Winter Sledding Party

nbrooksJanuary 4, 2008

Hi - I have one quick question - have you ever put hot and/or warm water in a Coleman/Rubbermaid water cooler (like the ones used at sporting events and camping trips)? We are hosting a sledding party tomorrow night and I want to have hot water available for cocoa. I was going to use my Rubbermaid water cooler, but then realized it may not be suitable for hot beverages. If I can't use it, what should I do? I'm planning on using my crockpot for the hot cider. Thoughts? Suggestions? Many, many thanks!

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I have a 2 gallon Coleman thermos that I have used for coffee and or hot chocolaye...and I have 2 of those pump pots for coffee that work for hot chocolate.
Linda C

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Thanks, Linda! It gives me peace of mind to know that I won't be wrecking our much-loved and much-used cooler for hot cocoa!

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We used to do the same when daughter was little. I made the hot chocolate in advance and kept it in a huge pot, then we just had to use a soup ladle to fill the cups. The huge pot of cocoa was on the stove on simmer. When the kids were ready for their cocoa, DH brought it outside. We also used to have a little bonfire for the kids to warm up beside, and they would roast weiners for hot dogs. They loved it!

You could always have another crockpot filled with hot chocolate. I would definitely have it mixed and ready to serve, instead of having just hot water handy. Much easier!

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Well, the sledding party Saturday night was a huge success! We had over 65 people and I don't think it could have gone any better! The weather was mild with no wind and the two firepits and hot cider and cocoa (plus Schnapps and spiced rum for the grownups) kept everyone warm. The luminaries lining the paths and mini lights on the arbor leading to the backyard lent a festive glow. I think this will become an annual event - we received so much postive feedback! Thanks again for your advice - the Rubbermaid cooler kept the hot water hot for the cocoa and looks like it remains in great shape for next time.

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