Electronic Fluorescent ballast

turningcolorzNovember 2, 2007

I have several 4' flourescents in my basement workshop, all running of the same switch. Some are the newer electronic ballast, and some are the old transformer type ballasts. Both types call for the same bulb, but the electronic ballast seems to burn out the bulbs in a year. The bulbs in the old transformer type last 10 years or more. (One has bulbs that are 20 years old)! I've already spent more on replacement bulbs than the cost of the fixtures.

Does anyone know why this would be?


Mike - TurningColorz

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are you sure it is the fixtures burning out the bulbs, or is it the el cheapo bulbs they make now. we have a few 8' lights at work that for 15 years had the same bulbs in them. in the last 4 years the bulbs last no more than a year! we get ours at a local electrical supply house, NOT the off brands from lowes, but even so they don't last much longer than the off brands.

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I don't think it's the bulbs, they do fine in the older fixtures, 5-10 years.
In the shop I have 4 ballast type and 3 electronic. The electronic ones always burn out within a year. It might be worthwhile to spend 5 times more for the old ballast type fixtures next time, sure would save on the cost of replacement bulbs.

Mike - TurningColorz

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