Problem with Magnavox 32' TV model MS3250C121

JIFFYOctober 25, 2005

Problem with Magnavox 32" TV model MS3250 C121, chassis 32M800 7603 (4 years old). This TV has to be turned on about 10 times in a row before it will come fully on  once it comes fully on, the picture and sound are great. Details - When first powering on this TV the sound will come on and the picture will flicker for a second and then the TV will shut down (power on light stays on). If I immediately power down the TV and power it back up, the sound will come on and a distorted picture will flicker on for a couple of more seconds, before shutting down. For each iterative power up cycle the sound is fine and the picture will stay on longer but will be somewhat distorted (wavy). After about the tenth time, the picture will slowly fill the whole screen and will be fine as long as the TV is left powered on, but once it is turned off and cools down you have to go through the entire cycle ten or more times before it turns on. The cycle times is increasing. A month ago it was only 2 or 3 times, now it is about 10 times.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Your description of the appearance of the screen is so poor that I can't make heads nor tails of what is happening.

Is the picture dim(when on)? Does it fill the screen,(top & bottom),(side to side). When the picture (flickers) and the set shuts down, do you lose the sound also?


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PW, Thanks for replying. I am sorry about the poor description - When the TV shuts down I also lose the sound. When I begin to see a picture (after about the 7th on and off cycle) the picture fills the screen from top to bottom but is only about 2 or 3 inches wide in the center of the screen . On the next on and off cycle the picture continues to be full top to bottom and begins to get wider. On about the 10th on and off cycle the picture and sound will stay on and the picture will be full top to bottom - the width of the picture will be full on the left side of the screen but will be indented on the right side of the screen about one inch (there is also a little bit of wave on the right side of the pitcture)- after about 5 minutes the picture will finally fill out the entire TV screen.

Thanks for your help

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Much better!

Symptom indicates problem in horizontal circuit(this fills the screen width). Most likly defective solder connections.
5445 horizontal output transformer
7460 horizontal output transistor
5461 horizontal driver transformer

You will need to pull the chassis back far enough to examine the bottom(copper trace)of the circuit board. Examine the leads of the above parts and any other connections in the area of these parts. Use a magnifying lens and resolder any/all defective solder connections.

This should repair your problem.

Good luck,


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Thanks for the guidance - I will be working on it this week-end.

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Please let me know how it goes. I had the identical problem and lived with it for several months. It got to a point where the right side of the picture was always "wavy" and "jumpy" even after the power cycles and warm up. Eventually it quit working all together. Now when it's plugged it all that happens is a faint clicking sound.

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I have Magnavox 32" Smart Series MS3250 C121 chasis 32M800 7603. Problem: After tun on TV, picture will dislplay for ~1 second, then disappear. Picture looks fine for that brief period. Power LED remains ON. Can turn off via power button and back on with same result. Any ideas?? Thanks.

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Phillips 29PT3233/69R
Chassis L01.1A

My TV turns OFF itself automatically. Have to turn it ON using remote (Or unplug and plug it again).It switch off again in few seconds and the cycle is not of regular timing.It switch of randomly, and need to switch it on several times to make it work fine thereafter. The RED LED is not on when it switch off automatically. I can hear a fine high pitch noise when its starting. Opened the set to look for R3340 resistor.Got 10ohms in my multimeter. Also checked the 47micfarad capacitor, it works fine as well. Can anyone please help me. I am student residing in hongkong and the repairing is hell a cost!!. I am comfortable in repairing electronics and can read the schematic diagrams. Please do help me.


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TV powers up ok. Picture comes on for 1 second, then black screen. Power LED remains on. Can power on numerous times and same result. Anyone with idea of how to fix?

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