How to float candles in a pool?

CulleyJanuary 18, 2003

I'm having a party in a few weeks where people will likely be out by the pool (yes, I know it might be cold and rainy in February, but that's another issue). Our underwater pool lights don't work and I can't repair them soon. I'd like to float candles in the pool, but need a good idea about how to keep them from collecting in a corner. What sort of anchors might work? I'm thinking that I could use some sort of long pole to place them in position but, other than rocks, I don't know how to keep them there. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Perhaps the best way to do this is horizontal not vertical. Rather than trying to anchor to the pool bottom, you could use fishing line to make a grid on the top of the water. You wound need to fasten it at the ends and sides of the pool and pull it taut. This way the candles could float in their own "square".

Trying to anchor to the bottom may be difficult. You would have to have the wire or string exactly the right length and I think most things would "move" across the bottom just like they would the top. Especially if you have a shallow end and a deep end.

I actually have no idea I'm just greenlighting!

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How deep is the pool? If it goes from deep to shallow, I think the candles will drift to the shallow end even if they're tied to weights on the bottom. The grid idea might help. or diagonal lines that the candles are leashed to.

My weight idea would be clear plastic bottles with something heavy inside- sand, maybe?

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You could use fishing wieghts, (the grey kind) and attach fishing line to the bottom of the candle.

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Been there....done that......use any line ( dental floss worked for me!) and I used round lead drapery weights on the end of the line and ran the line through the bottom of the tray I put the candles on.,...
Make sense????
Linda C

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question: would you turn off your filter so there is no movement in the water......

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If the candles are well anchored, wouldn't matter.....
But likely it would be better....if you could also turn off the breeze!
Linda C

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I bought some clear plastic trays, about 14-16" in diameter. I placed some tea lights on them, lit them, and set them in the pool last night. I thought for a few minutes that the breeze might extinguish them, but they stayed lit until they burned out. They were beautiful

I thought maybe the heat would affect the plastic tray, but it didn't at all. The tray drifted around the pool rather nicely. I think I'll just do several more trays and anchor some with fishing line and let some drift.

Thanks for all your good suggestions. Pray that it doesn't rain on Feb. 8th!

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I tried this last summer; definitely you have to turn off the filter since the current of the water makes things gravitate to the basket area.

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I know this is real late (like 2 years) but thought I would share for others who may search this...

I went to the dollar store and got 6 (you can decide how many per size of your pool) clear plastic b&b plates (small bread and butter plates) at 2 for $1. I drilled a VERY small hole in the middle (the smallest drill bit you can find) and threaded 5-6ft of fishing line (depth of pool) through the hole and hot glued it to the top of the plate, filling the hole with hot glue also. Then I hot glued some foliage and flowers to each plate (I've used silk and plastic). In the middle I placed a votive candle -you can now use battery operated candles which are very cool and you dont have to worry about the melted wax, fire or the wind blowing the candles out -- at the other end of the fishing line I tied a balloon filled with sand to anchor the now floating decoration so that they don't all gather in one corner. I make new ones and change them out for different seasons and holidays. Let your imagination run with it!!

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Better late than never as they say. . . Thanks for the post mrsc22, it helped me with the idea for my Engagement party.

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