Shoes Indoor -- yay or nay?

gwtamaraJanuary 29, 2008

Well, you all certainly touched a nerve. Who knew that the 'shoe debate' would create such a furor. But, our producers sat up and took notice and created a slideshow that we've been featuring on iVillage.



GardenWeb Community Manager

Here is a link that might be useful: Shoes indoors?

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How come this message won't sink?

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Because this is the most interesting and humorous topic on this forum bar none!

Everyone has an opinion on the subject and like any controversy it makes for great discussion and lively debate.

Most of the rest of the topics on this forum just aren't interesting enough to comment on. The one with the co-worker who chewed with his mouth open was pretty fun though :) The shoe debate takes the cake, I don't care who you are, some of those comments are funny as hell.

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Read the so called debate link, but as I see it, it was pretty much one sided. What? A few one the FOR side, and the rest on the AGAINST side? Editors seemed pretty biased.

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Aw come on lighten up.There are worse things than wearing shoes in the house. Somehow I can't visualize a tombstone saying "here lies the women with the cleanest floors in town". No one is going to care except you and you will be dead. Vique.

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