Magnavox TV - Power does not stay on

thomas_mcaOctober 30, 2008


I have a Magnavox DVD/VCR Combo that turns off as soon as the power gets on.

I did open the cover. There are two flat cables that are connected to the CRT from the circuit board:

First cable is connected between the main circuit board and a small circuit board that has round cables to the CRT.

Second cable starts from the the small circuit board, plugs into the main board and then goes to the back of the CRT.

When I unplug both of them and turn the TV on, power stays on.

When I plug in the first cable and turn the TV on, power stays on.

When I plug both of them and turn the TV on, power goes off as soon as I hear the sound of CRT turning on.

The TV worked once when I pressed the first cable at the connecting point to the main board. But after that, TV does not stay on.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

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If the tv has a crt then it uses high voltage for the crt. one cable is for the video and filiament the other is for the high voltage that lights up the screen. i suspect the problem is in the high voltage section. so if this is a conventional tv then your horizontal output transistor is shorted or the crt is bad. depending on the crt the voltage can range up to 30,000 volts i would not recommend messing around with it.

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