speaker wiring under carpet?

mtnwaltonOctober 8, 2009

We'll soon be carpeting the basement in a house we bought and I was wondering if it's a good idea or not to run speaker wire under the pad and carpet. Any thoughts? I did a search and couldn't find any related questions on this forum . thanks

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I suppose it's ok, I knew someone who ran 240v electric wire along the tack strips, he didn't see why I was upset when I saw the wire penetrated by several spikes!

It would probably be a nuisance. I'd remove the baseboard, and use a router or saw to cut a notch out of the back, and run the wire through there.

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I suggest running your wires in that empty area between the tack strip and the wall.

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I would run 12 gauge insulated copper wire under the carpet and next to the wooden tacking strips. This way no one walks on it and the will always be invisible. It is also far cheaper than buying good quality flat wire.

You can then put a plate on the wall will speaker wire outlets wherever you want to put speakers. Then you have a very short run of wire to the speakers.


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The gauge you use will depend on the distance the speakers are from the amplifier/receiver. The thicker the diameter, the further away you can put speakers.

Putting good tape across the speaker wire and the carpet tacking strips should be fine, as almost no one walks on the extreme edges of the carpet--and if they do, it is very unlikely to have any effect.


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