Trouble with my geothermal heat pump

pdxlightsNovember 22, 2007

For all the reasons known to people on this forum, we installed a geothermal heat pump when we built our house outside Portland Oregon (USDA zone 8); we have had nothing but trouble with it! First the contractor ran it for construction heat (radiant floors) and ---according to him--it froze the ground and became useless until the next Spring. We had to install an electric heater to survive the winter/Spring. Now it kicks off and needs re-setting all the time. It cooled the house this summer reasonably adequately. It is now winter and it is struggling to heat our 3000 sq. ft house. It was very expensive to install. Has anyone else had these problems?

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Sorry to hear youÂre having trouble with your system. First of all, we need to know more about your installation. How do you know your installer is competent? His explanation doesnÂt seem plausible. Did your installer document everything that was done to install and start-up your system? Do you have such a document in your possession? Was a proper (Manual J) heat gain/heat loss analysis done to determine which HP to install? What type of Ground Heat Exchanger do you have (vertical, horizontal, pond loop etc.)?

The devilÂs in the details; we need more of them.


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