My bedroom is so darn cold....under it, is garage.

amav31November 4, 2007

My 1970's home has electric radient heat with a thermostat in every room. There are 3 bedrooms that are above the garage and a store room. The master bedrrom that is directly above the store room(attached to the garage) is always cold. Brand new no draft.

Has hardwood floors. Only if I crank the heat all the way to 'comfort zone' the room gets hot.Otherwise the room is not comfortable heated. Is something wrong with the thermostat or should I do some thermal insulation in the attic or the store room downstairs?

Thanks for any input.


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I believe you need adequate insulation on any wall, ceiling or floor that is subject to outside air. Your floor, for one, may not have that.

Your windows are not the only possible place that can leak air. Check every opening such as outlets, fixtures, anything.

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I'd consider putting insulation on the ceiling of the storeroom and covering it with wallboard, if it isn't already done. A little expense, but it may work. I know the wood floors are nice, but have you considered carpet? Just a room size rug would help insulate it very well. How old is the wood floor? If it's the same age as the house, you may want to reseal it, to seal the cracks that develop between the boards. If you insulate the storeroom ceiling, though, that will take care of that.

Also, consider using window quilts. A lot of heat goes out of the glass.

I too use a heated mattress pad and love it! Besides being cheaper to use, it helps these old bones not be so stiff in the morning.

My bedroom is on the northwest corner of my house, and even here in FL, it is cold in the winter. The upside is that it is cooler in the summer.

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I had insulation blown into the ceiling of my garage last year. It was recycled newspaper mixed with some kind of soap; green and rodent proof. It made a big difference in the temperature of the bedroom above, and it was fairly inexpensive.

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I ran radiant water pipe in the ceiling of the garage before I had it insulated with icynene. (Put is some cheap foam insulation so the pipe and aluminum plate is actually in a one or two inch air space - tight against the wood ceiling/room floor with the foam then tightly sealing and insulating below.)

Currently the area remains unfinished, but the plan is that when finished I will have the option of piping warm water through the space as I like warm feet.

I suspect your garage has the drywall ceiling in and it may not be worth the cost or effort to tear it out to do this. If so then maybe this will help someone else.

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Finsh the garage and insulate the floor. It sounds like someone is either just plain lazy or just dumb the garae space is always going to be cold unless you insulate it. Walls ceiling etc. Make the garage warmer your room will get warmer too. I think the cold has gone to your head

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