Hosta la Vista Party

ZacconJanuary 8, 2006

My husband is a huge hosta lover and this spring I am having a "Hosta la Vista Baby" backyard party for his 50th birthday. I am thinking that each guest could bring a hosta from their garden (or purchase a new one) and my husband could then create a new "birthday garden" from them. I thought of getting some garden markers (but don't know where) and each guest could put their name and the name of the hosta on them. Does anyone have any suggestions for food, decorations, etc. or any other ideas to make it a hit?? There will hopefully be about 80-100 couples attending. Thanks!

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I love it! What a great idea - very creative. Hosta la Vista - - ha!!!

I really don't have thoughts for your food/decorations, but if you do a search on 'plant markers' you'll come up with lots. I was going to post some links here for you from my search, but there are zillions and I'm not sure what type you'd like.

80-100 couples - - - wow, that's gonna be some hosta garden!

Great, great idea.

(Hey - I'm turning 50 TOMORROW - sure wish someone had thought of that for me! LoL!)


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I love it!!!!...I would say have lots of "greens"....or maybe do a hosta themed menu...Like Candy hearts, Guacamole, In the Chips etc....
As for sure to do something permenant and even enter the name in a book!
Love the idea!!
Linda C

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