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trecsmecaOctober 10, 2005

I am purchasing a corn stove that can be converted to a pellet stove. It is a St.Croix model. I need to know if it is better to just run it as a pellet stove. I have not been able to locate reasonable bagged corn. I could get from a farmer or the elevator, but I can't park a corn hopper on my property, nor do I have the capability of pulling one. I am in Ohio. Anyone know of a reasonable place to purchase bagged corn. I am near Marion and Mansfield, OHio. I really wanted to burn corn,but maybe it isn't practical unless you farm corn.

Thanks for the info

Estatic about my new stove, but not sure of what to do.

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I would not buy any bagged corn. You are going to pay alot more for it. I bought a corn stove last March and only used it for a few weeks. I filled my 4x8 utility trailer with corn from a neighbor farmer and kept in in my garage. I still had some left over and I bagged it in garbage bags to store for the summer. I am going to set up an "automatic" feeding system using a gravity box outside this year to eliminate carrying corn downstairs.

It is very practical to burn corn anywhere in the midwest cornbelt. Do you have a small trailer you could park in the gargage? What is the price of pellets vs. corn? I kow a nieghbor built a 4x4x8 box in his basement that he uses for storing corn. Just be sure to keep it closed to keep mice away.

Good luck with your stove. I was very happy with mine for the few weeks I got to use it last year. It wont be long till it gets fired up again.

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If you can develop some kind of tank or hopper and there are farmers nearby that raise corn, most of them can haul it to yo in bulk and some can auger or use wind to deliver it to your tank.

You'd want a spout or door at the bottom that you could set your pail under to fill it to carry to the stove, or else be able to access it easily from the top (which would mean a tank with its rum not over 3 - 4" off the ground).

If you know any farmers around, they can likely offer some good suggestions as to how you can deliver, store and handle your corn.

Best buy from a farmer - a lot cheaper than from a grain dealer or mill.

Good wishes for finding an economical, environmentally friendly heating system.

joyful guy

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Thanks for the info. Yes, I am going to have to get creative. I think I should build something first and see if I can get a nearby farmer to bring it to be as I live in a small village and do not own a pick-up.

Some great ideas!

I am really excited about not losing my house to the oil shieks and helping my fellow farmers out!

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Hi again trecsmeca,

I'd suggest talking to some local farmers growing wheat, rye or corn (depending on what fuels your stove's licensed for) before you put your storage system in place, for they may have some different suggestions. Which would probably make it easier for them (or other farmers) to deliver to you.

They're well trained (through experience, and looking at issues from a practical viewpoint) in how to arrange things so that the system's easy to use, as well. And cheap, often using materials available at present. And long-lasting.

As you're a farmer yourself, you'll have more in common with other farmers and will find it much easier to establish a working relationship with them than would a person unfamiliar with the ins and outs of farming.

Good wishes in your search for the most effective way to heat.

This is a great place to come, for anyone in need of hot air!

ole joyful

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If you go to, the people there sell St. Croix and the Grain Comfort that my friend builds - his site is

They may have some info about the St. Croix, in comparison with others.

I've never talked to them, so don't know their approach.

ole joyful

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