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CookieJJanuary 8, 2003

I got elected (with 1 other Mom) to hostess our Annual High School Mother/Daughter Banquet this year-it is to honor the Graduating Senior Girls and anyone and everyone who graduated from our high school or lives in our town is encouraged to come and EVERYONE DOES COME. So I need some help with ideas, we have to pay for everything ourselves. We are looking at probably 20 tables or so and we need to make centerpieces, also ideas for placemats, I was thinking of some of the older Graduating Classes Graduation Announcements on laminated sheets, or something with this years Graduating Girls names and quotes from them or something. We also need ideas for music, skit or games to play (there are 15 Senior Girls this year) also a theme for the Banquet, someone suggested a Song or poem called Say Goodnight, not Goodbye. Not sure of what it is, I haven't seen it yet. We are also looking for a good poem for Daughters to say to Mothers and Mothers to say to Daughters. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas for me??? LOL. thanks for your help. Cookie

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stacey446 small of a town is this?? only 15 girls?

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Town is about 1200 people, graduating class of 29!!!!!! Only way to go. I grew up in a big city with 450 graduates, this way the kids all know each other, everyone comes from whereever for Homecoming, Mother/Daughter Banquet, etc. It is fun. Our Basketball teams are both (boys and girls) reallly competitive in State so we are usually the smallest school that goes to state every year, it is one of those "last one to leave town turn out the lights when you leave" type of atmosphere. When we come home, the volunteer firemen have to leave the game early to get home to get the firetrucks out to meet the team, usually if we win (or anyone around the local area) the towns in the same area meet the team with their fire trucks, escort us to the next town where they meet us, til we get home. First time I heard and saw this I thought it was CRAZY, but now that I have lived here a while, I think it is AWESOME. wouldn't want my girls growing up anywhere else.

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That's not the only way to go. I would get bored.

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Could it be that your pants are too "fancy"....or perhaps not "fancy" enough?
I'm sure you would get bored.
Linda c

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I have a thing for firemen...I would love that stuff!! lol

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I did a search on the web and found information about an album that Beth Nielsen Chapmen made which includes a piece entitled Say Goodnight, Not Goodby. I don't know if that is the one you are looking for, but it is a possibility. The Barnes And Noble website has a short clip of the song if you want to listen to it.

How much do you want to focus on the people who have graduated before and how much do you want to focus on the graduating girls? Are the girls off to do new things or are they about to become part of the have already graduated club?

I would ask the girls and their mothers to write poems and have them read those poems at the banquet. I'm sure the English teacher could help you "encourage" the girls to do it. Moms might be a bit more tricky, but I bet one of them will do it.

Music from 1985 (when they were born) through today would be fun. If anyone has tapes of band or chorus concerts the kids were ever part of, that might be fun. I'm sure you could somehow transfer the sound from a video tape to an audio one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beth Nielsen Chapman

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This sounds like a big undertaking..hope you have a big committee to help.
Well, my idea for a theme would be "Through The Years"..having a double meaning..both for graduates & for moms & daughters.
Did each class have a Class Motto? If so-you could take the graduating years of those who'll be attending and do some wall decor. Using the CLASS OF
1960 (for example)..make that header from felt in the school colors & put hook & loop tape on the back of each 'banner' to attach to the wall. Then-using a yearbook from that class-enlarge each person's Senior picture on a copier. Arrange them under the banner & put their name in a bold typed card. Do this all around the room-using each of the different years as the groupings. I wouldn't do every year-just the years of the ones attending the banquet.
Then-for your placemats..why not have each mom bring or send to the committee-a photo of her & their daughter who's graduating this year. You could make a collage (again-photocopy the pics, then cut copy to make the collage.) Once you have one placemat done-then run off copies of them & then laminate them. You could have a header on the top of the placemat -something like :There's Nothing To Compare To The Love Between a Mom & her Daughter!"
For centerpieces..simply take a long piece of styrofoam & cover it with silk greenery & flowers in the school colors. You could add a taper candle about 3" in from each end & then in the center..glue a BIg paper clip to a long craft stick (like a Dr's tongue depressor?) -paint the stick of course, then using the different graduating announcements through the years'-slip one into the paper clip-a different announcement for each centerpiece.
For a skit (totally a chick thing)..if you could get ahold of prom gowns from each year or decade-whatever-and have a fashion show. The emcee could give a small talk while each is being modeled-telling what that year's Number 1 song was-the hair style, where the prom was held or who was Prom Queen, etc, etc. Could be fun. If you can't round up dresses-check out ebay..or maybe do a slide show or get pics from some of the alumni in their prom gowns! Alot of this can be simplified with all the info being sent out well in advance to those attending-such as -a request info card with:
*Attending or no
* Year mom graduated
*Have an old prom dress? Size?
* Send in a photo of mom and one of daughter for placemat-noting they can pick up the original the night of the banquet. Set a date well ahead of time to remit items needed.
Good Luck-have fun!

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Thanks for the ideas, I think alot of them will work, not sure about the graduation pics around the room tho. I am not sure how many Moms Graduated from this high school to make it look good. Have to check that one out. The centerpiece sounds really good!!!!!! I will print this off and take it to the meeting with us on Wed. Thanks again. Cookie

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