Sandwhich platters

aleighjcJanuary 6, 2009

My daughters second birthday is coming and I just can't bring myself to get pizza. I was thinking of making a sandwhich platter, veggies and dip, and then chips. I want to do chicken salad for one of the sandwhiches, but not sure what to do for the other two. Also what would be a good kid friendly sandwhich? I was thinking ham and cheese? Should I put miracle whip or mayo on it? or should I just have a bowl out with a knife and people can apply it if they want it???

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Good heavens.....serve cheese sandwiches to the toddlers and serve the adults what they want!
I will guarantee the babies won't care if they are served mayo or Miracle whip.
My twin grandsons' 2nd we had grilled chicken and skirt steaks potato salad and lots of veggies, party for about 30. The kids had frozen chicken nuggets.
If you are having the party for the kids, serve chicken nuggets, bananas, soft bread sticks and cake....but I'll bet the kids would prefer a cookie and a popsicle.

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Hi -

I can't imagine that ham and cheese is a kid-friendly sandwich(are we talking kids around your child's age? 2-ish?). Peanut butter would be the best bet (after ensuring that none of the children have a peanut allergy). And with respect to Miracle Whip or mayo, I didn't get the sense that you were asking which of the 2 you should use; you were just asking if you should use that type of spread, correct? If so, I'd say no. Most kids wouldn't like it.

I can't tell if you're trying to put together a menu for adults who will be there or for the children who will be the guests. I don't think little kids would want chicken salad, either. If you're asking more about adults, chicken salad is Ok. And regarding mayonnaise, put a little dish with a spreader so people can do it themselves if they want (if you decide to do ham and cheese or something like that).

Like LIndac said, cheese sandwiches are great for the kids, too. And chicken nuggets. I think you're mostly trying to decide for the adults, though, right?

Please clarify, and perhaps we'll have more thoughts.


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