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KansasMaryNovember 18, 2004

We are planning to harvest rainwater from the roof of the house we are building. We'll probably have three cisterns. Initially we were going to use a standing seam metal roof, but the cost is considerably more than a composition roof. Are any of you familiar with rainwater harvesting and roof selection? In the Texas Rainwater Harvesting Guide it does not recommend composition roofs, although people around here seem to use them with cistern water.

Is anyone else doing this? Do you have any suggestions for us?

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Consider a non-standing seam metal roof ? ? ? . . . far less cost; I found it to be compatible with "conventional" roofing. Save a bunch on roof sheathing that you don't need either . . . plus it will outlast you. And, you avoid the non-metal roof issues with collecting rainwater; whatever they may be . . . ? ?


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I'm going to assume you're intending to drink and cook with this water? As far as I know the main thing you do not want to use with rain water harvesting is any form of lead, such as flashing or gutter linings. You also need to check for preservatives, such as the CCA treatments on wooden shingles. Also, aluminium has been linked to health problems.

The better choices seem to be simpler materials that are widely used for water pipes and cooking utensils, like copper and steel. If they're coated, many are, you should investigate the coatings for suspect materials.

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That would be a really fun experiment.
Post how it turns out.

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