Rival hot pot-use as food warmer??

sebring_2007January 20, 2007

I have a Rival Hot Pot (plastic water pitcher looking thing) that's electric and has a thermostat knob on it. I've found that the lid can be removed and my Pyrex vintage glass bowls can fit right in the top of it.

Was thinking I could put some water in the hot pot and a Pyrex bowl of food on the top and have an electric food warmer. But, I'm worried that it might melt the plastic. It seems sturdy and all, but I'm just not sure.

Also, I've found that when it boils it is rather noisy, which might be destracting. Would it be ok to turn it down a bit, to where it's just simmering? Or would that keep it hot enough? Will it be dangerous when exchanging bowls?

Just wondering. Looking forward to your responses!

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You mean to use on a buffet table? Wouldn't that be pretty ugly? Why not put the food directly into the pot? Why not use your stove to warm it? Or the microwave? Why not buy a crock pot?
Linda C

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