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nhsuzanneAugust 30, 2004

Good Morning Everyone,

Wake up, wake up and tell us how your weekend was.

Mine was hot and sticky. I will tell you all that there is NOTHING worse than putting up hay on a hot and humid day. The chaf clings to your skin like glue and it itches and scratches. It's horrible! BUT, it's done and I won't have to think about it again until next year. Whew.

Saturday we tossed hay and yesterday we moved rocks out of the paddock that were left there last fall by the contractor who built our retaining wall! Yes, right smack in the middle of the paddock in late November. What a jerk. He told us he would come move them but he would have to charge us! DH was too busy working so we left them for the winter. They are finally moved and I can finish dividing the paddock! Better late than never.

DH brough DS #2, the one with all the trouble recently to help. When DH picked him up early Sat. morning it was clear that he had been drinking the night before and DH was so upset he could barely speak. I don't know what it's going to take to get this kid turned around. DH has spent the last three months helping him, getting him to Dr's, therapy and AA meetings! We have helped him finacially to get back on top of things and now he's drinking again! I have a feeling he never really stopped. He's a user that much is for sure. I think it's time for some love with detachment or tough love. This child has literally sucked the life out of DH in the last three months. Actually, it's been a whole lot longer than that. I don't know what else we can do for him. He will have to decide what he wants to do with his life. I for one have had enough of it. I feel frustrated and want to strangle this kid!!!! I really don't know what is going to happen or what DH is going to do either. I think it's time for this boy to feel the consequences of his actions and either sink or swim.'s so frustrating.

Hope everyone checks in today!

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NHSuzanne~ Sounds like it was a heavy weekend for you. I hope your DH can find it in himself to let his DS go. Sometimes you have to let a person hit rock bottom several times before they begin to help themselves, I guess. Sounds like you got some exercise stacking all that hay! What ever happened to your flying insect problem? The ants were flying at dusk at the school the other night--hundreds and hundreds of them! It was freaking people out! On another front, Is your manager better about the month-end goals now? I remember you said she lacked some skills there....

Besh~ How'd the weekend go? Hope you made it through okay and began your journey of healing. (((((HUGS)))))

Raeanne~ I keep forgetting to THANK YOU for the package of info!!!!!! I have been reading and reading. I'm excited to be coming to the east coast to check it out. I haven't been there for a while. Went to Nantucket, Bar Harbor, and several small airports in Maine, New York, and Virginia when I was flying across the country in a small plane a few years ago---very fun. Anyway, THANKS AGAIN!

I have been hosting the painters since Wed. They started to a war to take the wall paper out of the upstairs rooms and the wall paper won. lol. Ended up costing a lot more $ than the original estimate (for the extra work), but they now have 2 rooms freshly painted and will finish another today, I imagine. Today, they are starting on the kitchen (a massive amount of wallpaper to remove---arg!---and so I have had to clear that out. I have 3 bedrooms of furniture and now, a kitchen of things, spread all over my house and we're having "picnics" in my office. It's a gas! The younger kids love it! I'm glad DH is still in Alaska!!! He'd be up the wall over this! I really trust this painter, though, and that makes the whole thing MUCH easier to handle.

The 2 older girls start school today. They're in new schools and all nervous. I will see what's up at the end of the day.

Tikanas~ I loved the story of your DS's party! What fun. I'm sure it made it a lot easier for him that he had all his friends around. The first holidays and birthdays after a family death are so different-feeling. You sound like you're doing so well. (((((((but hugs anyway)))))

I gotta run for now. Back later! Cheers!

Think carefully about your food choices today! Okay?

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Good Day Everyone.

BESH - I am so sorry to hear of you MIL passing. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Not much happening with me. Enjoyed the weekend and sad to be back at the GRIND (work) again today.

I love reading eveyones posts.....some are so funny and it seems like everyone has busy lives.

Thank you for the warm wishes for our fuzzy baby Simon. It is official, he is completely blind in the right eye and he has limited in the left, and it is not expected to deteriorate anymore. (good news) He was born or contracted a virus in his eyes just after he was born. The litter that he came from was found in a dumpster, so no one has the story on them. I got to see one of his sisters when she was neutered and she was fine. He was the last to be picked because of his ailment. But we loved him on first sight. The dr. also cut away more of his third eyelid, so in addition to his daily eyedrops, we are also using an ointment to prevent infection. He is a trooper. He is a year old and is already at 13 pounds.... he is gonna be huge!

Take care and hope everyone has a great day!

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Hello ladies! ( and any guys lurking!)
Besh, I have you in my prayers. What a great job you did!

Magickitty, I think Simon has the best caregiver in the world! My Oreo thinks that we are "staff", as we wait on him hand and foot!. He's recovering very well. Funny story... He is neutered but does not seem to know it. Kind of embarrassing but... We found him trying to "mate" with a gray and white STUFFED CAT animal! ha ha!

Wild chicken, The first day of school ALWAYS made me nervous! I used to take my kids out for something special... ice cream, pizza sometimes even swimming at the Y and let them talk it out. My daughter still talks about those days. And now that I homeschool my son, well, he's as happy as a clam! ( sets his own schedule etc.) and has just excelled. We start back to homeschooling next Monday.
I sure appreciate the (((( hugs!)))))

Nh Suzanne, You are AWESOME! I will shoot you another email later today. I have sure enjoyed chatting with you.I have never shirked hard work but dealing with all that hay!!! YOU are a trooper.

You know, I AM going to French Lick! Somebody send me the exact dates and I'll make reservations today! Anybody want to "buddy up" ?

Since I am relatively new here, could I ask a few questions? I would like to hear about who you all are! Here's my plan:

1) Interests?
2) Profession?
3)Kids/ family ?
4)Age if you are daring; )

Anything else? Am I asking too much?

Gotta go, conference call... back later!


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You are all so kind and beautiful and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the well wishes. The funeral was this morning and because she is being cremated there will be a private burial service later this week. My FIL is here now. Poor thing, he brakes my heart. Both my DS and DH are doing ok. We will be fine. Time heals everything.

Tikanis, I am so glad that your party was such a success. It is so great when you can keep it a surprise. So explain to me about the head shearing?????

QOD: I am 47. I have 2 boys ages 20 and 13 and have been married to my DH for 25 years. I work as a librarian at the Middle School in my city and love my job. I have lots of interests such as fishing, decorating, reading and some times some crafts, but I don't think of myself as a crafty person. I volunteer with my DS Boy Scout troop (my older DS is an eagle scout and DS #2 is on his way). I guess that is enough about me. Anyone else??

Got to go. I will check in later.

Love, Besh

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MagicKitty - I sent you an email. Be on the lookout for it and let me know if you have any questions.

Besh - That is nice that your FIL can stay with you for now. I remember when my grandmoter died, my grandfather was like a lost soul. He had taken care of her for over a year after she had a stroke and they had been married for close to 60 years when she died. It broke my heart to see him so lost. Still brings tears to my eyes and they have been gone for over 20 years.

QOD - I just turned 52 and my DH and I have been married 27 years. I have 2 kids, a DD who is almost 21 and just moved to PSU where she is a junior. My DS is almost 24 and just graduated from PSU and is living at home while he looks for a job.
I am a preschool teacher in a private preschool 5 minutes from my house. I have been teaching since my DD was 3 years old and I love my job. I will never get rich working there, but the rewards I get can't be measured in dollars.
My interests include quilting (although I haven't done any for awhile), sewing, reading, walking, and crossword puzzles.

Tikanas - Did you get my email?

I started my new exercise program yesterday and I am sore today. I had been lifting weights using tapes and I don't think they were challenging enough. The program I am doing now has you doing 10-12 repetitions of each exercise and completing 3 circuits. I just feel it is a better workout and hopefully I won't be sore too long. I was ahead of the game in walking though and went straight to the advanced level. So far I have been sticking to the eating recommendations. I walked away from ALL the desserts at the picnic yesterday and came home and had a sugar-free sherbet bar, so I was happy with myself.

My DD called and she is sick already. I feel so bad that she is so far away and I can't help her. She sounded so pitiful on the phone. I just hope she takes my advice and goes to the health center. She starts classes tomorrow and I know she doesn't want to miss them, but she may have to.

I'll check in later,

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Interests: (not in any order) Travel, travel, travel, rock climbing, flying or riding in little airplanes, caving, BIKE RIDING!, eating out and goofing off with my 4 girl kids, having deep, meaningful talks with my DH and other guy friends, reading books & mags, hiking, kayaking, and CHECKING IN HERE and feeling the love!

Profession: After age 30: Used to fly and dispatch airplanes before 9/11, flew medical flights for charity for a couple of years also. Then owned a restaurant and worked in Children's Hospital Emergency Room until a little after my nephew was diagnosed w/ leukemia. Liquidated the restaurant, but kept the sign (?), decided to work on marriage and manage my assets for a while (lol), and this year, my youngest goes off to school, so I'm back to college to finish the degree I started 17 years ago, (B4 kids).

Kids/ Family: 4 girls: 5, 8, 13, & 16 yrs. old---- Hormones? We got 'em!!! And I'm on my 3rd DH; we've been together 12 years, with a few terribly rough spots, of course!

Age: How old do I look? LOL! I'm stuck mentally at 23...what can I say?

Glad to hear you're going to French Lick! You and I may be the only "West Coasters" there!

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Besh - I am glad your FIL is by you, I was worried about him. (((HUGS)))

MagicKitty - so sorry about Simon, but I am sure he will be just fine - how could he not, with you by his side? My friend's dog just had to have her eye removed. She had a detached retina (probably from barking) and it couldn't be repaired.

Tikanis - I was very tempted on homeschooling my kids at one point - they just hated going to school. I didn't feel like I had enough energy to do it - so I envy you. I would be more upset than them when the first day rolled around. I thought I was the only mother that didn't want to see school begin. French Lick - I think we were talking about the 3rd weekend in April - a Friday to Sunday/Monday thing, but not sure if that is a definite - I am thrilled that you are joining us YIPPPEEEE. Don't forget to fill out your own questionnaire.

1) Interests? - Reiki, meditating, yoga, walking, traveling, eating, being with friends, wildlife and nature, cooking, painting, entertaining, boating. I'm not too adventurous, but enjoy being around people that are LOL.
2) Profession? Administrative Assistant in Real Estate office
3)Kids/ family ? 2 daughters, 24 and almost 22, married for 27 years in September, and a 10 year old dog - Barkley.
4)Age if you are daring; ) 50 and proud of it LOL.
5)Things that I plan on doing: more physical things, I want to start cross country skiing, snowshoing, tennis, kayaking and take more golf lessons - now I just need to find some TIME.

BJ - sounds like major work at your house - you always have something going on. I am trying to motivate DH to do a few things here. I want to paint the interior, but the painter we want is booked for an entire YEAR - how is that possible??? My brother is a painter in LA, maybe I can lure him out here for a couple of weeks LOL. glad the package arrived. I have collected some other literature that I can send you - let me know if you want it - I don't want to overload you. I love Bar Harbor - but talk about long winters YIKES.

NH Suzanne - I am glad the hay is behind you. That is why I could never have horses LOL - too much work for me - I barely survived raising kids. So sorry about DS and the decisions facing you and DH - that has to be one of the hardest things to do, but probably the only thing that may wake him up. I will keep all of you in my thoughts.

Have a great day.

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Marci - DD#1 was sick when we dropped her off at college her first day - Freshman year - it broke my heart. I hope it is a quick bug and she is ready for class tomorrow.

BJ - You also have the energy of a 23 year old.

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Wow, a good QOD brings just about everyone out of the woodwork!

Speaking of woodwork................I think the swarm I have going on is flying ants and not termites. The exterminator is coming Thursday but they tell me that a swarm of termites at this time of year would be very unusual plus they gave me a better way to identify the winged wonders and I think it's ants. WHEW! Not that this isn't bad enough but termites are bad news and expensive to get rid of. I will know for sure on Thursday.

MagicKitty, Raeanne is right, Simon is very lucky to have you. Everything will be okay.

BJ, you do have the energy of a 23 year old! When are you coming east? I never did get to answer your question about what I like about where I live, etc. I was in the middle of my DH crisis. I might go back and give you my answers because I love, love, love where I live.

Tikanas, your questions are not too much. We had a longer questionaire circulating here once. We should do another one and really think up some provacative questions. Take a real departure from the usual what's your favorite color, etc. A friend and I were going to do this over a bottle, or two, of wine but we haven't done it yet! Maybe we should do one before French Lick.

1) Interests? Horses, trail riding and endurance riding, animals in general, land conservation, preserving open spaces, bird watching, nature in general, cooking, family, camping with my horses, carriage driving, history.

2) Profession? I work for a equine publication called Equine Journal. I am an ad rep there. My real career was a structural steel project manager on high rise buildings in Boston. Seems like a lifetime ago although it was only six years ago. My final project was a $76M project on the Big Dig. I am very proud of that particular job.

3)Kids/ family ? Married to an wonderful man for 15years. It's the second time for both of us. Have two step sons, 24 and 27. Neither of whom seem to be growing up yet! I have a barn full of 4 legged children that I simply adore.

4)Age if you are daring; ) I will be 49 soon and actually looking forward to saying I am 50! It's a real milestone and I think my 50's will be great. Age, afterall, is merely a state of mind. It's the aches and pains that are old!!

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Well, we all seem to have survived Monday!

Marci, I am emailing you back tonight..

Besh, you seem positive despite all You've been thru. Head shearing story... DS wanted to cut his long hair (wanted a "military" type cut, but was too chicken to make the appointment to get it done. So, we did it for him as kinda a "party game" at his 16th b-day surprise party on Saturday. All of his friends took turns buzzing those blond curls... : )

You guys have beeen great answering my questions! You are ALL so interesting!

1) Interests: Vegetable gardening, camping, kayaking, hiking, "boogie boarding" LOL, boating, gourmet cooking, reading ( plan for the year is to read the classics but I love the trashy "mind candy" too. Anyone read Janet Evanovich's books? TOO funny...) I hang out at the CA gardening and vegetable forums and LOVE the cooking forum.

2)Profession: Critical care Rn, open heart specialty, also a supervisor/case manager for a Home Health agency. On sabbatical right now and working on chart audits (boring) I miss patient care! But this lets me work from home. I also manage some of my folks investments.

3) Kids/ family: Daughter, Shea is 24, lives with BF : ( , but is a terrific business woman, goes to school at night.
Son, Braeden just turned 16. Self taught musician, does filming and film editing as part of his homeschool program. Has his whole future mapped out... just this shy of brilliant. (no joke) hard to keep up w/ him... One cat, Oreo.
I am a recent widow.(January) Both parents just recently died too. I get lonely...

4) Age if I dare: just turned 44 and proud of it! i feel about 34.. funny? Now if we could stop these darned hormonal changes and hot flashes!! : )

This is my favorite place to be now! You guys are AWESOME! I cannot believe how supportive you all are of one another! Thanks for letting me join.

Now where is that Dee Marie to tell me to "never give up"? HA HA!


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Here I am, Tikanas!! Ready to answer your questions:

1) Interests: Currently, trying to eat and exercise correctly to keep myself healthy (had quite a scare in 2003); dancing (usually by myself; DH hates dancing!); cooking (and watching the food network); entertaining (family and close friends--not interested in entertaining colleagues--I'd rather meet them outside my home for dinner), cruising (at least 2 cruises a year); I love to volunteer and, while I don't have the time locally now, my corporation has a community outreach committee which I'm very active in (and I get paid for it-perfect!); reading mysteries when I get the chance (Mary Higgins Clark and Patricia Cornwell are my favorites); reality shows like Big Brother and Survivor hold my interest also.

2) Profession; I'm a business planning manager for a huge, worldwide pharmaceutical company (where else do you work if you live in New Jersey?!!!). I work with the clinical research group--although I'm not a science major; my business is business!

3) Kids/Family: About 4 1/2 years ago, I married (for the first and only time!) a wonderful guy who has 2 daughters, aged 24 (she's a graphic artist) and 18 (she was adopted from Chile when she was 2 weeks old, and she's headed off to college soon) They live with their mom about 4 miles from DH and me, but they visit often and have a key-LOL! I am a devoted aunt to my 2 nieces (17 and 14), and I spoil them to a fault, to the chagrin of my sister and her DH!! I have a brother and another sister; however, that is a long, long story.

4) Age, if I dare? No problem; I turned 53 this year, and most days I act quite a bit younger..... I'll save the rest of that statement until you guys party with me in French Lick! yeeehawwww

That should about do it for now. Perhaps Marci can give you guys the link to our picture album!! Please feel free to send her pictures so she can include them.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Happy Tuesday!

Raeanne, i feel for you re the homeschooling decision! My son was so bored in school that he was starting to "cause trouble" (out of his seat, finished an hour reading project in 15 minutes, took one look at the spelling words and put them away. Aced EVERY spelling test etc)BORED!! This kid is double cerditing for both highschool and college right now. Just marches to the beat of a different drummer.

Dee Marie, there you are! I LOVE Mary Higgins Clark! I love mysteries... read every Nancy Drew book written when I was a kid. Just haven't grown up yet. Also, I just finished Dennis Prager's "Happiness is a serious problem". ( non fiction) and am reading James Joyce's "Ulysses".
Wonderful story about your family! how happy you must be.

The best neighbor I ever had, Dan, went back to Arizona for his highschool reunion ( he's 44). Met up with his highschool sweetheart and they just got married! Isn't THAT romantic? Maybe there is hope... It's too soon for me right now, but I am NOT liking this alone thing : (

I am fascinated by our variety of interests. keep 'em coming!

More business calls... back later!


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Hey Tikanas, it's never too late for anyone!! You will know when it's right for you. :)

Actually, Ed and I first met in Junior High School (although we never dated). After his wife left him (1993), he spotted me in a local shopping mall, but he never approached me. Got my phone number a few months later, and the rest is history!!!!

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Oh, and I still read Nancy Drew when I get my hands on one of her you remember "Cherry Ames, Student Nurse"?!!!!

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Hi Everyone,

Tikanas, here is the link to Marci's gallery. You need to be in touch with Marci to know how to post photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: AppolloniaZoo Gallery

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I have been in touch with Marci! Thanks, you guys! We are working it out as i am the biggest computer Weenie! Oh well, I have other talents!

I still read Nancy Drew too! ( just didn't want to admit it...) Will she just MARRY Ned already??? And can I borrow her "roadster" for a weekend? LOL. I lay claim to her dog, "Todo" too....I think like "Gus" but, am trying hard not to resemble Bess. Ha ha to all of us Nancy fans!!


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Well, it's the middle of the night and I am up with one of those WONDERFUL hot flashes. Is this He** or what??
Yes, Dee Marie, I HAVE red Cherry Ames!

Somebody email me a new reading list because between the classics I want something spine tingling, heart breaking or downright fascinating!
' Going to bed with air conditioner on now...


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Rabbit, Rabbit. Wake up everyone, it's a brand new month!

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Just a few of my favorite reads.........The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold; Keeping Faith by Jody Picoult; Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd; Skipping Christmas by John Grisham and I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. Bon Apetit!!

Love, Besh

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Whoa! Tikanas, we posted at exactly the same time this morning! That's weird.

I was up most of the night with hot flashes, night sweats and could not sleep. I am exhausted this morning and I have the entire day ahead of me.........ugh.


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Ok, I know, I have been MIA for a very long time.
My update of my life would take forever so won't even try to fill you all in.
I will give you my beginning details again for Tikanis.

Interests - Golf, Curling (that's played on ice ha ha), reading, gardening, decorating, not cooking, love to entertain, travelling and a lot of volunteer work.

Profession - work for a Venture Capital Fund but am seconded to the Governments to speech write and write public policy on health issues.

Family - DH and I have been married 28 years - have a 24 year old daughter Shelby-Jai who lives with boyfriend (we love him) and is in her 6th year of University, have a son 20 Jared who is in second year of computer science. DH is in his seventh month of "retirement" and not enjoying it. We are hoping that a new job is around the corner.

Age - I will be 52 this month and other than these hot flashes have no problem with my age. I have very funky red hair and drive a red sports car.

I have been missing for so long that I don't know the date or details of our get together at French Licks (still have a problem with that name). Can someone email me what I need to know and I can figure out if I can also make it.

Is there any of us still on SS? I am 90% of the time and have been at my goal weight and stayed here now for 2 years.


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Happy WEDNESDAY, and Rabbit, Rabbit!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Welcome back, Joanne! We've missed you, and I'm glad that you are able to post....we weren't sure whether or not you were feeling OK. We are planning our French Lick adventure during the weekend of 22-April-2005; details will follow. (Suzanne, I'm wondering if we need to contact the site and let them know we are coming? Just a thought....) Please check in with us now and then, Joanne. Looking forward to meeting that funky red hair in person!!

Well, I've had a few bad days inthat SOMETHING is making my right eyelid twitch for almost 3 days now. (nerves?) Anyway, that has been happening on and off for several months, and it is soooo annoying. Any ideas?

Ooops, gotta run and send out some e:mails here.

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Wow....I missed alot in the past two days.

MArci - I have not gotten the e-mail yet. As of last night at 7:45 pm. Had to get off computer to watch Big Brother 5.
I will check again when I get home.

Tikanas loved the questionaire....I too am new here and did not know much about anyone. Here goes:::::

Interest: Boating, cats, Movies...LOVE THEM, music and reading. I like scrapbooking, decorating (includes painting walls and papering).

Profession: Administrative Assistant for an Environmental Consulting Firm.

Kids/Family: Married - in our 9th year. 2nd one for me. First for him. No kids....we did try invitro several times, etc...but no luck....bummer. My kids are my two cats. Magic - 4years. She is moody. And Simon 1 year. He is quite entertaining.

Age: I am 41 going on 81. How sad is that. I think it is just a phase I am going through. I never was like that. Normally I would say 41 going on 21.

I got to check out the pics on the gallery link. Loved to see some of you. I will get a pic of me and my hubby and send it.

Take care.....Lynn

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Lynn - The email was about the photo gallery. I mailed you the link and let you know that if you want to post a picture, just email it to me.

Joanne - Glad to see you posting! I too was worried that your health was keeping you from us. Hope everything is OK and that we hear from you more often.

DD is feeling better and made it to her first day of classes. I am glad about that.

I spent today getting my hair cut, recycling old electronic equipment at Office Depot, going to Good Will and getting a big order at Sam's. I feel the need to tie up loose ends and get things in order before I start back to work. I do have to go in tomorrow and then will start back with the kids on Tuesday. As Paige Davis would say, "Ready or not, time's up!"

I am doing well on my new exercise and diet regimen and my goal is to complete the 3 week program with no cheats. So far, so good.

I probably won't be back on until Friday, so behave until then.


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Marci - I am glad that DD was able to go to her classes - that would've been terrible for her to miss first day.

Joanne - Glad you checked in, now don't be a stranger - we worry about you and miss you when you don't show up. I hope you can make French Lick.

Lynn - how is Simon doing? Come to French Lick and we will snap you out of your funk and have you feeling like a 21 year old in no time LOL.

DeeMarie - I don't have any idea why you would have an eye twitch, that has happened to me and I would think it has something to do with nerves (what else is new).

Tikanis - I enjoyed the Davinci Code, Angels and Demons and The Secret Life of Bees. My DD just read The Time Travelers Wife and enjoyed it. I found myself reading The Bobbsy Twins one day and brought back so many childhood memories LOL.

Just got back from a wonderful boat ride, that makes 2 days in a row. The lake was calm with very few boats and the sun was shining - Life Is Good!

For lunch today we went to have tea, finger sandwiches, scones with devonshire cream and pastries. So good, but so bad! I have been very good for the past week, but this is something I have been promising DD that we would do together - so we did it. It was in The Sagamore hotel on their veranda overlooking the lake, the perfect setting.

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This is where I had my tea.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Veranda

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Oh, Raeanne! That Veranda looks so inviting!

Bobbsey twins?? I read those too! How about Trixie Belden or the Five Little Peppers and how they grew?

Thank you everyone for the book ideas!

Lynn, do you have your own boat? We sold the family boats when the folks passed away about 2 years ago but I have my eye on one for just me. First, though, I am getting a kayak.41 going on 81? We both need French Lick! ( I have a problem with that name too...)

Marci, glad DD made it to class. Especially glad to hear that she is feeling better.

Dee Marie, that eye twitch is definately a nerve problem. Sort of like having a "cold" in the nerves around the eye. Try ice packs on and off as these often will ease the twitching quite a bit. ( No charge for this nursing visit.... Big grin)Also, if you haven't had an eye exam in awhile, this might be a good time.

NH Suzanne, call me!

Honestly, if these hot flashes don't stop, I am sleeping with my head in the freezer tonight!


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Can we tell that I am bored silly??? Sick and tired of being sick and tired...

Got a couple of good books and am going to bed at about midnight. DS and I made a deal... air conditioner in his room works much better than the one downstairs. I get his room tonight and he gets to stay up as late as he wants and sleeps downstairs. ( No school till Monday) I am going to have a nice "hot flash free" night in a FREEZING cold room. LoL. That bunk bed might be a little weird though...

Did anyone decide about French Lick reservations?

Dee Marie, I hope that eye feels better...


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Hi Guys,

Tikanis, I hope you got a good night sleep. I sometimes have hot flashes standing in the middle of a freezing cold room! I hope it worked better for you.

Lynn, are you buttoning down again? I can't believe the hurricane that is coming your way again. I have a friend that lives in Richmond, VA that just got hit by the last storm. It was pretty bad.

Well the fun has already begun regarding my MIL passing and taking care of my FIL. I don't want to go into gorey details here, but let me just say it is not going to be pretty!

Marci, are you enjoying your last few days? I am trying like mad to get everything done that I neglected to do all summer!

Raeanne, I want to have tea on the veranda! What a beautiful place. I checked out some of the other pics and the lake is gorgeous.

NH Suzanne, how is everything going? I could understand your hay story. My sister has to do that a few times a year and there are always stories!

DeeMarie, I get those eye twitches every so often and I know they are related to stress. It can be so annoying. It seems they just go away as quietly as they arrived.

Joanne, glad that you are back!

BJ, ain't construction grand? I can not believe that you are tackling all the rooms at once! It will look so nice when done. There is nothing like freshly painted walls!

Maddie, Jen, Patti and are you?

Lynn and Tikanis, I get the biggest kick out of the name French Lick also, especially being married to a Frenchman!

On the food front, I have been really good on SS (except for the past couple of days). I am down 10# and I think some inches because I can feel it in my clothes. I will have DH take "my dimensions" as he calls it. I dread it, but I think it is necessary for me to be able to really see results.

Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Tikanis, when my DH's friend found out that I was going to French Lick to meet my cyber family, you can only imagine what he thought and was wondering why my DH wasn't going along LOL. I forgot we had a resident nurse, you may be sorry you mentioned that LOL.

Besh - I feel for you with your FIL, sending you ((((HUGS))))

NH Suzanne - I got your e-mail, no problem.

I am off to Yoga and then have to work this afternoon (my day off), but I have to take tomorrow off to have my dreaded root canal finished.

It is another beautiful day in our neighborhood.

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Happy Thursday Everyone....
Raeanne - you lucky duck.... getting boats rides and lunching at the Veranda. I am green with envy.

Tikanas - We did sell our boat we had in Ohio and are now in the process of looking for a boat. Unfortunately, the ones we had picked to look at were in Punta Gorda and the Hurricane hit and a boat inventory is the last thing on someones list, so I have my fingers crossed that the boats survived the storm. So we need to wait until hurricane season is over. Two more months.

Besh - My DH and I are leaving tomorrow flying to Ohio. We had these plans for a couple months. We are celebrating my Dad's 70th Birthday. So, we are deciding on what to do with the cats...we hired a sitter, but I think I may take them with us. Unfortunately my mom will not let them in her house. So we now have to scramble to get a hotel room.

On the hurricane subject. I am seriously having second thoughts as to why we uprooted our lives and moved to Florida. We were aware hurricanes happened here, but anyone we talked to said that there has not been one since 1964. So, I guess we were due for some. Just wish not all in the same season. I am hoping we have minimal damage just like hurricane Charley. Keeping fingers crossed.

French Lick sounds like fun. I am seriously contemplating it.

Lunch time at work is over, so I gotta go.

Take care......


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Hello Everyone,

I had a quiet moment in the middle of deadline! If you can even imagine.

I have hot flashes in the dead of winter out in the barn when it's 20 below. Hot flashes know no season! LOL I was awake from 1:30 on the other night. Last night I took some Simply Sleep by Tylenol and slept like a baby! I find that drinking wine makes the hot flashes and night sweats much worse. If I don't drink any wine I am usually fine.

Besh, I hear there is going to be a hay shortage this year because of the wet weather. I know it's already up to $5. at the local feed store.
I am happy to have mine put up. Besh, way to go on the lbs! Keep up the good work girl.

Lynn, I am sorry about this hurricane and it sound bad. I have been talking to my clients in Florida who have tons of horses to get safe somehow today. One client has 40, the other 22, another has 8 and they are trucking them to Mississppi for safe keeping today. Florida has so many horses. I am surprised that someone told you know hurricanes for so long. How quickly we forget Hurrican Andrew in 1992. It was the largest hurricane to hit Floridia in 30 years. Not only did it hit Florida but Texas and the gulf states too. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers along with all the other people and animals. Maybe it will turn away or lose momentum.

Raeanne, your tea sounds and looks just divine. What goreous scenery! Isn't it nice having that right in your "back yard"? That's what I love about where I live too. People like to come to where I live for thier vacation!

Marci, glad DD is feeling better. You certainly were busy yesterday!

Tikanas, sleeping in a stange bed would have kept me up all night! I have never found A/C to help. Black Cohash, Vitaman E and Primrose, helps for alot people. You should look into it. My doctor suggested it.

Back to the grind. I just realized we get a THREE DAY WEEKEND!!!

QOD: What are you doing for Labor Day weekend?

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Hello everyone and happy THURSDAY!!

I've got a meeting offsite in about half an hour, but wanted to check in.

For those of you suffering with night sweats, etc., try REMIFEMIN. The gals in my office love it!

QOD: Friday night, my sister, BIL and DH and I will be going to see the JETS/Eagles game here in Jersey; they will be staying over at my home. Saturday is my big annual picnic; I am expecting about 36-40 guests at this moment, so there is lots of work to do between now and then. Saturday night after the picnic, we clean up quickly and head down to my sister's house, because on Sunday, we will be attending the Mets/Phillies baseball game in Philadelphia. Monday morning brunch at my sister's, and then we head back north early to avoid Jersey shore traffic. Whew, I'm tired thinking about it!!!

Gotta get out of here.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]]]]]]]]] to all who need them.

Will check in tomorrow!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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Hi All:
My brother lives in Titusville, Florida (close to the Kennedy Space Centre). They were advised to evacuate last night but he is staying this time around. Please keep them in your thoughts.

QOD - This is the Men's Club Championship at our Golf Course and there is a party every evening. Other than that, I am gardening, going to see my Mom in the Nursing Home and painting my garage doors and of course amusing my two terriors.

That's about it. Still would love the information on French Licks - how do we sign up, what are we signing up for, when are people arriving and departing? etc. etc.


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Lynn, You are in my prayers! How far are you from Barefoot Bay? My Aunt was evacuated this morning and is worried that she will lose her home. Please keep us posted. ( I worry....)

Raeanne, I feel your root canal pain!

NH Suzanne, I am taking black cohash,soy, and vita E. I will add primrose and hope for the best! In the meantime, I slept like a log last night in DS air conditioned room. He loved having the downstairs to himself. Even the bunkbed wasn't too bad. Cat slept with me...
Felt like Antartica in there... Ha ha!. I DID wake up in the middle of the night but got back to sleep within the hour. Thanks for everyone's help. A friend takes hormones and has no problems, but with my family history of Cancer, I think i'll pass. As soon as this kidney infection is over, ( labs come back tomorrow), I will get back to Curves and work off some of this crankiness LOL! Nobody should mess with me right now!! Ha ha!

Besh, still thinking about you and how wonderful you have been w/ Mil and Fil.

Qod: We never venture far from our little town on a holiday. Traffic gets crazy and it's not worth the trouble! homeschooling allows us to take off at ANY time of the year. No crowds, no crazies on the road... Great question. I need to plan a close-to-home thing ...

Conference call in 5 minutes. back later!

Did anyone tell you guys that you are AWESOME??
Consider it done.


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Hi goils!

Gosh--how great to see all of the posts!!! :):)

Tikanas-- great questions! It's been a looong time since we've done this, so here goes:

1) My interests/hobbies are: reading, HERE, junk rooting, auctions (whodathunk??), crossstitch, and I love my hairy 24 pound cat! :)
2) Well, I am an accountant by degree, but I have recently had the good forture to become a fulltime auctioneer, which I just love!
3) No kids, unless you count the hairball and hubby! LOL!
4) I am 41, and feel like 17 most days! :):):)

I've been posting here since late '98, and these are the greatest ladies! I've had the pleasure to meet BJ, KYSusieQ and Zig, and they are all just as lovelt in person as they are here. :)

And I just bought an old battered copy of the 5 Little Peppers several weeks ago--and sat down and read it--talk about memories! :)

Lynn--((((hugs))) and treats to Simon--my 24 pounder wasn't quite that big at a year, so your purrball is going toi be huge-- :):)

Things have gotten interesting here--I've told you all about my first auction that is coming up on 9/12--well the %@#$%!! that has the real estate option is acting like a $%@#%!! and is threating to sue my @ss. I'm not sure just exactly why, since I am just selling the personal property of the lady's. I suspect he knows he has a shadey deal, and now, he is threating the old lady as well. I'd like to...well.... I don't know what to do--Raeanne--any ideas?

Gotta go--tomorrow's a long day--we're working a flea market over the weekend and Monday, so it will be a busy one for me!

And where is Amy and Patti??? John???



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Maddie - does the lady have an attorney? Does the auction house have an attorney? I think a letter from an attorney to the real estate %@$#*&% is in order, to tell them to stop harrassing you. I don't understand why they are bothering you to begin with. Hope you have a prosperous weekend.

QOD - I work on Saturday and Monday. DD#1 is coming home for the weekend and we will probably go out on the boat and have a BBQ Sunday. Other than that nothing special planned around here - just looking forward to a little winding down time.

I am off to the dentist in a little while, but wanted to say hello first. Have a great day.

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Hi Everyone,

Looks like everyone checked out early for the long weekend! Very quiet here today.

I made it through another deadline. This one was stressful but my numbers were better than they have been for a while.

It is so beautiful here today that I am going to go out and sit with the horses in the pasture. It's just a glorious day. I wish it would stay this way all the time.

Tomorrow is the our family's annual clam/lobsterbake. I am looking forward to it. The whole family will be together and it will be casual and good eats too.

I am going to drink in some of this lovely day.

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Happy Labor Day weekend!

Thinking of all our friends in FL - hope you are all safe and can check in soon. My MIL is in West Palm and as of yesterday afternoon was not evacuating - she is with a large group of friends and they sounded safe, but I would've felt better had she headed north.

I was going to complain about our cool and overcast Sunday, but I won't, because there are many people out there that wish they had this weather instead of theirs.

I will do a little BBQ today, but there won't be any boating for us. Every year there is a little parade of boats decorated for Christmas that go up the lake on this day - I was hoping to catch them up close, but will settle to see them from shore.

DeeMarie - sounds like you have an action packed weekend planned - hope it is lots of fun for you.

BJ - how did the kids make out with school?

Have a great long weekend.

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Happy LABOR DAY!!!

Just got back from my sister's home and we finished a bit of the yardwork from the picnic on Saturday. 36 people showed up! What a great time; I had 2 Malibu's and Diet Coke, so I was feeling no pain. I decided to let my guests have a good time without worrying, and it worked! DH did all the BBQing; I had done all the sides on Friday. Lots of people brought desserts, so the party was complete!

Hope everyone is healthy and looking forward to starting another fun-filled week at work! NOT!!!!!!!!! :-(

Until Tuesday....

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Hurricane Charley & Hurricane Frances intersected where we live. We didn't get a lot of damage. One of our windows is cracked & we only had to do without electricity for 3 hours which beat Hurricane Charley!! There are 3 people that we can look out our back window & see that they lost their roofs. We lost a few shingles but nothing that drastic. Now we are looking at Hurricane Ivan. Just glad to be back on here to talk with everyone.

Tikanis~Please check in.

Joanne~I've wanted to call you b/c I was worried about you. It had been so long since we had heard from you.

DeeMarie~I kept hoping that you weren't planning to go on a cruise this weekend.

Hi to everyone that I've missed. I'll check back in later.
Does anyone have a Dell computer? If so, what do you think about it? Thanks. Patti :)

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Hi all
Heard from my brother, his place is OK, but he says he will never stay through another Hurricane.
Patti - DS has a Dell and my brother has a Dell and they both are very pleased with them. I missed not being in touch with everyone, but my health has really been the pitts and DH is still struggling with the job loss. There are some prospects for jobs in the works now and hopefully something will work out for him.

Spent the weekend watching DH golf in the Club Championship (he came third). DD was in Montreal and then Freeport, Maine and DS was being a smart @ss. He just broke up with the girlfriend and you can imagine the atmosphere.

What's happend to Zig and John - are they still posting?


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