished. Before the stove the floors were always cold and the basement was cold. Now the basement and first floor are warm and the second floor stays around 68 to 72 degrees with the house fan on. I would NOT put it on the first floor. GO for the basement. You won't regret it. Any questions just ask.

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