Hosting an at home Communion luncheon Need Recipies ideas!

cindy2165January 29, 2006

I am hosting a communion luncheon for my sons communion in early May. It will be about 20-25 people. 8 children. I would love to do this all myself. ( I do LOVE to cook) However, I have never been really good a planning a menu

with foods that go well together or complement eachother,especially for that many. Any suggestions?? I would like to have it set up Buffet style with hot and cold food, salads, drinks and one or two knock out , memorable dishes.

The dessert is being brought in so I dont need that.

Please help...

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Cindy I'm sure you'll get great help here but you may have even have better luck if you post over on the Cooking Forum. I only say that because many of us often post this type of request over there and the ideas are amazing, complete with recipes! It's a very active forum.

A friendly bunch who are glad to help......

I'll give this some thought and post some ideas tomorrow. What time of day are you thinking of, dinner or brunch? Will people be able to grab a seat somewhere or is it importnat that the food is "fork friendly" people will be standing and eating so needing a knife and fork would be awkward.


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Hi Sharon
Thanks for the info on the Cooking Forum ,I'll post there also.
The luncheon will start about 1:30 or so. There will be tables and chairs set up under a tent.Please if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

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Cindy, I have some great easy, make ahead recipes but don't have your email. If you can post or write to me, I'll send them to you.


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