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beshAugust 10, 2009

Wow, look at me starting us off. I have not done this for a long time!

Have a great week. Be good!


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Good Monday all!

Besh, thanks for getting us going today. How was your lobster??? What a great weekend it was.

Back to work............sigh. I would have made a great trust fund kid!!

Had a good weekend with DH. We got so much mowing and weed whacking done that it feels great to be ahead of it for a change.

The babies are pretty well integrated with the older hens! Pecking order is still being established but no fatalities!! It's so fun to watch it all evolve.

Marci, I finally saw the elephant!! That picture was very strange. I could have sworn it was a lion but when I learned I was wrong I thought I saw a took me forever to finally see the elephant.

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Hi Guys!

Quick check-in!

Marci--LOVED THE PICS! Delightful!

NHSuzanne- Pic of the fox was fabulous! We have a balck fox with a white-tipped tail at our house.

Gotta fly. I'm training someone at the office to fill in for me for a week starting Wednesday. I'm on a last minute trip to visit my fam in Alaska.

We have a phone tele-conference to determine a permanancy plan for Baby V this morning at 10. Wish us luck! We are proposing he be adopted here instead of out of state.

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Suzanne - I couldn't see the elephant on my home computer but it clear on my work computer. I was actually seeing something on the left side of it and thought it was a hippo too, but didn't think that would take Marci to 8th Heaven LOL. Great photos Suzanne.

BJ - sending only the best of thoughts out to you and Baby V. I thought you were fired again when I read you were training someone LOL.

Marci - thanks for sharing DS photos - how exciting.

Can't chat as I am at work and a meeting ate up 2 hours of my day. But HELLO to everyone.

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Marci, I did not see any animals in the pictures, but I DID see a monkey looking in my office window. Hold on................nope, that was my director! LOL!!!!!

Had a really pleasant weekend, and now I'm headed for a crazy few days so that I can take Thurs and Fri to hang out with my sister and cousins down in Wildwood. Whooooo, those Wildwood nights!!!! (Who's old enough to remember that song?)


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For those who asked, DS is in South Africa for work. There is a plant near Johannesburg and they want someone to oversee production until the end of November. DS gets to come home (back to FL) this Friday (he's been there a month) and he will be back in SA for the entire month of October. He has been able to sight see on the weekends and that is when he took all the pictures. I said the game reserve was in Pretoria, but it is near Pilanesberg. My bad!

Raeanne - You are right, a hippo wouldn't send me to any level of heaven, let alone 8th! LOL But I do love elephants!

BJ - Good luck on placing Baby V in state. Would you be able to have contact with him once he is adopted, or do they frown on that?

Dee - Haven't been to Wildwood in ages. Have a great time.

Milkdud - Where are you?

Jan - Hi!

Patti - No fair peeking in and disappearing again! LOL

Maddie - Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Here is a picture of the elephant moving out of the bushes. He was right in the center of the picture.

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Hi Everyone,

Marci and Suzanne, great pictures!

BJ, I hope all goes well with Baby V - keeping you all in my prayers. Enjoy your trip to Alaska.

Raeanne, did you have your auction yet?

Dee, Wildwood??? Locals don't go near in the summer I hate to say but it is fun and you will definitely enjoy! I haven't done Wildwood in the summer in years - I need to visit again soon. I do remember the song - it definitely says SUMMER FUN!!

Besh, your weekend with lobsta and all sounds wonderful. Glad to see you checking in too.

I am going to do a major remodel on my house - will fill you in with details during the week.

Hopefully, things are starting to level off and will stay that way. I miss checking in and will be doing it much more regularly.

((Hugs)), thoughts, prayers and love to all!!


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Well....we had the phone conference to determine Baby V's permanancy plan. EVERYONE was there--but NOT the prospective adoptive relative! She could not be reached and did not call in; even though she said (on Friday) she would participate. DH and I wrote a letter to the state objecting to the adoption as she has shown no interet in our little loveable guy. But, even so, the state says they'll give her "one" more chance to respond to email or phone calls before the next scheduled conference--in 2 weeks. Can you spell F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-E-D? How many chances does a seemingly disinterested party get? Five million, it appears. If this person wasn't a relative, I swear this would never happen. This relative has not asked for ONE picture of the baby, not returned emails, not asked ONE question about the baby, and yet, she has FIRST choice of adoption. Stay tuned.

Okay, my venting time is up. Thanks for being here, my Sistahs--and Brother John. Nighty night.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCI!!! I wanted to wish you the most special of all birthdays. You are one of the originals! I think you were the first person that I communicated with through emails, etc. We had so much in common, between our jobs, family, years married, etc. I am so glad that you have decided to stick around and it is so great to see you posting more often. Things wouldn't be the same around here without you. Enjoy your day! Your card is in the mail LOL.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU........................
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU........................
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marci, you know by now that you hold my respect as a woman who is true, compassionate, bright, and loyal. I wish you the very best this year could offer anyone. You deserve it!

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Happy Birthday dearest Marci! I am sorry I don't know how to post a gif or whatever you call those great things! I am so happy that you are posting here more often. I missed you and your sage words and positive perspective on things! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Love, NH Suzanne

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Happy Birthday, Marci! I hope you are having a wonderful day and being treated especially nice!

I had checkup today - he was impressed with my weight loss and said apparently my eating and exercise are working! I weighed less at his office than I did at WW yesterday. My blood pressure was low, like 100/68, and the nurse at first acted concerned about it, but then said it was great. Go figure.

Better get off the computer. We are under severe thunderstorm warning and it has gotten really dark.

Have a good night.


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Happy Birthday Marci!! Hope it's a wonderful one and you do things that are extra fun! Cake has absolutely no calories today - really!!

BJ, I am so sorry about this with Baby V. I do agree with you that yes, were it not a relative they would not get this many chances. You would think a lack of interest would preclude any adoption, in spite of a blood relation wouldn't you? I'm glad you and DH are protesting - I will continue to pray for a positive outcome for all. An acquaintance of mine and her DH are fosters in NJ and have been for several years. Right now they have 2 boys whose mother is a drug addict and whose dad is in jail for some minor offense (but not the first one apparently), soon to be released. He's "kinda" interested in connecting with the kids but doesn't make all of his calls with them. They have had the boys a couple of years now and are looking into adoption. As you know they have a long road ahead of them.

Jan, congratulations on your improved health and significant weight loss. You are an inspiration to me, really, I sincerely mean that.

Dee, it looks like your Wildwood weekend should be clear and sunny with lower humidity - fingers crossed for you.

Enjoy your evening.....Donna

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Marci, Marci, Marci! Happy Birthday to you!!! I hope your day was as wonderful as you are.


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Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I really appreciate them!

Didn't do much out of the ordinary yesterday, but I talked to DD and DS, and bunches of others called to wish me a HB.

I was feeling sad though, as it was the first birthday since my friend who shared my birthday passed away. So for the first time in 50 years, we didn't celebrate our birthday together. :~(

And turning 57 didn't help! Yikes! Somehow that number bothers me so much more than 56.

But today is a new day and I will try to embrace this new age and wear it welll.


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Good morning!

Marci, I hope your many memories of your friend help ease the sadness as you begin your 57th year. I had similar feelings when I received birthday greetings from my family and realized one was "missing" - my sister's, who died in November. Still hard to believe, sometimes.

I also know what you mean about numbers bothering you. Turning 59 last week made me realize, more than ever, that I've got to really get everything I can out of each minute of the day. (Not that I always do that, but I am trying!)

Donna, what a very nice thing to say. I really appreciate it. I don't know if I deserve the accolades, but I will take them. Thank you.

Off to walk and then to the hairdresser's. Hope y'all have a wonderful day.


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Happy Hump Day!

Marci, ((hugs)) on missing your best best friend and I are both 52 and have been best friends for 41 years - unbelievable!! Between us we have been through good times, bad times, marriage, divorce, kids, breakups, deaths, name it. I love her like I love my sister (who also happens to love her!)

Jan, I mean it and I'm glad you're accepting the accolades - you deserve them!

I'm on Day #3 of my WOE which is a modified Biometrics (1200 calories per day, lots of choices).

Got to go check on dinner, I'm cooking and it's just about done. Have a great evening!!


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Oh boy, I can't even spell my own name....time for some wine!!

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Good evening,everyone! Sorry I've been missing, but it's been busy around here - lots of company!

**I have been rejected by THS for the last couple of hours, and I hope that I can now get this posted!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, MARCI! (((((hugs))))), too, for missing your friend.

My stepdaughter was here for 5 busy days, and my 2 granddaughters came for a couple of those days, too. We all had fun together and did lots of little projects.

Monday and Tuesday were spent getting my house 'new friends ready' for my sorority meeting. Last night was my one-year anniversary of joining, so I was happy to host it here.

My chiropractor recommended that I try working out on a rebounder, so I've spent a lot of 'net time researching the different ones since the one I ordered from HSN arrived broken last Friday. I ordered one from Needak today. I know that when I used one last year at Butterfly Life, I seemed to lose weight and get in shape so easily. The dr. contends that it's the best thing for me, so I'm excited to be getting this!

BJ, how frustrating for y'all about that relative of Baby V's. Makes you want to hold on tight to that little guy and not let him go, doesn't it? I'll definitely keep y'all in my prayers for a successful outcome.

Jan, congratulations, friend! I'm so happy for you.

Hubby's been working lots of long and late hours on a huge multi-million dollar project at work, but he's coming home basically on time tonight, so I need to get in the kitchen and work some magic. I did want to say 'hi' to everyone though. Have a good evening!

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Good early morning.

BJ, I meant to tell you that I also hope everthing works out for the best with Baby V and he ends up in the most qualified and caring hands, although he couldn't ask for better ones than yours. Talk about heroes - you and your family are definitely role models for sharing your home and love.

I love coming here. I've gotten to the point where I don't want to read the news or gossip columns online or on tv, or see where the latest tropical wave is off of Africa (I'll prepare soon enough, I know the drill.) I know that none of our lives are perfect here, but it's such a great place to come and share our celebrations and sadness. Hope I'm not being too corny - blame it on the early hour - ha.

Milkdud, what is a rebounder - is it like a trampoline? I need to find something that will firm up my middle section - legs and my upper body are improving, but the jelly belly and thighs could definitely use some extra toning. (lovely description, huh.)

Going to walk in a few minutes and then having lunch with new neighbors I have met since starting my exercise routine. Just an added perk.

I couldn't find my Weight Watchers one point chocolate cakes, so I bought some No Pudge chocolate brownie mix, where you just add the no-fat vanilla yogurt. All I could find was the plain, so I added some vanilla extract, per the instructions. OMG, were they good. I had one brownie for two points (my husband ate 3!) I didn't tell him until afterwards that the secret ingredient was yogurt, or he never would have come near them. I've never cooked with yogurt before, but I still have large container of it, so if y'all have any recipes to share, please let me know.

Enjoy your day. I hope it's a good one for everyone.


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Good Thursday all,

Donna, your last message made me laugh hard!!

Milkdud, I always thought that rebounder looked fun! Let me know how you love/like/hate it!

Jan you are an inspiration to me too! You have done so well.

It's a dreary day, only 65 and really humid! This weather is so depressing.

I have about had it with work this week. I am manning the office alone as everyone is on vacation! It's like keeping four balls juggling all the time. Next week too! I guess I won't complain about having a job!

Have a good day.

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Milkdud, glad you enjoyed your company! I will have to check out that rebounder, not exactly sure what that is.

Jan, I've had No Pudge Fudge and it's good!! I will have to add that to my shopping list.

Suzanne, I was serious!!! We had torrential rain yesterday afternoon into last night. Today was definitely cooler and cloudy - just starting to spit rain again. The Northeast hasn't had much of a summer have we??

BJ, keeping you, Baby V and all in my prayers.

Dee, I think your Wildwood weekend started today? ENJOY. I understand that tomorrow and the rest of the weekend are supposed to be fabulous. Ya know, it's all about who we're with, not where we are...but that does add to the fun!!

Hello, love and hugs to all.

Donna (name spelled right but still time for wine)

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Good Friday all and TGIF!!!

BJ, can you update us about the Baby V situation? Thinking of you.

What is everyone up to this weekend. It's supposed to be a beauty here although hot and humid. I won't complain - no rain is nice for a change. Feels like summer is just starting here!

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Good Friday morning, everyone! It's overcast and 'only' 85 F. so far. We had hard rains yesterday, and my wooden fence is still soaked today. We desperately needed all that precipitation though.

The rebounder is a mini-trampoline. I used one at Butterfly Life last year very successfully. I bought one for my home because I really enjoy it and believe it helped me shed weight last year. I have balance issues, so I also purchased the stabilizer bar so I won't fall off. My orthopedic surgeon was all in favor of my using it last year, and my chiropractor thinks it is a great tool for me, too. Can't wait to get it! It's a mindless way for me to exercise, and I can catch up on my recorded shows while bouncing around.

Today is a wonderful day for me - I have nothing on my calendar!!! It's a lovely change of pace, and I'm luxuriating in sipping coffee slowly and reading online at my leisure. I could ALMOST get used to this. Tomorrow is a birthday party at a spa, then dinner out and cards back at our house.

BJ, at the rate things are going for Baby V, you and your family may end up raising that child, and wouldn't that be a blessing!

Suzanne and Donna, I love seeing y'all posting so much this week. And, Marci, too! It just feels so right!!!

Have a good one, ladies!

Here is a link that might be useful: Needak Soft-Bounce Rebounder

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Milkdud - we have a mini trampoline at preschool. I will have to call it by it's more formal name from now on. LOL
(It cost $5 at a garage sale. I just had to replace one of the leg endcaps.)

Raeanne - I sent you an email. Thanks again for helping me to "see" things more clearly. LOL

NHSuzanne - It is not supposed to rain here today either, but I can feel the effects of the humidity just from walking out to get the mail. The older I get, the less I can tolerate the humidity. Dosen't bode well for retiring in FL some day.

DS should be back on American soil today. I will rest easy once I know his plane has landed safely.

DD is busy packing and getting ready to relocate to FL. She is so excited about this move and I hope and pray it all works out the way they want it to.

Now I am off to pick up the mail at preschool and drop off some supplies.


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Marci - you cracked me up with that comment!

I found a video that demonstrates using a Rebounder. I think I would hurt myself LOL.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rebounder video

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Happy Saturday!

It's a beautiful day in NJ and I plan to enjoy it. Starting to clean out the garage tomorrow - yuck.

Marci, LOL at the comment about the mini trampoline. Hope your son arrived home safely and wishing good luck to your DD on her move.

Raeanne, thanks for sharing the video. There is no doubt for me that is an accident waiting to happen.

Milkdud, I'm a klutz and trip over nothing at all so this, stabilizer bar or not, would be a guaranteed trip to the ER!

Got to run - hope everyone enjoys their day!


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Good afternoon!

I think the rebounder/trampoline looks like fun, but if I bought one more piece of exercise equipment, I'd have to sneak it in. I've bought and sold/given away two treadmills and an elliptical trainer. I have a Gazelle (that was a joke) in the garage. My weighted hula hoop is behind a door in the utility room (although when I remember to use it, I enjoy it.) I would have to at least have a stabilizer bar if I got one!

I just spent three hours outside in the yard, just weeding and stuff. I heard this car going kind of fast, especially for our neighborhood, and then it squealed on its breaks. It was one of our new neighbors. They were screaming at each other, then got out of the car, slammed the doors, and walked back to the house. Left the car in the middle of the street. I know they saw me, and I was wishing I could just disappear, I was so embarrassed for her. He finally got the car later and drove off and I could not even look up. It will be so awkward when I see them after this. She and I have done several things together and is so nice. I'm not saying DH and I have never fought, but not so loud and not in public. He knows better - ha!

My lunch with my new neighbors (not this one) was so much fun. We asked the waitress to take our picture, in a very long while, I did not cringe when I saw it. Plus, a nice memento of a fun afternoon.

Whew, I need to go hit the showers. My husband just called me "Pigpen" (from Charlie Brown!)

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