Best Crackers for Wine and Cheese??

seattlemikeJanuary 4, 2009

We are looking for recommendations for a good, reasonably available cracker to be used in a wine and cheese party. WeÂre not looking for exotic ingredients; probably just a plain water cracker and a sesame cracker. WeÂve not had good luck thus far with the Wellington and Carr brands. Too many crackers are already broken upon opening the box, or they break too easily as soon as you try to put anything on them. However, weÂd be willing to try them again if the recommendations come in for them. Following some online recommendations, we also tried a Bisca cracker but found them to be very unremarkable. We realize that the cracker is not supposed to outshine the cheese, but the Bisca seemed to actually detract a bit from the overall experience. Nothing overly terrible, but only mediocre at best and certainly not worth the slightly higher price.

Recommendations? TIA.

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I still think Carr's Water biscuits are the best for letting the cheese and the wine shine.
Let your cheeses sit out for a couple of hours until they are soft, then the crackers won't break as easily.

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lindac: Thank you. We'll give Carr's a "second chance".

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seattlemike - There are many more choices other than Carr's. If you have a Whole Foods (or if you are lucky enough to have a good cheese store) near you, visit the cheese counter, they should be able to steer you in the right direction depending on which cheeses you are serving. There are so many good crackers available if you have an option other than the grocery.

I am not a fan of Carr's either. I always bring my cheese to room temperature before serving and the Carr's still break when you try to spread a good brie or other soft cheese.

Good luck.

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I also think that the Carr's taste too much like matzo.

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If a "good brie" breaks a Carr's Water's not a "good Brie".
Yeah....carrs does taste a lot like matzoa....but they don't compete with the cheese.
My late DH was CEO of a major cheese manufacturer and seller....I went to many fancy food shows and many cheese makers conventions....almost universally , Carr's was the cracker of choice.
Linda c

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If you have a Trader Joe's in your area, they carry some fairly inexpensive crackers which seem neutral in flavor, showcasing cheese rather than the cracker. That said, I also like the crackers (can't remember the name) which are rectangular in shape and covered with various seeds. These are available in many stores. More flavorful than you might want, but great with some cheeses, nonetheless. The idea of asking for recommendations at a good cheese store is an idea, also.

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I do know a bit about "good brie" as a frequent traveler to France, I've had the opportunity to sample several delicious cheeses. That said, there are many good brie selections available here in the US.

Standing by the good brie a the proper service temperature will break a Carr's cracker. Sorry, but we will just have to agree to disagree about the Carr's crackers.

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Apparently you like your brie more "un-ripe" than I do. When a brie is properly ripe and at room temperature, it gently oozes...won't hold it's shape...if you put some on a plate it slowly settles into a puddle, easily smoothed thickly on a cracker.

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My favorites are some crackers a local caterer friend of mine made years ago for his business. He used to sell them to me in big garbage bags, but now sells them commercially to places like Wild Oats, Whole Foods, and other specialty stores. I think you can find them mail order if they aren't available in any stores near you, just do a Google search for them. I liked them because they not only tasted good, but they looked pretty in platters and trays because they were all irregular shaped and not perfectly square. I have a friend in Mississippi that asks me to ship her cases of them for parties.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nita Crisp Crackers

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I like flat breads with cheese. They are usually sold in the bakery/deli department of good grocery stores.

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And don't forget to slice up a baguette of French bread in very thin slices for your cheese. Yum!

I get a variety of crackers at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods and always include Carrs.

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