Philips 32PT6441/37

fric8489October 31, 2005

TV crapped out. Blinking 3 times then 2 times then 1 longer blink....

Can occasionally still hear audio but no picture. Power turns off when you hit the menu button.

If anyone has a manual I would appretiate it.


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I have a thermistor that has a 1.4MOhm resistance when the set is off then it goes to Open cicuit when I turn the power on.. I thought thermistors were like surge protection and current limiting devices. I thought they warmed up and went down to ~ 0 Ohms. I cant find anyplace local that stocks the thermistor.

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I got a manual from but it was in spanish or something...

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I have a Philips TV Model number 32PT6441/37. When I turn the TV on it has a breif time 1-2 sec of audio then shuts off with the green led light blinking much like some of the others on here it blinks 2 times then 3 times then 1 long extended blink and repeats itself. I got this TV in April of 04 so its only a ittle over 2 years old please help me if you can thanks!


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Hello, I had a question for fric8489,Did you ever find out what was wrong with your tv? My tv is doing exactly the same thing and I haven't owned it long. If you can help I would really appreciate it.. Monikka

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I have Philips 32pt5441/37 not flat screen, it does 3fast, 2 fast, 1 slow blinks with no picture and sound cutting off after 1-2 sec. If you hold power button you get sound for a sec then nothing. Is this the resister thing, Set is only 18 mo. old and unfortunately out of warranty.

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ryan_m did u ever get philips to help u out with anything under warranty or did u ever get that tv fixed i got the exact problem right now and my tv is from the same month and same year. anyone shed any light on this subject?

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I also have a phillips model#32pt5441/37 wich was made on june 2004 having the exact problem as all of you, 3 short blinks followed by 2 short followed by one long one, I also get sound about 3-5 seconds after the initial(typical) loud power click when you turn it on.
If anyone out there solves this problem please let me know.

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Have a new Phillips and it did the same thing. I was able to reset by unplugging. At the time I realized it was due to my using a power stapler on the same line. Hasn't/doesn't do it without any power surge.

Regardless of what I was doing, your issues are a common problem...see link below.

I still have the option to return this TV, but I love the resolution. On the other hand, it really irks me when a manufacturer knows about an ongoing problem and still sells the product.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phillips power out

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