Palm Treo

charlie2003October 22, 2006


I'm considering buying a Palm Treo.

I just wanted to ask if anybody else has this, how you like it, is it easy to figure out?

Also, I currently have a Palm Tungsten E. Is it possible to transfer my information from the Tungsten E to the Treo?

I understand the Treo has web/email options. How does this work exactly? Is it a separate subscription apart from the monthly mobile plan? I.e. a separate internet plan? Or is it part of the mobile minutes plan?

Never had a phone with email options so am slightly clueless about this.

Thanks in advance,


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I don't have one, but, at it's heart, it's a Palm. It will be as easy to use as your Tungsten. As for transferring data, you should be able to just sync your Tungsten E with your computer, unplug the Tungsten E, plug in the Treo, and sync your info to the Treo. Easy-peasy.

As for how the email works, you have a couple of options. One is to use email from whoever provides you your email on your computer. Another is to start using another service (like Yahoo!) for Web-based email. Pricing for all this is up to the phone provider. I know Verizon will not let you buy a Treo without buying a data plan. I don't know how other carriers handle it.

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Hi again, Steve o!

It seems as though you have the answers to all my techie-related queries. :)

I have Verizon. That's what I was wondering about- the 'data plan'. I imagine that is something separate than the regular phone plan. Sounds like I have to visit a Verizon store to sort out the clinks.

Loads of thanks again for all of your help.



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